August 22nd, 2005

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For Sale: Reiko Shimizu Miracle Tarot, original Japanese printing

That's right, I've got the Reiko Shimizu Miracle Tarot and I'm selling it, because I don't use it and it's beautiful and somebody should.

I'll take the best offer I receive over $40 (the Chinese version goes for $30 on ebay), shipping included within the continental US. (Shipping is at cost to all other locales.) I take paypal at tiamat at tsoft dot com and you may also email me there with questions. Please paypal ASAP after sale is confirmed and I will ship within 24 hours.


The box is in good condition, slight fading along the outer spine. The book (in Japanese, and if you can read it, it includes some neat layouts) and cards are mint. This is not the Taiwanese edition--the backs of the cards are black, not bronze, with silver designs, not black, but the rest is the same.

I am working on getting scans/photographs of the magazines I offered for sale a while back and will repost them as soon as I do. I have not forgot about it, you guys just insisted on pictures.

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Hey there =) I've got a couple of things I'd like to get rid of and I need the money since it's back to school for me in about a week or two. Prices include shipping but the only catch is that I'll only ship to the US unless you're willing to pay a slightly higher price for the item. Leave a comment here or email me if you're interested in anything

Image hosted by
FMA Riza Figurine (original box included)
Price - $8

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I'd normally say the prices are negotiable but at the moment, I'm in a pinch for money. I can negotiate a little though, but not by much =P I'll only trade if you have the following:

Roy Mustang Plushie
AtoRyo Doujinshi
Any doujinshi by Blue Crest
FMA, Naruto, PoT or Hello Kitty Stationary

Thanks for looking!



Hi I need to make $400 by the 1st to pay my rent (i suck) so i'm selling every cute thing i own for really really cheap on ebay! come check it out!! If something doesn't sell on ebay i still need to get rid of it. will take best offers after ebay ends!!

PLEASE COME CHECK THEM OUT!! There's Clothes, Accessories, Shoes, and other cute items!! All items are in great condition! Some listings ending today!! 61 items, some starting from $0.25!!!!


Hey, I am looking for zen-in and furoku posters. Feel free to email me at kitsune526 @ [remove spaces] or leave a comment with any info. Thankyou for your time. ^_^
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+Clearance Sale+

Hello! I'm trying to clear out my store so I can get some new items in!
I have some half off items and major discounts on all my items.
I carry items like Anime and Jpop/Jrock merchandise, Fruits Fashion & Cosplay items, American items too.
Video Games, Toys, Books & Manga, Electronic Devices, Clothes, DVD's & VHS, World Music, Jewelry & Accessories. and much much more.
I even take requests for items. Please check it out!
Enter Anime is my Life Shop

Check out my LJ Auctions too please!

DHS-A-LB - Doctor Horrible - Fingers Cro

(no subject)

If my internet had a front yard, here'd be the "For Sale!" sign :D

Manga (English) -- $6 each unless otherwise stated

Decendants of Darkness (Yami no Matsuei), volumes 1-2.
Imadoki! Volume one.
Hellsing Volumes 1-3
Les Bijoux Volume 1
B.B. Explosion! Volumes 1-2
Revolutionary Girl Utena Volumes 1-5.
Gravitation Volumes 1-11.
Hanakimi Volumes 1-5.

(Japanese:) -- $5 each unless otherwise stated.

Sora wa Akai Kawa no Hotori (recently released in English as "Red River.")
Sailormoon volumes 1-12 (minus #11) plus book one of the side-stories. (These are the pretty reissues, and are all in beautiful condition except #1 which has minor wear on the spine).
Code Name wa Sailor V! (New version, book 1)
Code Name wa Sailor V! (Old version, books 1 & 2. Pages yellowed a bit from age, just like when I got them... but only $4 each for these beacause of that.)

CDs (J-rock): All albums $11 // singles $6 unless otherwise stated.

hide Tribute Spirits. (Includes covers by bands such as Glay, Oblivion Dust, Luna Sea, Siam Shade, and BUCK-TICK as well as others).
Sads : Babylon. (Rarely listened to, comes with a paper talking about the history of the band.)
Moi dix Mois : Dialogue Symphonie (first single)
Moi dix Mois: Dix Infernal (first album. First pressing? I don't remmeber, but it's got a crazy package design that's in great condition.) (Pending...)
Kiyoshi : Primitive Supernova (album -- Kiyoshi was the orange-haired guy in Spread Beaver, who helped with hide's later stuff. Cracked case
Gille'Loves : My Bloody Valentine - (Gille'Loves is what became fiction before Lucifer Lucious Violenoue split off and did her solo thing. It's moody electronic (the opposite of techno electronic), and Lucifer's a chick? In J-rock? :O)
hide : Hi-Ho (single. It's so pink!) (Pending...)
Plastic Tree : Planetarium (single, comes with a sticker of the band.) (Pending...)

J-rock Videos: ($20 each.)

