August 3rd, 2005

Dir en Grey CDs for sale

I'm selling two Dir en Grey together(they're new):

The Final

I will ship worldwide, and the price for these two cds(together) is: $60, the postage is already included in the price and no matter where you live.
If you are really interested please leave a comment.
Payment methods can be discussed by email, please contact me:
Thanks for looking!

Posters Sale!

I’m still selling posters of these bands:

Plastic Tree
Fanatic Crisis

The price of each poster is $10/ 8euros.
I will ship worldwide!
If you are interested please leave or comment, or contact me:

Payment methods can be discussed.
Thanks for looking!

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The following manga is $5 shipped:
Under the Glass Moon 1-2
Maico 2000 1
Bride of Deimos 1-3 (cover on the second one is bent)
.hack 2
Shaolin Sisters Reborn
Onegai Teacher 1-2
Flower of the Deep Sleep 1
Selfish Love 1

The following is $7 shipped:
Vampire Princess Miyu 1-4
Only the Ring Finger Knows
Love Hina DVD #1
A Little Snow Fairy Sugar #1

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I accept Paypal, Money Orders, and cash.  Please comment here is interested, or email me at


Please buy my stuff kthnx. ;-;

I have the following that I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY need to sell off for top secret reasons. 8D; Everything is in near perfect condition.

Manga $6 best offer
Model Volume 1

DVDs $20 each or best offer, unless otherwise stated
Fruits Basket 1 and 2
Card Captor Sakura: THE MOVIE (first one). NO pencil board is included with this. Sorry, but I can't find it. 8D
Neo Ranga 1
The Legend of the Dog Warriors: The Hakkenden COMPLETE BOX SET. I paid $50+ for this. BEST OFFER.

I also have Battle Royale Special/Limited edition. If you're interested, make an offer. It will NOT come with the film strip thingy. Sorry.

Other items BEST OFFER.
Afro Ken clock - pictures: 1 2

(no subject)

I kinda got into a Yahoo Japan frenzy and ended up buying doubles of Pinky Winterfest (the one with purple glasses). I'd rather avoid Ebay since they charge fees and wondered if anyone here would like to direct buy her from me for $55 including shipping within the USA. Email me at mkktogo at earthlink dot net if you are interested or comment.


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Newest items:

I have thisADORABLY CUTEcat keychain/key cover.. thing.. San-x makes it. $5 w/o shipping
Hana to Yume with a Fruits Basket notepad gift featuring Yuki Sohma in mouse form. $3 w/o shipping.Also, I am currently selling some J-rock merchandise, mostly Miyavi/Miyabi, hide, and various other Jrock/VK flyers and items.
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contact nikki at

Only email me if you are SERIOUS about making a purchase and are ready to pay within a couple days, a week the most.It is too hard to keep track of orders from weeks to months ago.
And yes.. I'm willing to negotiate prices!
Money orders and concealed cash are accepted.
Paypal is NOT accepted at this time.

Those who have asked for items from me...

I would like for the following people to contact me somehow: xlilliex, and beauty_kagome. I have not recieved payment from either of you so please check with me if there was a problem with addresses, PayPal or anything else.

My e-mail contact is etrnlstar(at)hotmail(dot)com. If you forgot to send PayPal, please send payments now to that same address. If you are uninterested in the item now, please contact me to let me know.

Thank you~

- Korie
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G&L Bibles for sale + Other

Hi all.

I'm looking to sell my Gothic and Lolita bibles.

I have Volumes 1-5 for $20.00 each, shipped.

I bought most of these at secondhand stores while in Japan, but all are in good-mint condition, and include all their patterns.

