September 10th, 2005

L'ARC~EN~CIEL doujinshi FS!

Hallo...I just joined, but I thought that someone here might be interested in these. If selling posts aren't allowed, please feel free to delete.

I've got five l'arc~en~ciel doujinshi for sale, including two from popular circle HEXAGRAM.

Prices include US shipping (if you want more than one, I'll definetly take that into account). I also might be willing to accept offers on these.
Paypal preferred, but MO and concealed cash accpeted at your own risk.
Leave a comment or email char_hakkai(at) if you're interested!

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Things for Sale

Anime DVDs:
Inuyasha Special Limited Edition
Real Bout High School Volume 1
Sailor Moon S Heart Collection VI(Non-Signature Series)
Mao Chan Volume 2
Tenchi Muyo GXP Volume 1
Gad Guard Volume 2
Cowboy Bebop Volume 1
Tenchi in Tokyo Volume 1(Signature Series)

Angela Voice of the Sky(US Release, includes both opening and closing theme songs of the anime, "Stellvia")
Hikaru Utada(US Release)

Real Bout High School Volumes 1-3
Tenjho Tenge Volume 1
Trigun Maximum Volume 1

Video Games(PS2):
Tekken 4
NBA Street

My Want List:
-.Hack//Legend of the Twilight manga volume 2 and 3(and the anime dvds volume 2 and 3)
-.Hack//Sign DVDs Volume 4, 5, and 6
-.Hack//Infection for the PS2
-Neon Genesis Evangelion DVD Volumes 1-8

Money orders are the only form of payment I accept(Trades are welcome too). If you have any questions or are interested in anything please comment here.
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DVDs for sale

Didn't sell on Ebay, so I'm trying to get rid of them here. There's:

Sorcerer Hunters volume 2 - Comes with 2 discs of 9 episodes with extras.
RahXephon volume 1 - Comes with 1 disc of episodes 1-5 with extras.
Lupin the 3rd: The Secret of Twilight Gemini - It's just the movie.

They all have Japanese with English subtitles availabe.

I'll take almost anything for them. I really need to get rid of them. If you're interested you can reply here or email me at
Dancing Space Rabbits
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Hundreds of New Video Game Posters Now In Stock!

Hey folks, me again! The guy who had lots of cheap video game & anime posters for sale last year :) Well, I'm back, and with a great new inventory of hundreds of new posters. So come on down to my eBay store and check out the selection! These are all posters for games that have been released within the past year, too!

Just look at this pile! All of it is in my eBay store!

So click on through to my ebay store already! The selection is going fast!

[for sale] manga

Selling another batch of manga. These are all English-translated releases. I'd prefer to sell them as a set, but if you want them individually, they're $5.50 each.

Payment accepted: Paypal preferred, but I also accept concealed cash and money orders.
Shipping: For U.S. address, I can ship by Media Mail or Priority (your choice). International addresses, please comment for a quote.

FYI my eBay seller feedback is here.

Please do not claim an item if you cannot follow through with your end of the transaction. I don't mind putting items on hold for a day or two, but please do not abuse a seller's kindness.

Naruto 1-4 (Set: $15) ON HOLD
Hana-Kimi 1-6 (Set: $30)
Model 1-2 (Set: $7)