August 6th, 2005


Buy some stuff!! =)

I've taken a job in Japan and thus have promised my mother I'd clean out all the things that have been left at her house during 5 years of college. Instead of resorting to eBay right away, I figured it wouldn't hurt to post the stuff here and see if anyone wants it. Everything is in excellent condition unless noted; things like figures have been taken out of their packages but very well cared for! There are no missing pieces or anything.

If you have any questions, just ask!
Last but not least, please excuse my poor photography!!

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Buyer pays actual S&H costs. I'll take Money Order or Paypal (Credit card users add $.75 to cover the Paypal transaction fee). The trick here is that these items are all currently at my parent's house, 200 miles away from where I am now. I'll be able to ship them out starting on the 16th, and I'd like to have payment received by Friday the 12th. These items are up for grabs until the evening of Sunday the 7th, and if no one shows interest in certian things, they get put up on eBay the next day. Sorry about such weird time restrictions and slow shipping, but time is sort of short and my schedule is weird. D: I also currently do not have the greatest internet access situation, but I'll try to be online at least twice a day to check back!! If anyone wants to check out my eBay feedback, it's located here.
If you have any questions, and to make a Paypal payment, my email is!
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Anime DVDs and Merchandise

My boyfriend is clearing out alot of his anime DVDs and merchandise. They are as follows:

All DVDs are in "watched once" near-mint condition and contain all included inserts - unless otherwise noted.

Tenchi Universe Volumes 1-8 (Whole 26 episode series)
Tenchi in Tokyo Volumes 1-8 (Whole 26 episode series)
Tenchi The Movie Special Edition
Tenchi The Movie 2
Tenchi Forever (3rd Tenchi Movie)
Gundam Wing Endless Waltz Special Edition DVD
Ghost in the Shell (Good Condition)
Angel Sancturary
Perfect Blue (Fair Condition)
Ninja Scroll
Lost Universe Volume 1 (Good Condition)
Outlaw Star Volumes 1-3 (Whole 26 episode series, in DVD-Double packs)

Tenchi Muyo mini-lunch box
Tenchi Muyo "Star Wars" wallscroll
Limited Edition Baiten Kaitos Synthetic Silk Wallscroll
Tenchi Muyo Screensaver Mac/PC (Very rare! Includes videos and sound bytes from both the dubbed and Japanese versions.)

He would like to get $10 per DVD, but prices are negotiable, and make him an offer on the merchandise.

Photos available upon request, and all DVDs are official region 1 US releases.
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Must sell!!! TeniMyu2 OST

I have a original [not bootleg!] copy of the 2nd Prince of Tennis Musical soundtrack that I picked up at AnimeCentral 2004 that I am looking to sell.

CD is in excellent condition and has only been in my CD player a handful of times. Disc has been protected by a d-skin disc protector to keep it from getting scratched.

CD comes with original booklet which has lyrics to all the songs and various cast pictures from the musical.

CD also comes with a large booklet-sized sticker of the cover of the CD that has never been used. The obi, though, is no longer included [I looked around for it and couldn't find it!].

The case is in good condition, though the bottom right corner of the front has broken off. There is a small missing piece there, but nothing that exposes the CD or anything.

I am looking to get $30 for the CD [I paid a bit more than that for new]. For $1 more, I will include the d-skin protector. Shipping not included, but should be less than $2 for first class shipping within the US, or $3.85 for Priority also within the US. International shipping available, but will be at a higher rate. Insurance optional, let me know if you're interested.

I prefer payment by non-credit card Paypal [balance or bank account only], but I also accept money orders or well-concealed cash [at buyer's risk]. Item will not be sent out until payment has been received.

If you're interested, leave a comment here or contact me via email at saiai[at] and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Must sell!

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