September 14th, 2005

Paradise Kiss

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Please help me get rid of these. Feel free to make offer if you think my price is too high. Thank you.

MANGA - $5.00 each

50 Rules for Teenagers v.1
B.B. Explosion v.1
B.B. Explosion v.3
Couple v.1
Couple v.2
Confidential Confessions v.1 PENDING
Confidential Confessions v.2 PENDING
Crazy Love Story v.1
Crazy Love Story v.3
Dolls v.1
Erika Sakurazawa's Angel Nest
Erika Sakurazawa's Aromatic Bitters
FAKE Japanese v.1
From Eroica with Love
Kill Me Kiss Me v.3
Madara v.1
Model v.1 PENDING
Model v.2 PENDING
Musashi #9 v.1
Pretear v.1
Saber Marionette J v.5
Saiyuki Japanese v.3
Sensual Phrase v.1
Sensual Phrase v.2
Sensual Phrase v.3
Until the Full Moon v.1
Until the Full Moon v.2
Wild Com

Moving sale!

Hiya~ I'm going to be moving soon, so I need to get rid of all this stuff!

A few things that are under the cut:
♥ Sailor Moon tank top
♥ DVDs, manga, posters
♥ stickers
♥ Yu-Gi-Oh! board game

Prices do not include shipping. I take PayPal and money orders, and will wait for payment for one week only. Please take a look! Also, I have clothes, shoes, jewelry, and more at my selling journal. Just click on my username. :)

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I'm willing to negotiate prices where necessary.
If you'd like a photo, please ask.

Anime Soundtracks:
All cds bootlegs, except Neosoul -- $5 each
Card Captor Sakura Character Song Collection
Card Captor Sakura Movie 2 OST
Inuyasha 2 Disc Theme Collection
Naruto OST
Angelic Layer OST
Chobits OST 1
Chobits OST 2
Neosoul (tofu records)

Shoujo Manga Preview Books (furoku) ($3 for the lot)
Azumanga Daioh 1 (english) ($5)
Card Captor Sakura screencap episode books (chinese) ($5 for the lot)
Chobits 4 (japanese) ($2)
Angelic Layer 1 (english) ($5)
Angelic Layer 3 (chinese) ($2)
Anime Encyclopedia ($5) (heavy)
How to draw manga (with mini figure) ($10)
Naruto Official Character Data book 1 (japanese) ($5)
Hot Gimmick 8 (english) ($8 shipped)

Abenobashi Magical Shopping Arcade vol. 1 (with box) ($10)
Magic Knight Rayearth vol. 2 (subbed) ($5)
Aishiteruze Baby handbag ($5)
Onegai Twins clear file ($2)
Fun Fun Factory board ($2)
Card Captor Sakura puzzle ($2)
portable mini speakers ($5)

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singer | bice

I'm looking for some cds...

Hello, everyone. This is the first time I'm doing something like this. I'm looking for any Two-Mix cds (except Rhythm Formula) and will happily trade anything on my selling journal sarah_selling for any albums and singles. The ones I'm most desperate to find are these:
Gravity Zero Single
Maximum Wave Single
Beat of Destiny Single
BPM Cube album (Japanese ver.)
Before the Ignition Single

Thanks in advance for your help.

Items for sale!


Newest items:

I have thisADORABLY CUTEcat keychain/key cover.. thing.. San-x makes it. $5 w/o shipping
Hana to Yume with a Fruits Basket notepad gift featuring Yuki Sohma in mouse form. $3 w/o shipping.Also, I am currently selling some J-rock merchandise, mostly Miyavi/Miyabi, hide, and various other Jrock/VK flyers and items.
Clothing is now featured. View link for images. link

More items can be found on my selling lj: J_sales.

- Nikki

Reduced... free to haggle.

Okay.. personal events.. everything has to go at reasonable prices. Try me.
I'm not interested in money or getting the best deal.. Something's come up and i want to get rid of it all.
comment with offer , postcode and country for faster "service".

Cardcaptor Sakura Stamps set of 3
Set of 3 in pink slip and clear wrapper
offer: $36
These are rare prints on a wooden stamper featuring
Keroberos, Sakura and Tomoyo
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I bought these SO LONG ago off a nice girl from ebay; They didn't go for very cheap either.

But i figure they deserve to go to someone else since i don't use them.

