August 17th, 2005

Lilymint Sales

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lilymintsales lilymintsales lilymintsales lilymintsales

Begins Wednesday 08/17/05 & Ends 08/22/05

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♥ All RETURNING customers whose payments I have received get $0.50 off for buying any 2 things, and an extra $0.25 off for each additional item. This is basically free shipping, and the more you buy, the more you save!

Items that are on sale have their prices highlighted in red. Please note that not all items are on sale.

SPECIAL DEALS are as follows:

This applies to both new and returning customers.

♥ Orders of $5.00 or more receive a special surprise gift!
♥ Orders of $10.00 or more receive a special surprise gift and mini random grabbie
♥ Orders of $15.00 or more receive a special surprise gift, mini random grabbie, and $1.00 off
♥ Orders of $20.00 or more receive all of the above and free international shipping or an extra $2.00 off!

Anything more than $25.00 and you will received a HUGE discount PLUS all of the above. Talk to me personally.


hello~ this is my first post here. i am selling alot of recent SHOXX jrock magazines to make room in my closet and such. all magazines are 5-10$ each plus 2$ shipping. some of the magazines do not have posters because i gave some of them away. but i think i still have the nightmare and gazette ones available. take these magazines off my hands!! please comment if your interested!!! thank you. :)


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Mini Me!
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New street Fashion label!

Today is the day ladies and gentlemen! I am finally ready to launch....CANDY VIOLET! my newest label!!!!!!!

There are a few old designs you might recognize from Gaijin Geisha which will be making Candy Violet their new home, along with some brand new items.

The idea behind this new label is to mix old world Victorian and modern pop sensibilities together, making a collection any fairy tale princess would be proud of!

the site is in it's early days so there will be a little bit of primping going on ever the next couple of weeks, also a new mailing list, so if you are interested in Candy Violet updates it's worth signing up for this one as well.

I'll be collecting both sites (and any others that may come)under one company name. I'll post more about that later on though once everything is finalized, in the mean time Candy Violet will be sharing a shopping cart with Gaijin Geisha, so don't get confused if you order something from Candy Violet and get an invoice from Gaijin Geisha.

Let me know what you think so far.
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eBay: Natchan! Apple Honey - 1 Bottle - $3.00

You are bidding on 1 bottle of Natchan Apple Honey. Sweet honey and the crisp taste of apples blends harmoniously is this one of a kind drink from Japan! Natchan! the cute little mascot from Suntory would be happy if you gave him a try!

Just look at his sad little face! Don't you want to make Natchan happy and take him home? Drink him and savor his good taste.
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Video games, anime, manga, action figures, more!

And if anyone is wondering about the two REALLY high priced auctions... most of the figures in those groups go for $75-150 individually. I do consider offers though (hence the Submit Best Offer option) so please don't send me emails about the prices. ^^;; They're that way for a reason... reason being that I don't want to sell them unless I get a nice chunk of change for them b/c it took me years to collect them albeit I do need the money. So it's just something I'm trying. Everything else is in auction form though!! XD
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Major updates and lots of new things posted!!! Please take a look. Everything must go! Moving in October and don't want to bring too many boxes with me. Make offers, but not too low please. The prices I have are just an average of what I would like.

I accept Money Order, Concealed Cash, Paypal and trades. If there are 2 people wanting the samething then whoever can pay the fastest gets it first.

Blu8e's Mini Mart


Hey! I just updated my sales page, so please check it out! This stuff really needs to get off my hands ;_; I have cute clothing, vintage jewelry, Japanese and English manga, Japanese pop music, X-Files books, and so much more!! Please, it's all crowding my room~!



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