July 30th, 2005


NEW STUFF ADDED: Lots of goodies for direct sale including some Authentic Gothic & Lolita Brand items, Cosplay Mooks & Costumes, Fruitsy Accessories, Retro Shoes, Pullip Doll & tons more... Just click the above image to visit my LJ for further details & to ask questions!

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1. figure: Akari from The Last Blade $5 (US shipping $3)
2. figure: Shiranui Mai from KOF $5 (US shipping $3)
3. Vivienne Westwood socks, dark navy $15 (US shipping $3)
4. Military print high socks $1.99 (US shipping $2)
5. Heart-dot over-knee socks $3.99 (US shipping $2)
6. Striped over-knee socks $3.99 (US shipping $2)
7. Japanese school girl look white socks ::Sold::
8. Aimer Feel bra/panty set $14.99 (US shipping $5)
9. Aimer Feel bra/panty set $9.99 (US shipping $5)
10. Lolita Blouse (please make me an offer, US shipping $4)
11. Nocchi poster $2.99 (US shipping $1.50)

12. [Shojo Comic] Love Test $1
13. [Shojo Comic] Love Test "Shinjo Mayu" of Sensual Phrase etc etc $1
14. [Magaret] Post Card set $2
15. [Ciao] Mirumo de pon stickers $1
16. [Nakayoshi] Sticker lot $2
17. [Nakayoshi] B-wanted vinyl and love test sheet $1
18. [Nakayoshi] UruQ exchange diary $3
19. [Ribon] Sakuragaoka Angels (Angels of the Cherry hill) $3
20. [Ribon+Ciao] Misc furoku set $2
21. [Ciao] Mirumo de pon mini bag $3
22. [Nakayoshi] "Catcher in the Horoscope" Vinyl bag $3

23. Evangellion Rei agenda/planner/organizer sheet $1
24. Evangellion Asuka agenda/planner/organizer sheet $1
25. Evangellion Asuka agenda/planner/organizer sheet #2 $1
26. Slam Dunk agenda/planner/organizer sheet $1
27. Clamp agenda/planner/organizer sheet $5
28. Sailor Moon agenda/planner/organizer sheet $5
29. Animetal Marathon 2 no Karaoke CD $5
30. Anime/Manga photocards $1 each

Please click the link below if interested.
Mitsuki - gouk

For sale.

Special edition limited first press Tetsu69 single, "15 1/2". Includes special "Tez-man" Keychain designed by Tetsu himself. Never listened to, only opened once or twice. Asking $50 .

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PAYPAL ONLY. Please comment/email me at kisakisama@gmail.com if interested.
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「Ruiza」In the Name of Justice
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Cards, Books and more!

Hey everyone! ^__^ I have some stuff for sale under the cut!

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Thanks for looking! ^__^ If you'd like to purchase something, please feel free to comment, or email me at malicemizer@comcast.net and I'll get back to you!

P.S - Sorry for no pics of the jumps, I don't have a digicam (I took the other pics with a friend, but I moved so I can't take anymore with her camera. ;_; )
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L'Arc-en-Ciel's item FOR SALE ~!!!!!!!!!!

If you want price down, I can it, maybe...
I'll sell my VHS.
Absolutely, those VHS is in fairly good conditions.
This VHS is not a copied one, genuinely made in Japan.
These are original items MADE IN JAPAN.

L'Arc-en-Ciel -SIESTA VHS (unopened)
price: $80
It is very very very rare item.
It is still sealed, perfectly new one.
I wouldn't sell this if I wasn't terribly in need of money.
It has each member's image movie and 風の行方 (kaze no yukue) Promotion Video.
Hyde is very very beautiful in this video.

E-mail : blurryciel@hotmail.com

I take paypal and Western Union. If you want other way, I accept it.

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henna, wings

Buy my stuff! Now with pictures!

I have some stuff I'd like to sell.
Particularly, doujinshi and comics.
Email or leave messages, please. My email is gany DOT black AT gmail DOT com.
Ask me for pictures, and I'll see what I can do.

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Please let me know. I need more money, and I need to get rid of all my stuff that I don't use anymore. I'm tired of being a packrat, but I'm too cheap to give stuff away. -____-

Wanted Sailor Moon Manga!

I'm looking for the following sailor moon books/manga in English:

Meet Sailor Jupiter Thunder
Meet SailorMars Fire
Meet Sailor Mercury Ice
Meet SailorMoon Crystal
Meet Sailor Venus Love
StarS #2

If you have them and will sell them to me then plz reply here with your email addy or email me @ chobitsfan4life@hotmal.com
[Tsuyogari] Tenderness

Zeda's fabulous SHOP!

Hello all my fellow here at the Garage Sale Japan community! I wanted to drop a line and advertize for my BLK Kitti Shop, as I've just uploaded a whole slew of new anime and manga items for sale, including doujinshi and both English AND Japanese-language manga and DVDs!

Here are the series that I have items for sale from:
+ Card Captor Sakura
+ Dragon Knights
+ Eat Man
+ Evangelion
+ Final Fantasy
+ Flame of Rekka
+ Fruits Basket
+ GTO [Great Teacher Onizuka]
+ Guilty gear
+ Hikaru no Go
+ Inu Yasha
+ Kaikan Phrase
+ New Vampire Miyu [part of Vampire Princess Miyu]
+ Miyuki-chan in Wonderland
+ Outlaw Star
+ Rurouni Kenshin
+ Sailor Moon
+ Slayers
+ Steam Detectives
+ Thanatos
+ Tokyo Babylon
+ Yami no Matsuei
+ Yugioh
+ Zeus

So, if you're interested, please stop by and give a look to my shop~!

BLK Kitti : Shop Section
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