August 23rd, 2005

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I find it gets a response or two when updating
I have two weeks, no housing, and in order to have a place to live Im
selling off my stuff. I need two thousand dollars so any buyers are
I use paypal because it's safe and convient for everyone but other
methods of payment are fine (no cash though! thats dangerous!) If your
interested in anything email me.

Email: toshiya_withsprinklesontop@...

Books! Yay!

The Crow: Temple of Night $3.00
Devil's Night $3.00
Warlock $3.00
Dhampir $3.00
The Vampire Diaries 1 $3.00
The Vampire Diaries 2 $3.00
The vampire Armand $3.00
Esquisite Corpse $3.00
The Snow Garden (hardback) $10.00
Hunter's Moon $ 3.00
Crimson Moon $3.00
Artemis Fowl $3.00
Artemis Fowl $3.00
Toreador $3.00
By Oak Ash and Thorn (shaman book) $10.00
A Density of Souls $3.00
(seeing a vampire and werewolf trend much?)

RPG GAMES (tabletop)
D&D Adventure game $10.00
Starcraft $10.00

Anime VHS:
Rayearth 2 volume 1 $5.00
Rayearth 2 volume 2 $5.00
Dragoon volume 1 $5.00
Evangelion volume 12 (the one with Karou) $5.00
Mysterious Play volume 1 $5.00
Mysterious Play episode 27-30 $5.00
Mysterious Play episode 40-42 $5.00
Mysterious Play episode 43-45 $5.00
Galaxy Express $5.00
Ranma 1/2 Dharma Chameleon $5.00
Monster Rancher $5.00
Saber Maronette 2 volume 1 $5.00
Saber Maronette volume 2 $5.00
Bastard! volume 1 $5.00
Bastard volume 2 $5.00
Bastard volume 3 $5.00
Battle Athletes GO! $5.00
Master of Mosquiton volume 1 $5.00
Battle Athletes Victory! $5.00
Nightwalker volume 1 $5.00
Nightwalker volume 2 $5.00
Nightwalker volume 3 $5.00
Sailor moon S movie $5.00
Dragonball volume 1 $5.00
XMen $5.00

Anime DVD:
Argentosoma volume 1 $6.00
Wolfs Rain volume 1 $6.00
Yami no Matsuei the entire series (english subtitle only) $20.00
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 $5.00
A Midsummer Night's Dream $5.00

DN Angel volume 1-6 $5.00 each
Model volume 1-3 $5.00 each
Snow Drop volume 4-5 $5.00 each
X/1999 volume 1 $5.00
Ranma 1/2 volume 14 $5.00
Rumic World trilogy $5.00
Real Bout Highschool volume 1-3 $5.00 each
Rebirth 2-3 $5.00 each
Lament of the Lamb volume 1-5 $5.00 each
Gravitation 1-11 $5.00 each
Caravan Kidd volume 3 $5.00

Slayers Try Treasurey Vox $5.00
X the motion picture soundtrack $5.00
KMFDM retro $5.00
Classical Music (4 Cd's) $15.00

I have tons of pokemon me If you want to know which ones
or need a specific one.
Motion sensitive digivice (comes with directions and everything/ It's
a game) $15.00
Digimon world PS1 video game $6.00
Inu Yasha PS1 game $6.00
The King of Fighters 99 PS1 $6.00
Dreamcast system and controller $50.00 (includes games)
Thyme pillows 50 cents (helps with depression and stress)
Electric scooter (think like a moped) $230 $50 shipping and handling
(the retail value is this is a very good and desperate deal)Email me for picture

Anime Store Clearance Sale. ^_^

ForeHead Protector (Konoha)
Brand New for $3 each (more anime merchandise below the cut; we have multiple stocks of everything)

All good things must come to an end, and today marks the closure of Red Threads' anime store. We're going to concentrate our efforts on Doujinshi and various Art-related things now, so everything on the webstore has to go. The prices have dropped on everything, (and we've also added our final new stocks of Head Protectors, Necklaces, and much more.)

Please check out some of the newer items below the cut, or jump straight to our full Naruto section here:

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Is Anime your life?...

Is Anime your life?...

Please check out our online shop at!

