September 5th, 2005

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Hi, I have one Angel Sanctuary art book and one Tenshi nanka jya nai art book for sale. They're both in great condition, and I thought it was time to let them go because they're collecting dust on my shelf. Therefore, I'm selling one artbook for 18.00 which includes shipping. I can only receive well-concealed cash and Money order.

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If you have any questions, please leave a comment and I'll get back to you A.S.A.P.

I also have the May issue of Fruits up for grabs. Offer a price and I'll take pictures if requested. :3

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I have the following items up for sale
- Peach Girl(Change of Heart) mangas volumes 1,2,3,4
- Original Japanese Death Note mangas, volumes 1,2
- Ragnarok, volume 1
- CCS, volume 1
- And other books like The Da Vinci Code, Letters from a Nut, Ender's Game, Shadow of the Hegemon, Chicken Soup series, etc!

All are in brand new or like new condition!! I am willing to let these go cheap, so e-mail me at for more info + pics. :)

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So I am really tired of people telling me they are interested in these DVDs. They'll say that they will send out the money but never do. So please if you're interested don't deadbeat me. I really want to get rid of these.

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Donations for the victims of Hurricane Katrina is needed!
I'm also in dire need of gas money! :(

I uploaded everything for sale on my new photobucket,

I'm willing to let a majority of these go for cheap, so don't miss your chance. :)
If you have any questions, email me at or leave me a message here! Thanks. ♥

All manga + games can be found under Games & Books. I also have shirts from Japan!

Jrock Magazines for Sale!!!

I'm selling some magazines for a friend! If you click on the links they will take you to J-XYZ to see which magazine I'm talking about.

Arena37C October 2004 (Rag Fair cover) Poster is still with this issue.

Arena37C April 2005 (w-inds cover) Does not have the poster.

Shoxx April 2005 (gazette cover) Does not have the poster.

Fool's Mate June 2005 (Janne da Arc cover)

These magazines are very well taken care of. If they aren't being looked through, they are safe on the bookshelf. Any wear or dirtiness is very slight and more than likely happened during shipping, before the magazine even reached the door.

My friend is asking $15 each for the magazines + $3 to cover the cost of the envelope and shipping w/delivery confirmation. PayPal is the most preferred payment method, but if you absolutely cannot use PayPal a money order or extremely well concealed cash (at your own risk), will also be accepted. Also, if you choose to mail your payment, it's not required, but appreciated if you'd spend a few extra cents and get delivery confirmation on that as well. She said she's had some trouble with not receiving payments that were supposedly mailed out before. No responsibility will be held if the money is mailed out and it never arrives. If you have any questions you can contact me at fyn_chan(at)hotmail(dot)com

Thank you! ^____^v
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Hiii, just wanted to announce my store's taking pre-orders before the grand opening. The store is still opening on the 17th, but if you want to reserve your items you can.

Anime, J-Rock CDs, Beanie Babies, clothes, and more. There's a lot of stuff here folks! The first to post will be the first considered to get the item. Note: Please read the rules before posting a request for an item. Thanks!