UGLY PINK MACHINE (vol. 1) (hide concert. Psyence-era) (Pending...)
hIS iNVISIBLE dELUGE eVIDENCE (A hide tribute.. thing. Footage of the funeral, music videos for four of the songs on Ja,Zoo, Los Angeles interviews/camera stalking.)

Anime DVDs ($10 each)

Chobits 1-2
Key the Metal Idol 1
Tokyo Babylon 1
Noir 1
Ah! My Goddess (the movie)
X (TV series) 1-3

Video Games: ($25)
Final Fantasy X-2 (opened, but never played)


Sailor Mercury costume (PGSM style). Pictures here and here (on the left). Included are everything seen except the wrist ornament (as the "jewel" was lost) and the wig. Fits up to a 36 inch chest, skirt is a separate piece that has a wire inside and can be adjusted. Price negotiable/best offer. Worn at AX last year and briefly this year (though not by me ^^)
Fender Squire electric guitar. With hard case and strap. Price negotiable/best offer.
Fantasy/Display Sword: Sword of Light (designed by Kit Rae). See here for information/pictures. Price negotiable/best offer, still in the styrafoam'd box it came in.

Comment here or e-mail at ellome_duskstar AT yahoo DOT com with questions or whatnot ^_^

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There are BRAND boots from Kera magazine (featured prominately).
They have zippers on the side, are lace ups and have oil resistant boots.
Soles are also black in colour and they are quality material made... (and they're HEAVY)

These are BRAND NEW
and will be shipped in the original box


size : 41euro
fits : 26cm

Image hosted by

view the boots by clicking this

I put the boots up on ebay. I need the money by the 29th of August so badly that if you bid $100+ i will pay the shipping for you (which is about $ effectively you pay $60 for the boots..and considering i spent so much more getting them shipped because i live overseas and having sent my payment through extra $10 on my side... i hope someone here recognises a good deal when its staring at them in the face.)

I had someone bid $60 but fell through.
If you can offer $60 here i will cancel the auction (saves me money too).
If you would liek to bid all means.. you are helping me ..

They originall sell on site for 9800 japanese yen (roughly US$98) and if you don't live in japan you MUST order TWO pairs minimum as i have found out. Please offer prices reasonably.

(I know someone offered $50 and i don't want to up the shipping and be dishonest. These boots are a godsend to individualism.. i can guarantee that to you. Actually..if you ARE that person who offered $50 i will allow you and you only to purchase them for that price now.)

Im so stressed out needing the money more than ever for a card payment BY the 1st of September.

New Items and Offers!

New Offers!

Buy two or more cds and have shipping payed free!
Buy three or more manga or doujinshi and have shipping payed free!
Buy one cd & two manga/doujinshi and have shipping payed free!
Buy one drama cd and have shipping payed free!

Refer someone to me and get a $5 discount on a two item buy along with above offers! *only if it qualifies*
They need buy something and leave your lj name that you will be buying with. ^__^

New Items!
Gackt, Hyde, and BoA Cds! Along with more yaoi! More Anime Cds! MOON CHILD MOVIE *only $11!*

( More Info at the "Original Post" )

Electronics for sale! Manga, Jrock, and clothing too!

Hi! In my never-ending quest to eat on my upcoming trip to Tokyo, I'm trying to sell my surplus electronics, as well as a lot of manga, clothing, and Jrock CDs! All at my Ebay Store!

Need more space for your growing Jrock collection? Buy my 160GB external hard drive! Rather burn your larger files to free up space? Get my Sony DVD burner! Want to take your music with you, Japanese titles and all? How about my Japanese mp3 player?

Shipping and insurance included to the US, ask for Canada and other international shipping.

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Looking for English Mangas!

Hi all! I'm looking for Chobits manga Tokyopop volumes 4, 5 and *8
If you have these and are willing to sell them to me please email me at rsilvertail @

I'm also looking for Cardcaptors Master of the Clow *2, *4, 5, 6

I can pay Money Order or Paypal, as long as you can accept credit cards.

So, if you have these and you're willing to sell them, please give me a ring... well, mail. I'd like them to have their spines intact and no ripped pages, please. Cover scuffs are fine as long as it's not too bad. No water damaged books, please, they tend to reek.

*=have offers on these, but you're welcome to still email me. Still looking for non asterix-ed books.

Thanks all!
BSSM - Maker - I Fight


Several Items For Direct Sale! Rare Neon Genesis Evangelion Ayaname Rei figure! Cutey Honey dolls! Sailor Moon musicals! Imported Sailor Moon UFO catcher plushes of Moon, Venus, and Jupiter! Please go check them out here!

Note to Moderators: I realize that it has become increasingly popular to post auctions in this fashion and that some communities frown upon it. I apologize if this is not acceptable in this community. As I am taking offers on all of the items, it would be difficult for me to keep track of things were offers being posted in numerous communities. If this needs to be changed, I understand, and am willing edit this entry to post all of the items and information in this community. Please comment here if I am required to do so. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

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