We have all sorts of Japanese and American items such as Video Games, Modeling Kits (like Gundams and Figurines), Magazines and Back issues (From Animerica to FOOL'S MATE), Toys (Like Sailor Moon, Pokemon, DBZ, Evangelion, Fushigi Yuugi, Tenchi...) Plushies (Like Sailor Moon, hide, Inu Yasha...), Music, JRock and Jpop items, Cosplay items such as Wigs, Sunglasses (We're the only ones that carry the popular Pink Spider and Rocket Dive hide glasses), Electronic Toys, Anime DVDs, Clothing, Collectibles, Keychains, Make up, Shoes, Books, Collector Cards, Computer Software, Musical Instruments, Art Supplies, Anime & Jpop School Supplies and much much more. If you would like to request items we can try and get them for you as well.
We're working on getting new items in too: Japanese Snacks, Fruits Clothing, Calenders, Rare Collectibles, Vintage items such as Clothing, Toys, Books. Games and Videos.
Our expectations are endless in what we can provide.

For Sale!!!

Due to being very short on money at the moment, I need to throw something up for sale.

I've got a copy of the Weiss Kreuz seiyuu photobook Du Lugst that needs a home. It's in pretty good condition. The dust cover is a bit dirty, but I'll try and clean that up a bit before sending it out. It comes with the original dust cover and the paper strip that wraps around the cover and tucks inside as well. It's in awesome shape other than the dirtiness of the front cover.

The binding is in pretty good shape, one area in the back where it's cracked a bit and the book will almost lay flat, but that's the only damage to it. The pages are in great condition and nothing is falling out.

Picture-wise... there are a LOT of pictures in here that I hadn't seen prior to finding the book. Lots of great pics of all four seiyuu, group shots, solo shots, just lots of beautiful stuff. It's all in colour, no text pages or anything, and is a must-have for anyone who's a fan of these four talented seiyuu.

I paid a decent amount for this, so I don't want to let it go too cheap, but I will entertain all offers. I need the money ASAP to pay my electric bill. *curses automatic debits from the account she forgot about* I'll ship anywhere in the world, but all shipping is paid for by the buyer. Flat-rate Priority shipping in the US is like... $3.85 if I'm not mistaken, and that's in a nice cardboard envelope, so lots of protection.

I have to sell this! Please make an offer! ;_________;

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Pease Make Any Offer!

Please Make any offers.
Fushigi Yugi Oni tapes.
The box that covers it is worn out, but the tapes, are in excellent condition!!
3 tapes and 9 episodes.
I accept either money order and cash at your own risk. Will accept Personal checks, but you gotta wait until it clears up.
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EBAY AUCTION ENDING TODAY - cute & cheap stuff

Ebay auction ending in about 1 day or less !! I need $$$ for rent so I'm selling everything. Please look there's still plenty of stuff left and still for really cheap. There's clothes, accessories, shoes, and misc. cute things for CHEAP. EVERYTHING HAS TO TO. Whatever does not sell I am willing to take best offers!!

PLEASE COME CHECK THEM OUT!! Even after the auction ends I'm willing to take any offers on UNSOLD items!!!! If you have any questions please contact
Bi pantech

Selling Things Before I Leave For College part 1

Well, I have about a month and a half before I move and I have a few things I want to get rid of. Everything is in mint condition unless otherwise stated. I'm not very good at asking prices so I'll deal with this like an actual auction. Who ever has the highest offer wins the item they are bidding on. I CANNOT ACCEPT ONLINE PAYMENTS! Sorry, but I do not have an account to deal with this. I only accept cash in US $, money orders, international money orders, postal money orders (& international), and personal checks. I'll let this run through until August 30th. Just email me with your bid at silvermoonangel61[AT]yahoo[DOT]com, please leave your lj screen name in the email subject line and make sure you put lj so I don't delete your email thinking it's junk. ^^;; You may also post your bid on this post. I will then edit this entry for others to view and see how high the bid is. Thanks! Please take a look, I'm selling trading cards, VHS, DVD, CD, doujinshi, yaoi, manga, and PS games.

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amine, manga, artbook, etc.

Kai Doh Maru anime dvd vol.1(?) -$10 (encluding shipping) - never watched
Mars manga #2-4 -$15 (encluding shipping) - read once
inu-yasha manga #4 and #7 -$10 (encluding shipping) - read a few times
yu-gi-oh manga #1 -$4.50 (encluding shipping) - read once
paridise kiss manga #1 -$5 (encluding shipping) - read once
Spirited away vhs -$10 (encluding shipping) - never watched
D. N. angel anime dvd vol. 3 eps. 18-end -$7 (encluding shipping) - import, watched once

i only ship to places within the U.S. and i only accept cash money orders and checks. sorry, no paypal and no trades.
also, if you would like to buy anything or have any questions, please E-MAIL ME! (if you want something you MUST e-mail me, it's the only way to make sure i get your message)
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