September 6th, 2005


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I'm so sorry to post this kind of post!
I'm looking for a person who was to trade her sailor moon mooks with my organizer sheets. >.> I lost track of trading and don't know her mailing address! Please comment me when you read this post. Thanks!

FOR SALE : NANA TEE-SHIRTS! LAST CHANCE! (Based on Yazawa Ai's popular manga)

FOR SALE : NANA TEE-SHIRTS! LAST CHANCE! (Based on Yazawa Ai's popular manga)

I only have a few more of these shirts in stock! I have 8 of the [WHITE/SMALL] t-shirts left and 2 of the [WHITE/SMALL] sleeveless hoodies as well. Once they're gone, they will never be in stock again!

WHITE/SMALL t-shirt - $25 + shipping
WHITE/SMALL sleeveless hoody - $35 + shipping

I only accept payments via PAYPAL or CASH.

Measurements are roughly:

top-to-bottom length : 22-23 inches (varying from rear collar line, to highest seam point)
armpit to armpit : 15.5 inches
fabric : cotton / stretch fabric

T-shirt and hoody are the same, except hoody is sleeveless, has front pouch, and a hoody with strings. Shirt is girl-cut tees, similar to what you'll find in shops like Forever 21, etc.



Plushes, Figures, etc. is down to our last pieces of, well, everything. ^_^ We've grouped the series items together in sets and are selling them off at hugely discounted prices (really, really just trying to get rid of these boxes of /stuff/ now.) ^_^;;

Keyword: Prince of Tennis Movie Plushies (set of 6) (ONE SET LEFT)
Characters: Kikumaru, Oishi, Fuji, Ryoga, Ryoma, Momoshiro
Price: $30

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Doujinshi for Sale


Moving is not fun. Bleh! I ended up with a ton of things that need to find new collectors to call home. Right now, I'm selling a bunch of doujinshi for female readers from various circles and titles. All range from normal, to gag, to yaoi. Some of the titles include Full Metal Alchemist, WeiB, D.Gray-man, and others.

Please, if you're interested, take a look at my sales site.

Shipping is Priority Mail, starting at around $5.00, or Media Mail, starting at around $2.00 (shipping largely depends on the weight of the books).

I appreciate any help in moving these books to new collectors.

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Re-posting and cuts made to prices! Various anime merchandise and J-Rock (CDs, DVDs, Dir en Grey photos/photosets) and misc stuff. Everything is new or in really good condition! I want to get rid of these items so if you're not satisfied with the price cut, make a reasonable offer. Thank you!

Click me! The selling journal! ^.^

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Cardcaptor Sakura Stamps
Set of 3 in pink slip and clear wrapper
offer: $45
These are rare prints on a wooden stamper featuring
Keroberos, Sakura and Tomoyo
(If you're willing to pay $40 i will consider... These stamps are out of print...official ... and havenever been stamped with..(on my part anyway). I bought them a while back for $36-46 (i can't remember... but with conversion it ended up costing me about AUD$70-80)
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I bought these SO LONG ago off a nice girl from ebay; They didn't go for very cheap either.

But i figure they deserve to go to someone else since i don't use them.

If there is no interest, i will put them away for another year and bring them out again later XD


DIR EN GREY: Kaoru poster
Huge.. that's all i have to say 20 something inches.
offer: $20 (because i found slight stains on them possibly from being kept in a tube)
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FFVIII Longbox 4CD soundtrack.
offer: $60+
Excellent condition.
Do your research if you don't know what this long box version is.

FFIX Soundtrack 4CH
bought it for $35 i believe... selling for $30...still in mint condition; listen to a couple of times..decided i didn't like the cover.

And a Gackt 2005 Poster in MINT MINT MINT condition...
so mint i haven't opened up the pages.
offer: $50
(not really willing to let it go for less since its perfect..never actually... opened opened... and because it'll increase in value later... ..but if you're willing to make a lesser offer.. please do)

Because its rare and mint..and unmarked..prestineeeee
(if it doesn't sell now i'll put it back up next year)
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i'm looking for any jrock dvds. they can be authentic or hong kong bootleg. concert, live, pv dvd, etc like d'espairsray, kagerou, merry, nightmare, and other visual bands. i can't seem to find ayabie pv collection, and vidoll doll mansion. anything else of interest too. please price reasonable. i can send paypal. thanks~

Auctions end soon!

I have a bunch of really cute Gothic Lolita and Punk style Takara Jenny dolls for auction on ebay that are ending today so I thought I'd mention them again.

1. Pretty Takara Jenny Sweet Girl Doll in Gothic Lolita fashion NIB.

2. Super Cute Takara Flora Calendar Girl Doll in Gothic Lolita fashion NIB.

3. Cute Takara Jenny Punk Rock Calendar Girl Doll in Punk / Jrock outfit with electric guitar NIB.

4. Nice Takara Jenny Classic Calendar Girl Doll in Mozart/ Rose of Versailles style fashion NIB.

I also still have some manga that I'm selling, but I haven't listed them on ebay yet. I thought I'd post them here again.