Also for sale:

Kera Magazine - $18.00, shipped. HOLD
Xenogears Perfect Book - $40.00, shipped. (It's HUGE and HEAVY.)
Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne artbook - $20.00, shipped.
Card Captor Sakura artbook - $20.00, shipped.
Suikoden shounen ai doujinshi - $10.00, shipped
GLAY stationary (9 sheets) - $6.00, shipped
DiGi Charat window cling - $3.00, shipped

I also have several books I picked up in Japan:

Hiragana no Hon
This is a little book for learning hiragana. The style is a lot like the traditional "A is for Apple, B is for Bird". It's a cute book, and very useful for picking up vocabulary, I just have no use for it. Asking $10.00, shipped

Chironuppu no Kitsune - This is a traditional folk tale written for children, and is very easy to read even for a beginner at Japanese. It's a sweet, sad story, and has the prettiest little illustrations. Asking $15.00, shipped

Illustrated poetry - This is a book of illustrated poetry about wildlife and flowers. It has lovely paintings throughout. I love this book, but somehow managed to get two copies and don't need both. Asking $15.00, shipped

I'll accept paypal (CC or balance), money order, or a personal check.

That's it for now!
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Here you are my wish list. If you have something that I want, please check my trade list under cut. I want to trade   (I may consider to buy...if you dont' want nothing in my list and I want very much what you offer) [EDITED I hope it's more clear now].

The items I have for trade are available for sale too. I'm located in Europe and I can accept paypal payment ( balance only)


Kera magazines 6/03 and 6/04

Gothic Lolita bibles ( all but no. 4)


Kyoko Arai: Lovely Pop tin can from Ciao 7/05, other furoku+zen in( Dr rin ni Kitemitte and Lovely Pop)
Mint Na Bokura ( but I can consider other Wataru Yoshizumi cute furoku)
Love Monster ( and other furoku from Riko Miyagi)
Alice 19th letter set with winter theme
Koi Ikeno (anything old)
I collect also cute furoku, especially tin can, tissue pack,plastic bag, clearfile, shitajiki, postcards, shoujo magazine zen in (especially bags and watch)

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Manga for sale~ (and some jrock/pop things)

I've decided that I have too much manga and jrock stuff and that I should send them to better homes ^^;

Unless stated otherwise, manga are in English.

Card Captor Sakura #1 - JAPANESE ver. $4
Gravitation #3 - JAPANESE ver. $8
Gravitation 1~5 $7 each, $30 for all 5
Chobits 1~3 $7 each, $17 for all 3
Azumanga Daioh #1 $7
Ribon 9, 10 2003 (Huge book of several manga; both contain Full Moon wo Sagashite manga) $4 each, $6 for both
Shounen ESU A (I'm not sure of the title, another huge book of several manga; contains Angelic Layer) $3

Also, the following are still for sale:
Dir en grey - The Final 1st Press $10 (price lowered)
Dir en grey - FILTH Kyo Poster $30 (negotiable, but this is what i'd like to get ;~;)
MUCC - Rojiura, boku to kimi e $9 sold!
MUCC - MONOKURO no Keshiki 1st Press $12 sold!
Dir en grey XX Photobook - $35 HOLD

And a single Jpop item:
Morning Musume PV Collection + Pinch Runner (bootleg e_e; gomen, but good quality dvd!) $4

Ok! That's all. For most things I can combine shipping. Obviously, if it's a poster and CD, I can't. Most things will be shipped flat rate, except for the huge manga books, they will be media mail (slower but cheaper). Tell me what you're interested in (and what if you're in US or what country..) and I can tell you how much it'll be with shipping. ^^

If you have any questions feel free to ask~ If you want to see any pics of anything, I can do that for you if you ask. ^^ If you want to see my feedback, I have feedback on ebay as the user 'strangesugarbaby' ^^

Thanks for looking!
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j-rock goods for sale

Hello everybody! I have a few old-school J-rock publications for sale, so here goes nothing.

Brought in Japan, the covers/spines aren't in the best shape, but the pages inside are fine.
1992 Vol. 8 X JAPAN YOSHIKI "Front 44 pages Special Edition"
1992 Vol. 9 HIDE with RYO "Front 44 pages Special Edition"
Asking: 9 dollars each, or 15 for both. However, feel free to make other offers. [Includes shipping!]

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Once again, the outside cover isn't in the best shape, but the pages inside are perfectly fine. Hundreds of B&W photographs of Luna Sea during their MOTHER of LOVE, MOTHER of HATE tour, including pictures of the boys sleeping on trains, primping in mirrors and one of Sugizo with x-rays of his hands. It's a really cool book.
Asking: 17 dollars or best offer. [Includes shipping!]

