September 19th, 2005

Jun Doumyouji: How to eat an apple
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[Request :H!P Merchandise]

I'm a big fan of the Hello! Project futsal team Gatas Brilhantes H.P. I was wondering if anyone would be able to purchase some merchandise items(In Japan), and mail them overseas. The website has a gift shop but I don't understand the navigation, and I don't think they ship world wide :
I've heard there are also official Gatas shops, but I'm not sure where the locations are.
Any info on purchasing overseas would be great X3
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liquidating my manga collection ^^;

Hello! I am selling a whole slew of manga and comics, with a scattering of DVDs as well! Includes phonebook manga, X the TV series, Sailormoon, cardcaptor Sakura, The Island, Oh! My Goddess and more :) Please give these items a good home!

My ebay name is Kaworulover , thank you for your time!
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Manga, shitajiki (pencil boards) for sale

Hi everyone, I'm selling the following items. All manga are in used but excellent condition, no rips or missing pages, and are in Japanese text except where noted. All shitajiki are new and unusued, except where noted, and are the standard size (about 7 inches by 10 inches).

EDIT: VP Miyu and RG Veda shitajiki are currently on hold. If you requested them, I will let you know if the deal goes through. Thanks for the response!

Please check under the LJ cut for more terms. Shipping is $2.50 via first-class mail to anywhere in the U.S. for 1 manga or up to 2 shitajiki; anything over that, items will be sent by priority mail and costs will be calculated. International buyers welcome; shipping costs depend on your country and the weight of the item(s).

Please email me at order @ if interested or if you have questions. Thanks for looking!

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this is probably a long shot, but does anyone have Anna Sui makeup? preferably eyeshadow and lipstick? I'm an ebay addict and I'm always looking on ebay but everyone is over-charging for shipping. :(
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Japanese stuff for American stuff trade.

I live in Japan. I want to do a trade with someone from the US who can get me some American pharmaceudicals: Accolate (prescription med for asthma), Tonalin (anti-cellulite stuff... i think you can get it in a pharmacy), and 5-HTP (can buy in health food stores). If you want something from Japan (of equal value to the stuff I want), please email me so we can work something out. I'm also willing to pay in cash if you want.

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