August 7th, 2005


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Manga ($5 each - all in excellent condition!)

X/1999 - vol. 1-15 ($60 for the set)
Shaman King - vol. 1-4 ($20 for the set)
Angel Sanctuary - vol. 1-8 ($35 for the set)
Angel Sanctuary - vol. 3 (an extra...)

DVDs: All in excellent condition!

Wolf's Rain DVD: Leader of the Pack (eps. 1-4) - $10
Outlaw Star DVDs - complete series - 3 DVDs - $10 each or $30 for the series

PS2: Excellent condition with original case and booklet

Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits (RPG) - make a reasonable offer.

Misc.: Excellent condition

TI-89 graphing calculator - $90 (new retails at $150)

SERIOUS BUYERS ONLY. I prefer PayPal but will accept personal checks (please allow 10 days to clear) and money orders from the post office. I do ship internationally but expect the S&H to be more expensive. Once everything has been negotiated - please have payment to me by one week. If you have questions please feel free to e-mail me at:

Want List:

- PS2 Kingdom Hearts (must be in excellent condition) - there was someone who had this a while back...

- Fruits books

- Final Fantasy 8 Strategy Guide (Brady Games)

- Art books (I noticed that someone was selling an X/1999 art book...) hopefully in the $25 and under range.

I prefer items to be in excellent or near mint condition, to be paying for U.S. (domestic) S&H and via PayPal.


Manga Sales

I'm going to be going to China this winter, and I want to start purging my house of stuff early so I can fill it up again with cheap toys and stuff. ^^;; I've decided that the first thing that needs to go is the majority of my HUGE manga collection. A complete list of the manga that I am selling is behind the cut. You can bid on any of those titles here on eBay. All titles have been discounted to at least 50% off of their cover price!

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I also have a Japanese movie called "Red Shadow" up for sale. It's a pretty funny ninja comedy, brand-new, only viewed once.



Hello everybody! I still have some shirts to sell, and also some manga. Please check out the items for sale below and contact me directly at if you are interested in buying anything. Serious inquiries only please. Thanks!

PAYMENT: I accept PAYPAL (preferred) / CASH / MONEY ORDER
SHIPPING DETAILS : Shipping of T-SHIRTS to anywhere in the U.S. is only $4.00. I can also ship internationally for a flat $10.

1.) NANA t-shirts / sleeveless hoody
- based on Yazawa Ai's popular shoujo manga. It has a cool "concert shirt" look, and they are girl-size tees.

Available size/colors are:
T-SHIRTS (only SMALL size left / white color) - $25 plus shipping.
SLEEVELESS HOODY (small / white) - $35 plus shipping.



2.) DIR EN GREY shirts
- DARK ASPHALT color, available in S, M, or L. $25 plus shipping.



3.) MANGA (english-language)
- I am selling the following english-language manga for $5.50 each plus shipping:

Angel Nest (Sakurazawa Erica)
Between the Sheets (Sakurazawa Erica)
Angel (Sakurazawa Erica)
The Aromatic Bitters (Sakurazawa Erica)
Nothing But Loving You (Sakurazawa Erica)
The Rules of Love (Sakurazawa Erica)
Bomber Girl (Niwano Makoto)
The Rising Stars of Manga 1-2 (miscellaneous artists)
Blade of the Immortal : DreamSong (Hiroaki Samura)

All books originally $9.99 (or more) each. All books in great condition!


I am also selling CHOBITS complete set (1-8) for $55 plus shipping

Please email me directly at

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Slam Dunk Vocal TV CD S$5
Card Captor Sakura original sound track 2 S$10
You Are Under Arrest; Best of collection CD S$10
Ah My Goddess ; Original Sound Track vol 1 S$8

Naruto Figurines
Normal: Haku, Sasuke1 Sasuke2, Kakashi, Zabuza, Iruka S$2
Stamp: Naruto, Kakashi, Itachi, 5th hokage S$3

Sakura Wars 2 PC Game in Chinese S$30

Yami No Matsuei Notebook *mint* S$12

Gackt remix CD S$20

Card Captor Sakura Complete vocal CD Collection S$40
Yami No Matsuei Character Book S$20

You Are Under Arrest Post Card Collection *mint* S$15

You Are Under Arrest postcard book S$10

CardCaptor Sakura Photobooks and fan book S$20 per book
How to Draw Manga 1,3 and mecha S$20 per book

All in Singapore Dollars
email me at foreverlove_xjpnAThotMAILdotCOM if interested or just leave a comment with ur contact

Artie Super Happy by Conner

Video Game Posters

I'm selling off the remainder of my old video game poster inventory in batch lots of 35 posters each. I have two lots up on eBay right now (1 with about a day left, the other with about 3 days left), and there will be a few more batches coming. You can see the list of which posters are in each batch. Each one starts at $0.01 with no reserve (and a $49.95 buy it now price if you want to just take it for that). So get on over and take a look!

Check out my eBay store for the listings!

Also, I just received about 1,000+ new video game promo posters from Japan yesterday. It's going to take me some time to photograph them and take inventory of them, and then to create the listings for eBay (I intend to sell just about all of them for a flat $5.50 each (buy-it-now) in my eBay store). I wouldn't expect to see them up for sale until probably in September (between work, Otakon, and a beach vacation all happening this month).

But you can be notified when I have new items listed for sale by going to My eBay store and clicking the "Add to My Favorite Stores" link at the top right of the page. You can choose to be notified of new listings in my store.

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Got more stuff to sell XD

Card Captor Sakura 2002 calendar S$20

Gackt stuff
Fan stuff
Anime CDs the ones i mentioned in my last post

They are all word docs -_- lolx hahaha definatly easier then posting them one by one hahaha
email me at foreverlove_xjpnAThotMAILdotCOM

XD or comment and leave a contact

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more stuff

manga in chinese

summon night vol 1-2 S$3 each
Dear boys vol 1-6 S$3 each
Cross over vol 1-2 S$3 each
Slam dunk *english* vol 1-3 S$5 each
Fruits Basket vol 1-2 S$3 each
Alice 19th vol 1-6 S$3 each
Kamikaze vol 1-5 S$4 each
DNAngel vol 1-2 S$3 each

comment XD
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paycheck moneys soon.. so! i'm looking for fruits basket merchandise and manga, except for volume 4.. especially the english manga for cheap (i can get the books for $7.25 here so i'm looking for the lowest you can go below that), in pretty good condition.

kyo and yuki stuffs especially. i have alot already, but go ahead and comment if you have anything regardless.

thanks! :3