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Comes with outside cardboard protective sleeve, which is somewhat damaged. Book itself is in near mint condition. About 190 pages of interviews, photographs, and other information about Ryuichi Kawamura, LUNA SEA's ex-vocalist, during their first solo break in 1997.
Asking: 13 dollars or best offer. [Includes shipping!]

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This was a manga (not a doujinshi!) published in 2000 by Sakurai Soushi about Jiro entering the rock band GLAY. The cover is in excellent condition and the pages inside are near mint. I have rarely seen this outside of Japan. This is not shounen-ai/yaoi.
Asking: 8 dollars or best offer. [Includes shipping!]

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This is an awesome fanbook I bought in Japan written by a group of devoted LUNA SEA fans around the SHINE era. It's completely in Japanese, but it not only talks about the band's music, but also incredibly random (and well researched!) facts about the band's members. There's an entire section on Ryuichi's old job at Mister Donuts, for example. Whenever I've seen this sold outside of Japan, it has gone for at least fifteen to twenty dollars, and it seems to be incredibly hard to find these days. A few marks on the cover, but generally in excellent condition. (I doubt you'll find a better copy anywhere these days.)
Asking: 8 dollars or best offer. [Includes shipping!]

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Shipping within the US is included in the above prices. If you're overseas and really want something, please e-mail me and we'll see if we can work something out.

I take money orders, Western Unions (not recommended -- they tend to be on the expensive side for those who're buying!) and concealed cash. I can't take Paypal or personal checks at this time, I'm sorry.

Please e-mail me at if you are interested! Thank you!
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(no subject)

Hello this will be my first time of selling something.

I have an issue of Shonen Jump that my friend picked up in Illinois...And I want to sell it because I didn't really want it in the first place. It is the March 2005 issue and it has a picture of...Naruto? On it..Manga inside includes Ruroni Kenshin, Eyeshield 21 (some kind of football manga?) Yu Gi Oh, has over 310 pages of manga as stated on the cover. I only opened it to flip through to see what all was in it (but I don't remember) If you want to see a picture of the magazine, let me know.

Asking price is 4.00 for this issue of Shonen Jump ...price on magazine is 4.99 US...Will negotiate, or trade.
If we trade, I would like an SNES game (for my bf for his birthday, aww) Wanted games are Super Mario RPG, Yoshi's Island, Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past (or name off a game and ill decide)...ect...
I will also take j-rock offers equal to asking price, or one volume of the following manga: Gravitation (any volume) Love Hina (any volume), Chobits (any volume), or GTO (any volume after volume 6)

I also have a Strategy Guide for Pokemon Firered/LeafGreen, asking price for this is 3.00

Paypal is prefered and shipping will be included in original pricing ...Oh yeah, my paypal is

Any questions or anything I missed? inquire here or email me at quirky_rikku (at)

(no subject)

I really need money. These are first come first serve. I'm desparate. Wicked is coming to my area soon and I need to raise money for a ticket.

Ceres 1-3 (original 15.95 versions)$8
Initial D 1-3 $6
InuYasha 1 $6
Peach Girl 1-3 $6
Kill Me, Kiss Me 1-2 $6

Serial Experiments Lain 1 $10
3-disc bootleg of Escaflowne $15

Prices do not include shipping. Please leave your zip code so I can calclate shipping.

regarding seller Nezume

I wondering if anyone else here bought something from nezume, and receive their stuff?

I paid her on July 17, but I haven't got my stuff yet. I emailed her and I got an error message. Also, her account is now deleted O.o

Any reassurance would do ._.

And if you're nezume, and you're reading this. I'm sorry if the stuff is on its way. I just got impatience and worried when I couldn't contact you.
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hi! i'm lookinf for Fruits Basket mangas (meaning 1-11) in english and publish by tokyopop and the box of it and for the juvenile orion mangas with the keychains... i can trade for it and maybe buy if the price is right! oh and i'll post my trade/sale list tomorrow since i'm very tired from work ^^ (i have mangas, dvds -- anime & non-anime, magazines,..etc.) please let me know if you have those mangas ok?

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