September 4th, 2005

Whats left

I'm now desperately seeking to get rid of these. Please someone buy. You can even make an offer yourself but it must be reasonable


Demon Diary 1,3,and 4 Excellent condition *my gf was nice enough to buy the 2nd volume even though it was somewhat damaged.*


Yu-Gi-Oh Battle City Duels. Volumes 8-10. Never been opened.
8-two bonus episodes
9-two bonus episodes
10-one bonus episodes

USD cash or money order only.

Thank you for viewing.
alice//aoyagiminato LJ

Japanese fashion magazines

I'm looking for the Japanese magazine CANDY. Any issue/year is fine. I would also be interested in any other Japanese fashion magazines that has cute fashions in it. Please post prices and pics. Not too expensive please ^^;; I live in NY and can pay by MO. Please comment here if you have and would be willing to sell!



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I have a pair of 6" platforms from Japan that I'm willing to sell.

They are size "L" which I would guess is somewhere between size 7 - 8.5 in womens and 5-6.5 in mens.

Selling for 100$ unless someone wants to offer more.

They're very rare shoes as most platforms don't make 6" or cost over 100$.

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Promo Cards, Singles, Hello Kitty

Up for grabs:

Pokemon Stickers [HOLD]
Chemistry Poster [HOLD]
TMRevolution Poster [HOLD]
Hello Kitty Stationary
PENICILLIN - make love Single [HOLD]
Ryuichi Kawamura - BEAT Single
SHAZNA - Sweet Heart Memory Single [HOLD]
SHAZNA - White Silent Night Single [HOLD]
The Yellow Monkey - Love Love Show Single

Kirito Promo Card (Pierrot's Kirito's Solo Promo) [HOLD]
Dir en Grey Promo Card [HOLD]
Kumiko Kato Promo Card

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(no subject)

Please make an offer for the following items

Anime Soundtracks:
Card Captor Sakura Character Song Collection
Card Captor Sakura Movie 2 OST
Inuyasha 2 Disc Theme Collection
Naruto OST
Angelic Layer OST
Chobits OST 1
Chobits OST 2
Neosoul (tofu records)

Shoujo Manga Preview Books (furoku)
Azumanga Daioh 1 (english)
Card Captor Sakura screencap episode books (chinese)
Chobits 4 (japanese)
Angelic Layer 1 (english)
Angelic Layer 3 (chinese)
Anime Encyclopedia
How to draw manga (with mini figure)
Naruto Official Character Data book 1 (japanese)
Hot Gimmick 8 (english)

Abenobashi Magical Shopping Arcade vol. 1 (with box)
Magic Knight Rayearth vol. 2 (subbed)
Aishiteruze Baby handbag
Onegai Twins clear file
Fun Fun Factory board
Card Captor Sakura puzzle
portable mini speakers

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Duel Jewel!

I have Duel Jewel albums Lapidary and Noah for sale on ebay. ^^ Starting price for each USD5!

I'm going to be selling a lot more in the coming weeks (tomorrow I'm putting up a ton of Dir en grey so... watch for that!) I also have lots of anime related stuff that will be sold as well.

Happy bidding, and thank you~ ^^
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