August 26th, 2005

Items still up for grabs.

- X-Japan "DAHLIA" CD. (With obi)

- Dir en grey's Ryoujyoku no Ame (Limited Edition, NO poster, with obi)

- Sailormoon tin (In perfect condition, if you want pictures and are interested, do tell me.)

- SHOXX Gazette poster. (In perfect condition)


For anyone who sent me money orders, I apologise. I recently moved and all of our mail just now got forwarded. Any one who placed an order via e-mail with me, and sent me money--your stuff will be shipped ASAP. (Especially to the very nice girl who bought a Gazette and Nightmare poster from me.)
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Sam!! ★☆♪


I really hate to do this, but will Shannon S. from PA please email me (tyr_stains(at)tokyo(dot)com)? You bought some manga from me. The address you gave me was either bad or I wrote the wrong address, because the package was returned to me.
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Manga Sale

Hello all, time to empty the manga drawer. Titles are all in English unless otherwise notated. $5 each, buy four get one free! :D Shipping will generally run about 3-5 bucks depending on how much you get and if you're in the country or not, so go ahead, take a look and tell anyone you think will be interested.

Alice 19th 1,6
Angelic Layer 1
Card Captor Sakura - Master of the Clow 1
Ceres 1
Chobits 1
Comic Party 1
Digi Charat 1
Eerie Queerie 1
Excel Saga 1
Fake 1
Fruits Basket 5,6,7,9,10
Full Moon 1
Gravitation 8
Hana Kimi 4,5,6,7
Hot Gimmick 6,7,9
Kodocha 1
Magic Knight Rayearth 3
Marmalade Boy 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8
Miracle Girls 1
Planet Ladder 1
Tokyo Mew Mew 1,3,6
Vampire Game 5
Zenki (in Japanese) 1,2
rock on

looking to buy! ^^

Hey ppls!
I'm looking to buy AGAIN! XD I just can't get enuff of L'Arc~en~Ciel... soooo. I need Laruku's REAL, True, Heavenly, and Tierra albums. and HYDE's 666 and/or Roentgen albums!!! Any singles would be fine too, but I'll only pay $7 (shipping included) for those, and only $5 for those with only 1 - 2 songs on them.

Also, if anyone has a rope chain choker or a barbwire choker similar to the one below, I'd like it too ^^
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So please leave a comment if u have any of the above that u don't want and are in reasonable condition! ^^ Thanks a bunch in advance!!!
PS. i can only pay by concealed cash.
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Mini Me!
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Color is Choice

Candy Violet now has a selection of colors choices for each shirt, Pink, White, Blue and black in T-shirts, Pink and Black in the tanks. I had a few people ask about options, so I hope you find the perfect one waiting for you!

Also when we first opened the site was experience some technical difficulties with IE, every thing has since been fixed and is working great, so if you had trouble before, check back we are feeling much better now!
Akiko Nakayama
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PGSM Goods on eBay!