September 3rd, 2005


I think I got ripped off.

Sorry if I am wrong, but has anyone done any trades or buying from someone of the name, Elizabeth Oluwole with the email address: She lives in Brooklyn NY, 11215. It's not a huge deal to me really, since I just lost $4.00. It's really nothing to go chasing after for. But I'm still mad, because it is still money I used to pay for. I payed for a Naruto volume 1 manga and I haven't gotten anything. I emailed her once about the money, but no reply back about it. The second time I emailed her I got this:

From : Mail Delivery System <>
Sent : Saturday, September 3, 2005 1:23 AM
To :
Subject : Delivery Status Notification (Failure)

The following message to <> was undeliverable.
The reason for the problem:
5.x.1 - Maximum number of delivery attempts exceeded. [Default] 452-'4.2.1
Mailbox temporarily disabled:'

I don't know what's going on and everything, but...I just wanted to know if anyone else has had any experience with her? And if no one has, this is a warning. I don't know her LJ username unforunately. But if anyone does, it would be nice to post it. Thanks.

EDIT: Thanks to, widow_blakk, she found her LJ name: antiquebeast
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Selling and some free stuff.

I went to the Anime Expo with my brother and friend, and we each grabbed enough to make sure each of us have one. We ended up with a bunch of stuff...Then I also got more samplers from buying manga...I could throw them away, but throwing away anime stuff makes me a bit sad. So...I'm giving them away for anyone who wants them.

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Comment, email ( and I shall reply.
And I accept paypal, check, money-order, and concealed-cash (at your own risk).
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Anime for Sale!

Hello~ I'm selling some anime that I no longer want, but before posting it on eBay, I wanted to see if anyone on livejournal was interested. For those of you who do see something you want, please read the policies first!

x Tenjou Tenge Complete TV
x RE Cutie Honey Complete
x .hack//SIGN Complete

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Magazine's like Cure, Shoxx, Fool's Mate, and Arena 37 C are now available for sale. Anime VHS, DVDs, trading Cards, Action figures, and stickers! Mini Moni Buttons. Much Much more. Please visit triplejoker

god hates me


Ok, so Hurricane Katrina really fucked me a new one. To help my parents pay for damage to our roof I've decided to sell some of my stuff. PLEASE BUY. T_T OH GOD, BUY IT!

$15 H.naoto h.anarchy pouch bag Store your make-up or just anything. Hooks on easily with good space. You can tell how big it is by my holding it. Pretty good condition with the exception of fading on the ends of one of the strips.

$40 H.naoto choker made of high quality cotton with the tags still attached. In red and black with lots of chains.

$12 Nightmare Believe type A cd with privilege trading card of Ni~ya. Still in the wrapping.
$5 Michiru project kuchizuke maxi single with Sarina (ex. aioria) on vocals.
$4 Chelsea "trash" demotape

I accept paypal (no credit cards), cash, money order, and checks. Shipping is $3.50 for everything.

I also have a few putumayo chokers to sell, but I have no photos. :\

New Auctions on eBay!

Some new auctions were listing, most starting at a penny!

-Official Evangelion Movic Misato Cosplay necklace
-Prince of Tennis Takeshi Momoshiro JUMP CD single
-Naruto OFFICIAL Bandai Metal Konoha Head Protector
-Love Hina X'mas Shinobu & Tama Chan 9" Sega UFO Figure
-Shaman King OFFICIAL X-Laws Cosplay Brooch/Pin
-Naruto OFFICIAL Clip on Cosplay Drawstring Kunai Pouch
-Final Fantasy 7/Kingdom Hearts Sephiroth & Cloud Minimum Collection Kubrick Set
-*RARE* Hellsing 4 DVD set with Replica Casual & Jackal Guns in Original Package
-Shaman King OFFICIAL Anna cosplay necklace & bracelet
-Street Fighter Chun Li Cosplay Costume - Dress & Boots
-Street Fighter Chun Li Cosplay Styled Wig & Bun Covers

All funds are going towards a new digital camera plus the fact I need to clean out some of this stuff! I need room in my drawers & closet for some new work clothing! Thanks in advance!
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(no subject)

Hi everyone! I just want to let you know that I have an auction ending in three and a half hours from now in my selling journal.

Item: Two Dir en Grey indie photosets (brand new)

[ photoset 1] [ photoset 2]

Feel free to look at my other items! I'm trying to make money for a concert so please help me because I've never been to a concert in my life (true story)! There's more Dir en Grey photos (mostly Kaoru), anime merchandise, and misc. items.

Anime Merchandise: Evangelion, Cutey Honey, X, Sailormoon, etc.

I listed some of these things before and I also have new things added! I had a successful transaction here back in May so I thought I'd try again~ If you need extra reassurance, my eBay feedback is here: click!

Prices are in the listings and do not include shipping. If you buy multiple items maybe I can make you a deal. :P

So I have:

Cutey Honey DVD vol 1 from ADV (cover)
~ contains episodes 1-2 of the 4 part OAV
~ great condition, only watched once
~ $10

CLAMP's X series vol 1-15 original Japanese version (sitting together on the shelf)
~ there are 18 volumes released so far (the series isn't complete!) so this is all but three of what's out!
~ each one has been read only once; in fact the later ones I don't think I even read XD
~ as a SET: $50 (I was asking $70 before. This is 15 manga, of the same series in a row, for $50, people. T_T You'd pay twice that for buying them new today.)
~ I really don't want to sell these separately, unless I get enough offers for different volumes. =/

Evangelion High Grade Christmas Figure: Asuka 2002 Edition (in her box, out of box, side, back)
~ yes, the white circle thing comes with it, both the base and figure are made of a nice plastic
~ sat on my shelf for almost two years and was dusted and cleaned ^^
~ $20

Shitajiki/Pencil Boards
(all three; front, all three; back)

I know the photos are blurry. I'll take nicer ones if you're interested in buying.

Top: Digiko from Digi Charat
~ This is a rare shitajiki used for promoting a Broccoli event in Japan a few years back.
~ Features Digiko as a puppy instead of a kitty! XD
~ $8

Bottom Left: Tokyo Mew Mew
~ A bright and happy shitajiki I bought three years ago and never touched. o_o
~ $7

Bottom Right: Eternal Sailormoon
~ My first shitajiki ever, but I have outgrown it. ;.; A bit loved, but still quite good condition.
~ $6

That's it for now, unless I decide to part with a couple of other items like some card decks, a wallscroll, and maybe another shitajiki. Thanks for looking!
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Nana roadshow goods for auction

Hi guys. I went to the roadshow today in Shibuya, and I have some goods to auction off to you! I'll be taking pictures later, but here's what I have:

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Highest bid gets them. If the bids go above a certain amount - free shipping. Payment via paypal in USD or JPY ONLY. EMS shipping only. Leave bids below.

As I'm a poor student who hasn't been able to get her working papers yet, I needs the money. Please bid.