August 27th, 2005



Emergency funds sale - MAKE AN OFFER! Please be reasonable, but I'll accept almost anything! For images, I've scanned all of the mangas, doujins, and DVDs - but some items (figures) don't scan well so if you'd like to see them, please let me know so I can find a camera~.

DVD Sets/Full series:

Chance Pop Session (3 DVDs) Sold! ♥
K.O. Beast (3 DVDs)
Neon Genesis Evangelion (8 DVDs + box)
Outlaw Star (6 DVDs in 3 cases + box) pending

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Castle in the Sky
Cat Returns
Kiki's Delivery Service
Porco Rosso
Princess Mononoke
Spirited Away
Sold! ♥

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Anime DVD:

Cat Soup pending
Cowboy Bebop: The Movie Sold! ♥
Doggy Poo pending
Eden's Bowy vol. 1 & 3
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within
Genma Wars 1
Pokemon Jirachi Wishmaker

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Love Hina 1-4
Gravitation 1 & 3
Fire Emblem (japanese)

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YAOI FMA doujin:
Love Scream (they kiss)
Metalove (kiss)
Happy Go Lucky? Sold! ♥
Spring Festival (just plain cute)
feeling infection. (interrupted kiss)
Deli Deli Sold! ♥
Classic Milk
S-Tower (vol. 13) Sold! ♥

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Inu Yasha Action Pack + Vol. 3 of the manga
Action pack includes 1st DVD (Down the Well), first two GNs, a poster, a card, and a box. I'd like to sell it as a whole with the third GN.

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Nintendo 64 + 2 Controllers + 9 Games + Rumble Pak
Games include: F-Zero X, Banjo-Kazooie*, Pilotwings 64*, Pokemon Stadium*, Super Smash Bros.*, Goldeneye 007, Mario Kart 64, Diddy Kong Racing, and Mario Party*. Comes with AC adaptor and 3-prong TV connector (yellow, white and red connectors). I'd like to sell as a whole.
* Booklets included

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Gameboy & GBA Games

Gameboy: Tamagotchi, Killer Instinct, Pokemon Trading Card Game, Pokemon Red, Pokemon Blue, Pac-Man, Shadowgate Classic
GBA: Pokemon FireRed, Hamtaro Ham-Ham Heartbreak*, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2
* Booklet

Game Genie (for original gameboy)

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One Piece - Nami button (2" diameter)
One Piece Metal Strap - Luffy
Trigun !StoryImageFigure! (Vash sitting in the chair with TV, beer bottle & Kuroneko - Never opened!)
Digimon "Metalogrowmon" Unopened

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Please make an offer~!! For questions etc., leave a comment, e-mail me at or AIM me at zombie hammi. I can accept Paypal, money order, and personal checks - I strongly discourage cash, but if you want to risk it... orders paid for with a personal check will be put on hold until it clears the bank, and I'll ship out Paypal orders the very next day. Please include shipping considerations in your offer because it's not cheap to send some of this stuff, especially heavy things like an N64. ;; The more you buy, the better, so try to make an offer on multiple items if you can. Thanks. ♥

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Lots of stuff left that must go! DVDs, Mangas, Keychains, Cards, Shitajiki, Plushies and others!! Everything must go, so i'm taking offers (not too low please).

Blu8e's Mini Mart

I accept money order, concealed cash, paypal, and trades.

Please take a look at what I have~
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Straight from Japan

Hi guys. I need money to survive as a struggling student here. Note that I will only ship by EMS as it is the safest way to get your goods to you. It is a bit more expensive, but Japan tends to lose a lot of packages. Below the cut: Mitsukazu Mihara manga, other manga, Kera Magazine October 2005

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Shipping will depend on how much you buy.

I also have auctions on the following items at the following communities:
raburesu: Promo clock and shirt
tsubasafans and clampfans: Tsubasa rare Shitajiki Pencilboard Set
shiinaringo_ and tokyo_jihen: Rare Shiina Ringo out of print manga

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i still have some of the sailor moon merchandise
I was selling for my friend. I added some my stuff too.

SailorMoon (princess serenity) doll 6 inches
Sailor Moon 8 pack of bandades
Sailor Moon laminated poster (Usagi and Mamoru)
Sailor Moon Poker Deck
Sailor Moon mini ruler
pack of Sailor Moon stationary
Sailor Moon notebook
Sailor Moon Dress up doll book
Sailor Moon mini album
Oh My Goddess laminated poster
Kamui X/1999 wall scroll
Card Captor RPG Import Playstation Game
3 Sailor Moon pencil boards ( some signs of wear)
Onegai Twins manga
Ai Yori Aoishi vol.1-5
Girl Got Game vol.1-4
Crscent Moon vol.4
Viz Sneak Peek Summer 2005
CMX Preview 2004,2005
Tsubasa vol.1
Comic Party vol.1,2
Kill Me Kiss Me vol.2,3
Ah My Goddess Movie Soundtrack
Kodocha vol. 7,10
if interested , you can leave a comment or email me at
Thanks for your time.

Direct Sale!

Selling a bunch of items including:
-Final Fantasy Unlimited DVD 1 w/box
-Armitage Dual Matrix DVD Lunchbow set with limited Todd McFarlane Figure
-.Hack DS Grunty Plush w/ tags
-Shaman King Anna OFFICIAL cosplay necklace & bracelet
-Prince of Tennis Karupin Plushie w. Zipper tote bag & plastic sports bag
-Prince of Tennis Six different Momoshiro Plush, some old and RARE!
-Shoulder Length Purple Synthetic Wig with bangs, brand new in original package

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