September 18th, 2005

  • daryl

Jpop and anime CDs for sale

I have the following CDs for sale. Please email me at order @ if interested or if you have questions. International and U.S. buyers welcome. I also currently have some video-game-related auctions posted at:

I also have a shop site that I'll be updating in a couple of weeks once my auctions wind down. Please check there for my sale terms, shipping costs, methods of payment, and other info. Please visit it at:

Thanks for looking!

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[ravenclaw] I know that I know nothing

Looking for stuff~!

Does anyone have any Fullmetal Alchemist stationary they'd like to let go for cheap or trade? I'm not looking for shitajiki unless they have Roy on them sorry =) Mainly notebooks and loose sheets of paper, bt I'll take pencils/pens/etc as well =D I'm also looking for a Roy plushie but nothing outrageously expensive please T_____T I'd prefer to trade as well but I'll buy if I'm comfortable with the price. My selling/trading journal btw is caff3ine_junkie =D



Hi. I need to raise some funds so will you check out my auctions?

I reduced prices and put some of them up on ebay for really cheap.

Thank You.

panic attack!

A couple of J-rock CDs for sale.

La'Mule - kekkai~Glass shinkei to jigakyoukai~ {WHITE VERSION, DigiPak}
Cure - Japanesque Rock collectionz
SHOCK JAM EDITION 2 {hardcover book}
k@mikaze - 野球が殺した。 {pink cover, sealed}
Dir en grey - ain't afraid to die
Dir en grey - jessica {sealed}
Dir en grey - filth {sealed}
Dir en grey - -Zan- {3 inch}
hide - hurry go round {3 inch}
hide - tribues {+sticker}
Psycho le Cemu - Ai no Uta {+DVD}
Gackt - vanila (1st press, 3")
L'arc en ciel - winter fall {3 inch}
L'arc en ciel - HONEY {3 inch}
L'arc en ciel - DIVE TO BLUE {3 Inch}
L'arc en ciel - kisou (3 Inch}
Moi dix mois - dialogue symphonie
Moi dix mois - dix infernal

offer prices~