August 5th, 2005

we all live in a perma-quarantine

Selling some more stuff.

Manga, wallscrolls, posters, artbooks, and phonebooks. Pictures can be supplied upon request.

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Prices do not include shipping. I take Paypal (w/ 5% fee), money orders, checks, and well-concealed cash at your own risk.

Also, would anyone be interested in Silent Mobius 1-8? I'm thinking about selling my copies, but am not sure yet.

If you don't like a price, PLEASE MAKE AN OFFER! I really want to get this stuff off my hands.

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hello again. It's me. I'm selling mostly manga,
some how to draw books ,and how to draw comics,
amd a few dvds.
I will ship internationally. I'm currently NOT doing trades.Sorry^_^;;

here the list of goods:
Lawful Drug vol1-3
Only the Ring Finger Knows (yoai)
Angel Sanctuary vol.1,3
Wish vol.1
Comic Party vol.1-2
Celestial Legend Ceres vol.1,2
Oh My Goddess GN:Queen of Vengenance
Oh MY Goddess GN:Wrong Number
Kodocha vol.7,10
Kill Me KIss Me vol.2,3
Girl Got Game vol.1-4
Tsubasa vol.1
Bastard Viz GN vol.1-5
IWGP(ikekburkuro west gate park)
Crescent vol.4
Ai Yori Aoshi vol.1-4
Taimashin vol.1
Inital D vol.2 dvd
Nightwalker dvd vol.1
Slayers Return movie dvd
Noir vol.1 dvd
Tokyo Babylon dvd
Crying Freeman vol.1 vhs

How To Draw Manga Books: Bishoujo:pretty gals
                                             Bishoujo Around the World
                                             Maids and Mikos
                                             Bodies and Anatomy
                                            How to draw clothes-Jap. Text
How To Draw Manga  (comicbooks) vol.1-13

Tokyopop mini calendar
Marmalade Boy Bromide Deluxe Card pack

If interested leave comment, or email me at thanks for your time.



Hello, I have a short list of stuffs I would like to sell.

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Thanks.  Email is

I can only ship in the states, unless it is in dire need of outside the country. . . Payment will be taken by money order or hidden cash if needed. And maybe paypal if I can get my account going. . . >_

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I am in need of these mangas! I would rather trade, but if it's a good price I'll buy

Fushigi Yugi 7
Sailor Moon SuperS 4
Sailor Moon StarS (I had the complete set of these when I was around pissed off I am with myself for giving them away!!)

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For Sale!
Prices include shipping.

DVDS (Region 1)

Ninku/Yuyu Hakusho the Movie ($7)
Samurai Deeper Kyo v. 1 & 2 ($9 each)
Trigun v. 1 ($9)

Demon Palace Babylon ($4)
Blue Inferior v. 1 ($6)
Aquarium ($6)
Fruits Basket v. 6 ($6)
Kodocha v. 1 ($4)
Rurouni Kenshin v. 1 ($4)
Ai Yori Aoishi v. 1 ($6)
Othello v. 1 ($7)
Marmalade Boy 1, 2, 3, 4 ($5 each, $18 as a set)

I accept Paypal, money orders and well-concealed cash (at your risk).
Continental U.S. shipping only. If not, shipping would be $2 extra. :/

Please comment if interested!

I'll provide pictures whenever needed. Thanks for looking!