September 8th, 2005

Sonic The Hedgehog

Darn those credit bills!

Help me get rid of my stuff =)
Prices include shipping cost, If you feel some items are overpriced, feel free to ask for a bargain, I'll consider them and we can talk it out ^_^.
I take paypal, money orders, cash sent at your own risk.
Please also check out my current ebay auctions =)
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thank you for looking! you can also email me at
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Pencil boards, figurines, DVD sets, artbooks

Please browse through the pages and post the number of the boards here so I can total up the cost. Shipping for the boards are $1 each combine shipping is available anywhere in the US, if outside of US please list region for shipping rate. Will ship international. Please leave zip code or region to check shipping for artbooks, figurines, and dvd sets.

Click on the thumbnail to enlarge picture and see pricing on pencil boards.
figurines, artbooks, dvd sets, and pencil board see all 3 pages of them

You can also directly email me at
Paradise Kiss

(no subject)

Please make an offer, I want these gone. Thank you.

50 Rules for Teenagers v.1
B.B. Explosion v.1
B.B. Explosion v.3
Couple v.1
Couple v.2
Confidential Confessions v.1
Confidential Confessions v.2
Duck Prince v.1 PENDING
Erika Sakurazawa's Angel Nest
Erika Sakurazawa's Aromatic Bitters
FAKE Japanese v.1
Here Is Greenwood v.1 PENDING
Madara v.1
Mouryo Kiden v.1 PENDING
Model v.1 PENDING
Model v.2 PENDING
Musashi #9 v.1
Pretear v.1
Princess Ai v.1 PENDING
Princess Ai v.2 PENDING
Saber Marionette J v.5
Saiyuki Japanese v.3
Sensual Phrase v.1
Sensual Phrase v.2
Sensual Phrase v.3
Wallflower v.3
Wild Com

(no subject)

... if you're interested at all in these items, comment here.. that way if i know no one is..i'll stop posting these ads...i'll be willing to negotiate prices since i'm sort of in need of money now...

but if nothing comes up i guess i'll head to ebay.

Cardcaptor Sakura Stamps
Set of 3 in pink slip and clear wrapper
offer: $45+
These are rare prints on a wooden stamper featuring
Keroberos, Sakura and Tomoyo
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I bought these SO LONG ago off a nice girl from ebay; They didn't go for very cheap either.

But i figure they deserve to go to someone else since i don't use them.

If there is no interest, i will put them away for another year and bring them out again later XD


DIR EN GREY: Kaoru poster
Huge.. that's all i have to say ...around 23"
offer: $20 (because i found slight stains on them possibly from being kept in a tube)
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FFVIII Longbox 4CD soundtrack.
offer: $60+
Excellent condition.
Do your research if you don't know what this long box version is.

FFIX Soundtrack 4CH
bought it for $35 i believe... selling for $30...still in mint condition; listen to a couple of times..decided i didn't like the cover.

And a Gackt 2005 Poster in MINT MINT MINT condition...
so mint i haven't opened up the pages.
offer: $50+
Because its rare and mint..and unmarked..prestineeeee

Willing to sell each page for $10 each plus shipping in a tube.

(if it doesn't sell now i'll put it back up next year)
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