August 25th, 2005

stuff for sale (again)

first of all, i hope the people who ordered the naruto artbook+ and the amuro cds recieved them by now? if not, i don't know what else i can do at this point, but if packages are returned, i will let you guys know.

anyways, i have some stuff for sale (comics, magazines), with some new items without photos that can be added upon request:

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Figurines, Pencil boards, and dvd sets for sale

Please browse through the pages and post the number of the boards here so I can total up the cost. Shipping for the boards are $1 each combine shipping is available anywhere in the US, if outside of US please list region for shipping rate. Will ship international. Please leave zip code or region to check shipping for artbooks, figurines, and dvd sets.

Click on the thumbnail to enlarge picture and see pricing on pencil boards.
figurines, artbooks, dvd sets, and pencil board see all 3 pages of them

You can also directly email me at

Getting down to the wire here....

Solution Graphics

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I also have designs up at my CafePress store!

Ok, it's time! I'm moving to Japan in LESS THAN 3 weeks, and I NEED money if I'm going to eat. I still have many items up for sale in my ebay store, and shipping is now INCLUDED on ALL orders (in the continental USA - Canada and other international shipping, please ask for my discounted shipping rate). I really need this stuff to sell.... Feel free to buy after I'm in Japan as well, since there will be someone here to ship your items.

While I am in Japan, I will take special orders for music related items, electronics, and clothing. Manga orders also welcome. Anime related orders accepted, but must be specific, since Akihabara is a bitch to find things in if you don't know exactly what you're looking for. All shipping on these items will be from Japan.

Please visit this selling journal for rules and regulations regarding special orders.

ALSO! In my never-ending quest to eat on my upcoming trip to Tokyo, I'm trying to sell my surplus electronics. ALL PRICES HAVE BEEN CUT!!!!

Need more space for your growing Jrock collection? Buy my 160GB external hard drive! Rather burn your larger files to free up space? Get my Sony DVD burner! Want to take your music with you, Japanese titles and all? How about my Japanese mp3 player?

Shipping and insurance included to the US, ask for Canada and other international shipping.

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GL Bibles + Other (repost)

Reposting the things that didn't sell.

I'm looking to sell my Gothic and Lolita bibles.

I have Volumes 2 and 3 for $20.00 each, shipped.

I bought most of these at secondhand stores while in Japan, but all are in good-mint condition, and include all their patterns.

Also for sale:

Kera Magazine - $18.00, shipped.
Card Captor Sakura artbook - $20.00, shipped.
Suikoden shounen ai doujinshi - $10.00, shipped
DiGi Charat window cling - $3.00, shipped

HunterXHunter trading card game deck (Japanese) - 10.00, shipped
One Piece trading card game deck (Japanese) (I have two of these, one blue-backed and one yellow) - 10.00, shipped.
(These are complete decks for use in play.)

I also have several books I picked up in Japan:

Hiragana no Hon
This is a little book for learning hiragana. The style is a lot like the traditional "A is for Apple, B is for Bird". It's a cute book, and very useful for picking up vocabulary, I just have no use for it. Asking $10.00, shipped

Chironuppu no Kitsune - This is a traditional folk tale written for children, and is very easy to read even for a beginner at Japanese. It's a sweet, sad story, and has the prettiest little illustrations. Asking $15.00, shipped

Illustrated poetry - This is a book of illustrated poetry about wildlife and flowers. It has lovely paintings throughout. I love this book, but somehow managed to get two copies and don't need both. Asking $15.00, shipped

I'll accept paypal (CC or balance), money order, or a personal check.

I was going through my bookcases yesterday and found a whole bunch more stuff, but I haven't time to put it up now. Soon, I promise!

Please take a look at my selling page and over at for some other manga of mine.

That's it for now!

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Hello! Does anyone know where I can pick up a year subscription to Ego System? I feel bad bothering everyone but someone on here must have an idea... I've looked at Saga., Kino. and others but no luck so far...
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Christine's End-Of-Summer Sales!!

Hello Everyone!

I've gone through my anime collection and pulled the items I am not
deathly attached to. See if there is anything you're interested in,
and feel welcome to send me an email. Thank you!

Please visit my sales page here:

Plus I have shitajiki for sale here:

Have a great day!
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Looking for an item.

My friend wants a Tekken 3 002 Playstation Soundtrack, id number is WSCA-00016. Can anyone refer a website that might have it or does anyone have it and wants to sell it? Thank you.

Ringu DVD

If anyone's interested in the widescreen, region 1 DVD of the movie RINGU, please lemme know. =3

It's going for $8 including s/h. It's in great condition, and is in Japanese w/ English subtitles.

I only ship within the USA, and I accept personal checks, money order, or concealed cash. If you're interested, leave a comment and we can sort things out. (^^)

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New and used Anime & Jpop at affordable prices!

Is Anime your life?...

Please check out our online shop at!

We have all sorts of Japanese and American items such as Video Games, Modeling Kits (like Gundams and Figurines), Magazines and Back issues (From Animerica to FOOL'S MATE), Toys (Like Sailor Moon, Pokemon, DBZ, Evangelion, Fushigi Yuugi, Tenchi...) Plushies (Like Sailor Moon, hide, Inu Yasha...), Music, JRock and Jpop items, Cosplay items such as Wigs, Sunglasses (We're the only ones that carry the popular Pink Spider and Rocket Dive hide glasses), Electronic Toys, Anime DVDs, Clothing, Collectibles, Keychains, Make up, Shoes, Books, Collector Cards, Computer Software, Musical Instruments, Art Supplies, Anime & Jpop School Supplies and much much more. If you would like to request items we can try and get them for you as well.
We're working on getting new items in too: Japanese Snacks, Fruits Clothing, Calenders, Rare Collectibles, Vintage items such as Clothing, Toys, Books. Games and Videos.
Our expectations are endless in what we can provide.

Please Visit our LJ community for other Anime and Jpop related merchandise.
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Just a quick question about the feedback page. When does it get updated usually? I mean if there was a new thread started for a user when should I expect it to show up? I know it can be a hassle to organize and time consuming, just wondering. Thanks. :]
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I know I have to send people out some stuff. Never fear, I didn't forget and I'm not a deadbeat lol I've been really busy and just got back from vacation plus I have the worst luck and am sick x.x I'll get the stuff I owe to people out asap. (I know it's only one person so far lol)

I hope that's not a problem. Thanks for the understanding.
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I'm selling a load of my Japanese import CD's. This is the full list of what I have so far. I will be selling doujinshi/artbooks and DVDs in another post. These are just the CDs as of right now. I have included a link to more information on each CD that is available at CD Japan. Some of the out of print CDs do not have further information, because they are very old. The CD Japan info links are so that you can find out more about the CD before you buy it, or ask me questions.

EDIT: ADDED HALF A DOZEN MORE CDs. Including 2 Ryoutarou Okiayu CDs.

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CROSSPOSTED TO my personal LJ.