August 21st, 2005


CDs & Manga

$15 including shipping in the US
TRAX - Rhapsody
Mini Moni - Mini Moni Telephone Ring Ring/Mini Moni Bus Guide [?]
Mini Moni - Lucky Cha Cha!

$5 each + shipping [all Tokyopop]
Kodocha v1-5 & 7-9
Love Hina v1-5
WISH v1-4

Paypal preferred Also accept cash & money orders.

Photos on request ^^;

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Fruits Basket Anime Pencil Boards about 7" x 5" each
I bought these for $8 each, so I don't really want them to go for cheap
I'd like to see them go for $20 at least (as a set only please)
Any takers?

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Hey poppers and rockers, I'm in desperate need of a car so I am selling all of my earthly possessions.

All of my items are in good condition, check with me on the condition of certain items if it's especially important to you.

I can combine shipping on items, shipping charge is $3 for contiguous US. Talk to me about shipping elsewhere.

I take personal check or money order ONLY.

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For two or more people interested in the same item, whoever offers more money and can pay for the item faster* will get the item. I will send items upon receiving payment, for more details just ask. All prices are negotiable (to a point).

Please buy, I really appreciate your interest as I am in not-so-pleasant circumstances and need the money. I've been saving every penny I've come across, but it's not enough- that's why I'm selling my precious possessions. I do have things not on this list that I can sell, just ask if you're interested in clothes, shoes, books, etc.

Thank you!

* What I mean by this is if you offer more money than someone else but won't be able to send the money before they can send theirs, they will get the item even though their offer is lower. Sorry, but I need my money sooner rather than later.

Requested pics of PT CDs:
Toroimerai & Aoi Tori (front)
Toroimerai (inside)
Toroimerai disc
Aoi Tori (w/o dustjacket)
Aoi Tori (inside)
Aoi Tori disc
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