August 2nd, 2005

D Angel

Dir en Grey, Glay and anime!

Well here are some things that i'm putting up for sale ~ i'm in desperate need for money for this coming semester at university.

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More listing soon!

Please note, i will ship worldwide - i am situated in the UK.

I have various ways for you to pay:

And if you reside in the UK, i can also accept:
+Postal orders

Postage and Packaging
Just comment on the item/s you wish to purchase and i will get back to you with shipping estimates. ^^
Friends A.F.R.I.K.A

Wow, it has bene awhile @_@

I didn't put prices, I'm not to sure how much what is worth.. anyways, first come first served :/ you want something and someone else says they did before you you'll have to wait.

I wish I could sale all of Mars in one set =-=; I'd like to sale all sets as one but i know it won't happen so I just hope stuff sales. I have other Jrock stuff and some Kpop stuff I might add later. but for now this is the list.

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Pictures at request, shipping depends on how much you get, and if money or iteams get lost in mail I'm not responsible o.x; that's ... all I can.

wait XD; Money order's and cash, I don't have paypal.
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(no subject)

I'm looking for the last three DVDs of the X series. Volumes 6, 7 and 8. I hope someone can help me.

I live in Canada and can use a money order or paypal (paypal will take over a week to send).
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vampire pete

For sale! EDITED WITH MORE STUFF! (8-2-05)

MANGA! (All $5)

~X: Prelude
~X: Overture
~X: Sonata
~Slayers 1: The Ruby Eye
~Dark Edge 1
~Passion 1 (adult)(This one be $9)Will accept Paypal ONLY for this item!

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Prices do not include shipping, please give me your zip for that price. I will take money orders, but prefer Paypal (and will only take Paypal for the adult materials). Please comment if anything interests you!

(no subject)

1. figure: Akari from The Last Blade $5 (US shipping $3)
3. Vivienne Westwood socks, dark navy $15 (US shipping $3)
4. Military print high socks $1.99 (US shipping $2)
7. Japanese school girl look white socks $5, new one
8. Aimer Feel bra/panty set $14.99 (US shipping $5)
9. Aimer Feel bra/panty set $9.99 (US shipping $5)
"To Heart" Matsubara Aoi T-shirt $9.99
11. Nocchi poster $2.99 (US shipping $1.50)

12. [Nakayoshi] Sticker Lot $3
(Includes Tina by Yui Ayumi, Cyber Idol Mink by Megumi Tachikawa, Da! Da! Da! and etc.)
13. [Ribon] I love baby letter set $2.50
14. [Nakayoshi] Go with a smile!(don't know the title exactly...) letter set $2
15. [Ciao] Mirumo de pon stickers $1
16. [Nakayoshi] Sticker lot #2 $2
Set includes "Card Captor Sakura", "Ojya Majyo Doremi", "Vamp!?", "Otona ni Nuts", "UruQ", "Catcher in the horoscope"
17. [Nakayoshi] B-wanted vinyl and love test sheet $1
18. [Nakayoshi] UruQ exchange diary $3
19. [Ribon] Sakuragaoka Angels (Angels of the Cherry hill) $3
20. [Ribon+Ciao] Misc furoku set $2
21. [Ciao] Mirumo de pon mini bag $3
22. [Nakayoshi] "Catcher in the Horoscope" Vinyl bag $3
[Ribon] Piyopiyo Angel by Megumi Mizusawa $2
[Hana to Yume] Fruits Basket Phone accessories $5 each

23. Evangellion Rei agenda/planner/organizer sheet $1
24. Evangellion Asuka agenda/planner/organizer sheet $1
26. Slam Dunk agenda/planner/organizer sheet $1
27. Clamp agenda/planner/organizer sheet $5
28. Sailor Moon agenda/planner/organizer sheet $5
29. Animetal Marathon 2 no Karaoke CD $5
30. Anime/Manga photocards $1 each
X/1999 Photo calendar, 1999 $5
Card Captor Sakura poster $2
39. KOF doujinshi, in Korean $3
40. KOF doujinshi #2, in Korean $3
41. KOF doujinshi #3, in Korean $5

Please visit the link below to buy!
Me in Korea

Anime DVDS!

So I have to buy a bed, as I'm moving into a new apartment, and so I have decided to sell some of my anime dvds. The list is as follows:

Neo Ranga 1&2 (still shrinkwrapped)
I My Me Strawberry Eggs 4
Onegai Teacher/Please Teacher 1&2 with box
Saiyuki 1&2 with box

The two boxes are in near mint condition, with only minor shelf wear, the dvds themselves have only been watched once, except for Neo Ranga, which has never even been opened. There is some sticker residue on I My Me, but it would be easily removed with a little cleaner.

I'm asking the following prices:

Neo Ranga - $15 each
I My Me Strawberry Eggs - $10
Onegai Teacher - $32 for both with box, or $14 each with no box
Saiyuki - $32 for both with box, or $14 each with no box

The prices are somewhat negotiable, so if you're interested please let me know.

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