August 4th, 2005

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us only
concealed cash, check or money order

anime dvds -
Baki the Grappler Vol 2 - $12 inc shipping
Dirty Pair Flash Vol 1 - $6 inc shipping
Revolutionary Girl Utena: The Movie - $10 inc shipping
anime vhs -
Ninja Cadets! (dubbed) - $2.50 inc shipping
or all listed for $25 inc shipping

more non-anime stuff, including PS1 games, movie posters (constantine+more), clothes, CDs here
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Looking for a manga

Hi ^^ I was wondering if anyone had a copy of Parasyte vol. 1 that they'd be willing to sell me. I can pay via paypal as well as other options. Also, I can trade for this series as well, ask and I might have what you're looking for. Thanks!

Sentou yousei yukikaze

Hi i was wondering if anybody had any yukikaze merchandise for sale? The only thing I can find on ebay is the first dvd and the soundtrack. I already have both, so i was looking for the rest of the series or posters or anything really.
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D cd for sale

Hello everyone!
This time I have something different to sell.
I’m selling the D cd Mahiru no koe ~Synchronicity~
The CD it’s autographed by all the band members (including Rena) in the booklet cover.
I’ll be accepting offers. But I won’t accept low offers. I think you understand, it’s a rare item.
In case of being interested, you can leave a comment, or email me:

Thank you!
Disney // Stitch Ohana
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Artbook Sale

I need to get rid of the rest of these artbooks, so here they are:

Revolutionary Girl Utena - La fillete revolutionnaire ~ Price: $30.
Perfect condition except for a small dent in one of the cornors.

RG Vega ~ Price: $40.
Big & beautiful book. Perfect condition except for a dent in one of the cornors.

Magic Knight Rayearth Illustrations Collection Volumes 1 & 2 ~ $25 each
Perfect condition. One still in origional plastic. The other didn't come in plastic.

Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne ~ Price: $25.
Perfect condition. Still in origional plastic.

Seraphic Feather ~ Price: $35
Perfect condition. Two books in one. One is color art and the other is black & white art. WARNING: THIS IS A VERY GRAPHIC BOOK, WILL NAKKIE-NESS. PLEASE BE AWARE BEFORE BUYING.

Please comment, or send an E-mail to:

Pictures available upon request from my Sprint camera phone.

To those who bought things

To those who bought things and are sending cash (I lost an email address so I'm putting it here, I apologise if this ticks anyone off x_X):

My car is dead (the frame is totally snapped) which means that I am relying on a relative who lives 20 minutes away for transport to and from my classes during the week. Because of this, I'm unable to get to the post office x_x In good news, either the car will be fixed soon or it's totally gone - in the first case, I'll get your packages out as soon as I have my car back, in the latter, I'll snag a ride to the post office somehow if it's going to be over a week. I apologize for the inconvenience, but I can't demand that my relative drive 20 minutes here, take me to the post office 5 minutes away, and then drive 20 minutes back XD

PLC Lida Pin for sale

I'm putting up for grabs yet another great item. This time it is the cute pins that were made to promote PLC on their USA tour. The one I'm selling is of Lida in his Frontiers outfit.


It is brand-new still in the original packaging. I'm asking $5.00 + $1.75 (shipping in the USA).
All interested parties e-mail

InuYasha stuff and a couple of other things

Prices do not include shipping. I accept PayPal(no credit cards), money order or cash (ayor) I will have pictures available later today. If you want to see pictures of anything, please email me ( I've got bills to pay and diapers to buy, so sorry, no trades.

InuYasha Vol. 1 $6
InuYasha: A Feudal Fairy Tale Vol. 6 $10

Anime for Girls Feb/March 2005 issue with InuYasha and Kagome on the cover $5.00
Anime for Girls Aug/Sept 2005 issue with InuYasha and Kagome on the cover $5.00

other items:
Saiyuki Vol. 1 $6
Saiyuki Vol. 2 $6

The Twelve Kingdoms Shadow of the Moon, the Sea of Shadow: Chapter One: Shoku $10.00 (not bootleg)

X[one] cover has price sticker residue on the front and bar code sticker still on back.---make (reasonable) offer

edited to add: here is a link to my Ebay feedback.
I also have a wee bit of feedback in my journal. Please email me if you have any questions at all. I can also provide some references from a totally different website where I have sold/trade/bought with other people.