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moonlightkisu @ ebay: selling ranma cards, sm nissui seals, & more!

moonlightkisu auctions @ ebay:

MINT lot of 29 sailor moon CCG common/uncommon cards! (starting bid: $1.50)

RARE! RUMIKO TAKAHASHI JPN collection cards pack of 10! (starting bid: $5.00)

RARE! 5 sailor moon nissui seals & PP2 #51 prism card! (starting bid: $5.00)

All prices are in $US currency. I only currently accept paypal. I am a US seller and only ship to the US and canada by USPS. Please read my auctions for more info. Thanks!
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Cinema Bizarre // Yu "Amazing"

Obligitory "if this isn't allowed delete post" post XD

Will the following people please get in contact with me about items they purchased. It's been a few weeks now and I've recieved no payment, I'm in a real extreme need for money so I can't hold items for weeks so please let me know what's going on.

xlilliex: Matina CD: $8 (think it was 8)
yamiyumipanic: Dir en Grey Cards: $15 (emailed)

shmexayxlust: You never told me if you wanted the Puppet Mammy message cd. ^.^

If this isn't allowed than please delete it, I just have tried to get in contact with some of these people and just wondering where things stand. I have emailed yamiyumipanic and she said she was on vacation but I'm still wondering if payment was sent yet. I'm not rushing anyone or anything but it's been a few weeks now and I'm severely in need of money so I need to know where the transactions stand, and if I can be expecting the money that's all. ^.^ no big deal right? I hope this doesn't come off snotty or pushy cause I didn't mean it to be at all. <3

Thanks again.
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Reina - Love

Rocket Dive/Zilch/Pink Spider sunglasses for sale!

Here I am again, everyone. ^^; But this time our prices are lowered!!

Some of you may remember me from before, I was helping my boyfriend sell the glasses before, because he was sick and needed the money... Well he was getting better, but now he's getting sick again from overworking too early. He wants to perform at the Jrockcon in San Fran this November, with Seraphilia, but if he can't get well, he can't perform even one song. We're desperate to get money to pay for doctor visits to speed up his recovery, so if you guys could help, even just by telling a friend who you think would be interested, it would be a great help. ^^;

The store is here.

We have preorders for the Rocket Dive glasses and they are now $85 instead of the $100 we had it at before. The other Zilch/Pink Spider glasses are down to $25 instead of $30. If you don't want the glasses, we do have some other things you can look at, namely anime and a couple jrock magazines.

Please help us!! I'd appreciate it so much, and I'm sure he would too. ^^; Even telling a friend would be a big help. Thank you!!

- kaledrina -

x-posted everywhere... sorry if I flood your friends page. x.x
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I was wondering if anyone here was selling the One Piece Movies. I don't need the newest one- but the other 5 and the OVA's would be perfect!

I need them subbed in english too.

I don't really care if they are bootlegs or not- just as long as the subbing is good.

So if anyone here is selling them or can direct me to a place where they are being sold that would be awesome.


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got music?

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I need money for my college and for my car so i have to say goodbye to some of my collection :( But i can do trades too ony if i really really want your item! For trades, you can always send me an email or a link to your trade list and i'll take a look at it. I'll let you know when i want something from it.
HINT: I love chinese, japanese, korean movies especially horror! and looking for english mangas: Fruits Basket 1-6,9-11+, Hot Gimmick 9+...

Make your offer! ok? I accept paypal (preferred non-credit), postal money order and cash at your own risk. I live in the US so shipping within US for media mail would be like $2.50 and that includes the packaging. If you want me to mail it by priority or add insurance or delivery confirmation, i can do that too! ^^ anyway, here goes... and i forget to mention earlier, i can proveide pictures too if you want!)

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Lots of random things for sale. Must go! I have 2 months to get rid of as much as I can before moving. I don't want to take too many boxes with me. Please take a look at what I have. There are dvds, vhs, mangas, magazines, plushies, purses, cd players, soundtracks, keychains, light up cell phone straps, pins, can badges, trading cards, lami cards, shitajiki, stationary and lots more!

I accept Money Order, Concealed Cash, PayPal, and Trades. Offers are being taken, just make sure their reasonable offers. I need to make room for more things that I need to post up to sell (-_-, sadly, I still have lots more I have to let go that's not up yet).
Leehom - can&#39;t touch this

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I can only ship to the US and can only take well-concealed cash.

Pictures upon request.

Manga $8
Chrno Crusade #1
Kare Kano (His and Her Circumstances) #1
Kare Kano (His and Her Circumstances) #2
The Wallflower #1
Saiyuki #1
Kill Me, Kiss Me 2, 3, 3, 4 (I multiple copies and selling the extras)
SOS (short love stories)
Fake 1 - 7 (whole set)
Gravitation 2 - 9

Anime CD
Gravitation Tv Tracks. $10

Anime DVD
Weiss Kreuz (Knight Hunters) - Dead Ringer Episodes 1 - 5 $15
Weiss Kreuz (Knight Hunters) - Lost Boys Episodes 6 - 10 $15
Weiss Kreuz (Knight Hunters) - Midnight Finale Episode 21 - 25 $15

Anime VHS
Digimon The Movie $10
(C) made by meeeee


I'ma lookin' fer: Nightmare before christmas and hello kitty (mostly HOME DECOR stuff but post other things too ^^) and anything ghostbusters, aside from the movie itself. I can pay by MO, cash and Paypal(preferred). Thanks :) xposted a couple places