September 9th, 2005

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Selling Things Before I Leave For College part 2

Well, I have about a few weeks before I move and I have a few things I want to get rid of. Everything is in mint condition unless otherwise stated. I'm not very good at asking prices so I'll deal with this like an actual auction once again. Who ever has the highest offer wins the item they are bidding on. I CANNOT ACCEPT ONLINE PAYMENTS! Sorry, but I do not have an account to deal with this. I only accept cash in US $, money orders, international money orders, postal money orders (& international), and personal checks. I'll let this run through until September 13th. Just email me with your bid at silvermoonangel61[AT]yahoo[DOT]com, please leave your lj screen name in the email subject line and make sure you put lj so I don't delete your email thinking it's junk. ^^;; You may also post your bid on this post. I will then edit this entry for others to view and see how high the bid is. Thanks! Please take a look, I'm selling DVD, CD, manga, and clothing.

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Update on people who bought from me.

Updated Sep 16th 2005:

Shipped out: iem29 V6 DVDS
And shipped out: duotiger KinKi Kids Mags/Koichi DVD

inuvampy bought KOF art prints and KOF magazines. Payment is being mailed in by MO so shipping out is being held off until then.

=== OLD NEWS ====

]Hello ~ I just wanted to make a new post for the people who've bought from me that I've sent out alot of packages. (des_akazim, duotiger, glurble, suguishi, dokodemo_honey, apiratelovesin, sunnyrea and acidae

While, acidae's payment is being cleared on paypal and apiratelovesin's payment is coming in the mail, I already mailed off your packages, please don't burn me. ^^;;;

The only package I haven't mailed off is: duotiger but her payment won't be cleared until the 13th of Sep. and it wasn't packaged in time for the trip.

Here is my sales receipt from the postal office, check out for your State/Town/Country : here! (I blocked out where the postal office was located, because I don't want the whole world to know where I live. It's small place, one postal office, one high school, one hospital, ect. ect.. and I blocked out postal prices, cause I paid ALOT. O_O)

Please comment if you've read this post! So you know it's on the way!

Media Mail within the US takes up to 2 - 9 days.
Air Mail to Canada is 1 week.
Economy Letter Post to UK is 2 Weeks tops.
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manga available:

elemental gerad v1 japanese
megatokyo v1
angel sanctuary v8, v9 japanese

$7 ea includes shipping within US and canada
paypal, money orders, well concealed cash

post if interested
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DVDs, CDs, Manga and Artbooks - Help! In desperate need of money!

I am in desperate need of money to pay my bills and my rent! I hate parting with my things, but I'd be happy to see them go to a good and loving home! All of my dvds and CDs are OFFICIAL and NOT BOOTLEGS! The DVDs are all official R1 releases and are all in perfect condition. If you would like pictures, I can try and get them to you, but I wont be able to get them until tomorrow at least. And yes, feel free to haggle or bargain. Unless its a really great trade, I dont think I could do it because I really need the $, but you could always try.

DVD's: ($10 each)
Comic Party 1
Kaleidostar 1
Kaleidostar 2
Kaleidostar 3
Kaleidostar 4
Kaleidostar 5
Kaleidostar 6
SOLDMagical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi 1
SOLDMagical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi 2
SOLDMagical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi 3
SOLDMagical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi 4

Manga: ($5 each)
Hana Kimi 6
Lament of Lamb 2
Legal Drug 1
Legal Drug 2

Haibane Renmei Original Soundtrack - JAPANESE VERSION
As seen HERE
This is not a bootlet and it is not the domestic Pioneer release. This is the official Japanese release of the soundtrack. It includes its original obi.

Sailor Moon S Music Collection CD - JAPANESE CD - OUT OF PRINT!
$25 (or make an offer)
As seen HERE
This is an official OST for the Sailormoon S season. It features background music from the series, including the outer senshi henshin theme. This CD is not a bootleg and has been out of print for a very long time. It includes its original obi and is carefully stored with a plastic sleeve around its case.

Fruits Basket Illustrations Artbook
$20 (or make an offer)
As seen HERE
Softcover artbook in perfect condition. HAs only been opened a few times.

SOLDCosmode (Cosmo) Magazine - Vol 2: $8
ON HOLDCosmode (Cosmo) Magazine - Vol 3: $8
SOLDCosmode Magazine - Vol 4: $8

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Haruno Sakura// me

Selling custom-made "pony bead" bracelets!!

HELLO!! I am posting to advertise and hopefully gain some business for my bracelet 'business'. I make custom 'pony' (or 'barrel') bead bracelets, that also include text of your choice. You may order anything: the colors, patterns, and what you want it to say can be anything at all!! So far I have mostly done j-music themed orders, but I have completed some anime ones, as well as a few others ^_^

Example of some of my completed bracelets!

I once sold these in an artist alley at a convention and they got A LOT of attention (I was constantly making bracelets for over 2 hours!). Everyone who bought one was extremely pleased with their bracelets :D They are inexpensive and I very much enjoy making them, so please take a look if nothing else! If you like what you see, SPREAD THE WORD!!! <3

osharesoushingu osharesoushingu osharesoushingu osharesoushingu osharesoushingu osharesoushingu osharesoushingu osharesoushingu osharesoushingu osharesoushingu osharesoushingu osharesoushingu osharesoushingu osharesoushingu
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Manga, Books, Furokus for Sale ^_^

I'm moving very soon, so I need to sell as many of my books as possible.
Added lots of new mangas & added books. All my mangas are in great condition (if they're not that great, then they're usually cheaper). The paperback novels aren't always. Ask if you're not sure.
The price of the phonebooks have been made cheaper from $5-$3.50 each. Some JPN mangas are also cheaper.

Preview of items:

Pictures available here for most things.
If you want to request a photo, I can send it if you are serious about buying.

Prices negotiable (make an offer). 10% off when you spend $20+. =)

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x-posted to many groups. Sorry >_>""

Please, please, please don't give me false hopes by commenting only to back out. Or at least if you're going to back out, tell me so instead of keeping me waiting. It's only polite. Thanks.

gorgeous carat by higuri you

for sale, I thought i didn't have this book but it turns out I do.
So i'm asking 10 for it, includes shipping if any ones interested comment. if not i'll happily go back to kinokuniya.
unfortunatly i only accept well hidden cash, or postal money orders.

book info:
gordeous carat book 3
condition: brand new still in shrink wrap
price 10$
artist: higuri you
more info:
Bill soft

(no subject)

Hello there, everyone! I just posted some cheap anime dvds and manga on All of them are either in perfect or very very good condition, as all I ever did was buy them and let them sit on my shelf. LOL No time for watching/reading them, so they must go! I need some extra cash right now. I tried to make the prices as tempting as possible. The highest anime DVD price is 12$ :) Hope you guys are interested.

Check 'em out here.
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Random anime things!

I'm in the need of money for college textbooks. So, these are random anime things that I'm selling. Half of which, I dont even remember the titles of the anime, so if you want to ask which anime it is, I'll try to look for you, but for the most part, I dont remember.

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