August 28th, 2005

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I'm just wondering if anyone got these Danger☆Gang(デンジャー☆ギャング) flyers that they might sell to me... or maybe know where I can get them.
I've been looking around like an idiot ..I guess this might be my last hope!! ヽ(´ε`)ノ

anyway, here are the flyers..

/ My☆
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manga, magazines, etc.

Ending in less than a day:

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New auctions:

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Other relevant auctions that aren’t so new but haven’t been posted here yet:

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For anyone who might be interested, I have many other books/magazines (textbooks, Japanese fashion magazines, Japanese and other music magazines, art magazines), CDs (Kahimi Karie, Vincent Gallo, Blur, Japanese and other foreign imports, etc.), and other items on sale.
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Looking for headphones ^^

Hi ppls!
I'm in need of headphones for my CD player. the ones that came with are large and go all the way around the head...pretty but bulky... so i really want some that are on separate sides. i would really love them if each side had wires that go around the ear so that the thing would stay in place! <3 if u have no idea what i'm talking about, it's sorta like this:
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don't have to be that expensive looking, of course ;D anything is fine as long they're in good condition...
PS. i pay by concealed cash. live in CA, USA ^^ i may need more than 1 set, so give me as many offers as u'd like even if i buy from previous person!
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We're looking to buy lots of CDs. CDs must be in good condition(with original case and booklets) and NO BOOTLEGS! We're willing to pay around $5 for singles and $15 for albums(that includes shipping.) If you have other terms we'll negotiate a fair price. We can pay with: money orders, personal checks, and paypal(overseas only please!)

Thanks for looking!

~Mandy + Meiran~

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I really need to get rid of this manga. I'm selling the Japanese for $4 each and the English for $5, but I will give discounts for sets, or if you think I'm charging too much, make an offer. Prices don't include shipping. I'll accept Paypal, money order, and well-concealed cash. I want to sell everything I can before I'm forced to put stuff up on Ebay, so help a desperate girl out? ♥

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I also have some other stuff over at my sale site
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Cutie Girlie // PINK!

Some things for sale ^^

Hi ^^ I'm based in the UK, and can accept postal orders and personal cheques from those living in the UK, i also accept paypal for the UK and international :)

Well, here's my stuff ~ if you wish to see a picture, just comment with you email address ^^

+Official FF8 OST ~ 4 CD'S with stickers and booklet [everything mint except for one sticker has been used] Offers taken

+K*Star Black thick EGL ruffle coat. Gorgeous! Size 12 UK. As new! Reasonable offers taken I did pay £60 for this originally, and it has been worn twice!

+EGL Medium size black capri pants with white lace heart back pockets and lace tiers around bottom of leg. Size 10-14 Stretchy. Offers taken

+Demonia black patent leather boots with tartan sides - mid calf length. Size 6 UK, worn ONCE only, but scuffed on the front slightly, as these were worn on the Dir en grey concert, berlin! So they are tough wearing boots, otherwise they are like new. £60 or closest offer

Thankyou! Shipping will be determined later :)


Does anyone have a Abra and the Psychic Pokemon VHS or DVD for a good price.Here a summary:
Ash and his friends arrive in Saffron City, where they see a strange girl who almost causes Ash an accident. As they go through the city gates, two girls in Hawaiian dress show up and trick them into going in a room through a warp tile from which they can't escape; it turns out the two girls are Jessie and James, and before they can get away with the captured Pikachu the mysterious girl shows up, paralyzes them and teleports Ash and his friends and Pikachu to safety. Outside the Saffron City gym, a man warns Ash not to challenge Sabrina, the Gym Leader, but Ash doesn't listen and challenges her. The little girl that freed them is actually a doll that Sabrina owns, and with her Abra (who she evolves into Kadabra during the battle), she defeats Pikachu and traps Ash and his friends in a doll house using her telekinetic powers. They escape thanks to the man who warned them earlier, and after a brief telekinetic struggle, he tells Ash that the only chance he has to defeat Sabrina is to get a Ghost Pokémon from Lavender Town. So, Ash and his friends leave for Lavender Town...
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ending soon: Japanese fashion magazine Non-No

Non-No, lot of 5 (3 of 9)
Originally uploaded by frilly military.
The following auctions for lots of the Japanese fashion magazine Non-No are ending within a day:
  1. Non-No, lot of 10 with cover photos featuring Reina Tanaka, Hikaru Utada, Mariko Takahashi, Miho Tanaka, Misaki Ito, Aoi Miyazaki, Kyoko Hasegawa, and Kyoko Fukada.
  2. Non-No, lot of 10 with covers featuring Mariko Takahashi, Miho Kanno of Dolls, Misaki Ito, Yuki of Judy & Mary, EMI, Miho Tanaka, Ema Fujisawa, Aya Ueto, and Zhang Ziyi.
  3. Non-No, lot of 5 with covers featuring Tomoko Kawase of The Brilliant Green, Miho Tanaka, SHIHO, and Akiko Yada.
  4. Non-No, lot of 5 with covers featuring Ema Fujisawa, Takako Uehara of Speed, Kou Shibasaki of Battle Royale, Miho Kanno of Dolls, and Ohta Rina.
  5. Non-No, lot of 5 (no bids yet) with covers featuring Ema Fujisawa, Kimiko Mori, Kou Shibasaki of Battle Royale, An, and Mariko Takahashi.
  6. Non-No, lot of 5 (no bids yet) with covers featuring Miho Tanaka, Ema Fujisawa, Reina Tanaka, and Kimiko Mori.
  7. Non-No, lot of 5 (no bids yet) with covers featuring Y#333;suke Kubozuka, An, Aya Ueto, Miho Tanaka, and Kyoko Fukada.
  8. Non-No, lot of 5 with covers featuring Ema Fujisawa, EMI, and Mariko Takahashi.
  9. Non-No, lot of 5 (no bids yet) with covers featuring Misaki Ito, Miho Tanaka, Ema Fujisawa, and Kaori Mochida of Every Little Thing.
  10. Non-No, lot of 5 (no bids yet) with covers featuring Kaori Mochida of Every Little Thing, Miho Tanaka, Miho Kanno of Dolls, Ema Fujisawa, and Kou Shibasaki of Battle Royale.
  11. Non-No, lot of 5 (no bids yet) with covers featuring Miho Kanno of Dolls, Mariko Takahashi, Kyoko Hasegawa, and Kyoko Fukada.
These magazines originally cost about $6 each, but I am selling them for a little less than $1 each.  Any magazines that aren’t sold will most likely be going to the recycling bin.