If there is no interest, i will put them away for another year and bring them out again later XD


DIR EN GREY: Kaoru poster
Huge.. that's all i have to say 20 something inches.
offer: $17 (because i found slight stains on them possibly from being kept in a tube)
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FFVIII Longbox 4CD soundtrack.
offer: $60+
Excellent condition.
Do your research if you don't know what this long box version is.

FFIX Soundtrack 4CH
bought it for $35 i believe... selling for $25- 30...still in mint condition; listen to a couple of times..decided i didn't like the cover.


And a Gackt 2005 Poster in MINT MINT MINT condition...
so mint i haven't opened up the pages.
offer: $40
Because its rare and mint..and unmarked..prestineeeee
(if it doesn't sell now i'll put it back up next year)
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manga :D and doujinshi~and dvds O_O

Hello! lets all buy my stuff XD;

Manga : english
All manga are 6$ each

Inuyasha 1-2
DNAngel 6&3
Leagal Drug 3
Full moon o sagashite 1-2
Kare first love 1
Fruits Basket 5-6&3
xxxHolic 1

Doujinshi (yaoi)

One piece - Escape (sanji/luffy) 15$
Get backers - not sure of the title ^^; (Akabane/Ginji) -15pgs are novel...- 10$


Figure17 vol.1 10$
Full metal panic! vol.1 17$


(DVD)Chobits vol. 1-2

Hikaru no go vol.1

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Tons of good things for sale!

Help my brother get his house!

All DVDs are US liscensed products..

Nintendo DS
Lain, Evangelion and Lodoss Wars DVD boxsets

Inu-Yasha comics
Anime wallscrolls
Simpsons and Ninja Turtles DVD boxsets
Tablet laptop computer

Gameboy Advance SP
"Specialized" X-Box
entire Ranma 1/2 series on DVD (goes up tonight)


If you have any Questions, contact justin.moravetz at gmail dot com

ALL PRICES INCLUDE SHIPPING within the US! Have a good day, everyone!

nomiki - sassypants

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Hello! I'm posting a reminder that I have some auctions ending tomorrow for some beautiful Fruits Basket fancels. Please click here to look at my auctions.

Also, I'm selling 2 metallic portraits from Naruto. One is of Yondaime (the fourth Hokage), and one is of Naruto and Kakashi. Both of them are set in a nice black matting, and have never been taken out of their package. I'd really like to sell them as a set, but will split them up if no one is interested in the pair. I think these are very hard to get now, and I have had them for quite some time already.
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Panda Wants~

I'm looking desperately for these things:

Plastic Tree - Kimyou na Kajitsu (Strange Fruit)
Plastic Tree - Hide and Seek
Plastic Tree - Hontou no Uso (True lie)
Plastic Tree - Zetsubou no Oka (Hill of Despair)
Plastic Tree - Puppet Show
Plastic Tree - Tremolo
Plastic Tree - Sink
Plastic Tree - Tsumetai Hikari (Cool light)
Plastic Tree - Slide
Plastic Tree - Parade
Plastic Tree - Rocket
Plastic Tree - Planetarium
Plastic Tree - Single Collection
Plastic Tree - Kuro Tent 2 (VHS)

Or, anything with Plastic Tree. :D <333

I will trade or pay (with cash or money order). Here is my trade/for sale list. Thank you so much!
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Is Anime your life?...

Please check out our online shop at!

We have all sorts of Japanese and American items such as Video Games, Modeling Kits (like Gundams and Figurines), Magazines and Back issues (From Animerica to FOOL'S MATE), Toys (Like Sailor Moon, Pokemon, DBZ, Evangelion, Fushigi Yuugi, Tenchi...) Plushies (Like Sailor Moon, hide, Inu Yasha...), Music, JRock and Jpop items, Cosplay items such as Wigs, Sunglasses (We're the only ones that carry the popular Pink Spider and Rocket Dive hide glasses), Electronic Toys, Anime DVDs, Clothing, Collectibles, Keychains, Make up, Shoes, Books, Collector Cards, Computer Software, Musical Instruments, Art Supplies, Anime & Jpop School Supplies and much much more. If you would like to request items we can try and get them for you as well.
We're working on getting new items in too: Japanese Snacks, Fruits Clothing, Calenders, Rare Collectibles, Vintage items such as Clothing, Toys, Books. Games and Videos.
Our expectations are endless in what we can provide.