September 16th, 2005

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Manga and Games~!

Hi there~!
I've been around this community for a while, and have bought many things, but have yet to sell anything. This is my first! I will do my best to make the transaction perfect~!

I have no pictures, but I can take some with a crappy camera cell phone if you wish.


$5 each
~~These are in English!~~

Kiss Me, Kill Me 1
Kiss Me, Kill Me 2
Sensual Phrase 1

$20 each

Ace Combat 04 (This one will be $10)
Guilty Gear Isuka
Mortal Kombat Deception


I accept paypal and MO, I prefer paypal though!

Shipping will be USPS Priority Mail calculated from here (75043 if you want to calculate it yourself to make sure I'm not cheating you ^.~) -- I can also send international but it will cost you more :/


Thank you for looking~~!
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ayumi hamasaki singles for sale

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follow cut for pictures
all brand new, Japanese versions, listened to only ONCE, come with OBIs (only if it originally came with one), inserts, etc,etc)
CDs are ONLY $7USD each! compared to $12-15 on yesasia! Some of these CDs are hard to find now!

ayumi hamasaki - Audience
ayumi hamasaki - Forgiveness
ayumi hamasaki - A Song is Born
ayumi hamasaki - H {white}
ayumi hamasaki - seasons
ayumi hamasaki - love destiny/love since1999 3" {first press} $12
ayumi hamasaki - &
ayumi hamasaki - Daybreak
ayumi hamasaki - VOYAGE
ayumi hamasaki - A
ayumi hamasaki - Evolution
ayumi hamasaki - Dearest
ayumi hamasaki - Unite!
ayumi hamasaki - Never Ever
ayumi hamasaki - Far Away
ayumi hamasaki - Endless Sorrow
ayumi hamasaki - Vogue
ayumi hamasaki - M
ayumi hamasaki - Free & Easy {first press}
ayumi hamasaki - Surreal
ayumi hamasaki - Boys and Girls

Really need to get rid of these for space!

$7 each VOLUME NOT SET since these are very brand new or lightly used. Prefer to sell in sets but I can separate if you want at least 3 of the series. Shipping starts at $4 to $8 USA only Priority but if you want media, I can do that starting at $2. Payment is Paypal, USPS MO, or concealed cash at your own risk. Sorry no trades.

1. FAKE 4
2. Fushigi Yuugi 1-13 (10-13 ON HOLD)
3. PeaceMaker 1-2
4. Revolutionary Girl Utena 1-5
5. Yu Yu Hakusho 1
6. Kodacha 1
7. Sailor Moon 1-4 (ON HOLD), 10-11 (ON HOLD), 9 STILL AVAILABLE
8. Cardcaptor Sakura 2
9. DN Angel 1-3 (ON HOLD)
10. Trigun 1-2
11. Trigun Maximum 1-2

CDS (all lightly used bootlegs):
Fushigi Yuugi Character's Vocal Memories
Fushigi Yuugi Characters Single Collections
Mini-Album Volume 3 - Everlasting Story
Fushigi Yuugi TV Series Songs: 3 CD Collection
Fushigi Yuugi Eikou Den Soundtrack
Get Backers OST I
Get Backers OST II
Weiss Kreuz Best Album Die Bleibende Erinnerung
Weiss Kreuz Gluhen Dramatic Soundtracks I

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