September 21st, 2005

Gurren Lagann - Yoko x Kamina

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Looking for!

a few things. First of all I'm looking for a specific jacket.

Collapse )

I'm seriously thinking about cosplaying that outfit Kaoru is sporting there but the jacket is something I'd really need, right?

I'm not sure how much something like that would cost (if someone has already made one for a cosplay already or if they sell it in stores in Japan or somethin) but I'll see what the price tag is if someone posts something. Also keep in mind I'm a female with a 45 inch bust so... I'd need something kinda big >>;

secondly! POSTERS!

Well, specifically I'm looking for a poster of Dir en grey's Kyo. It's part of a poster set from their MACABRE tour. If I remember correctly it looks something like Collapse )
except he's actually licking the sword. I own the other 4 and would really like the Kyo one to complete the set. I'm very picky about what kind of state it has to be in though >>; the other 4 I have are in -mint- condition (they didn't even have pinholes when I bought them) and I'd like the Kyo poster to be the same as well. Once again, if someone has this and is willing to part with it state a price and I'll see what I can do.

generally any sort of other poster of Dir en grey I wouldn't mind either... though I'm running out of wall space XD; Eh, if you have something post it and I'll see >>;

Thank you for your time!
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Anbu Itachi - Created by user cassul

Pencil Board Goodness!

Hey everyone. I'm selling a big set of 13 pencil boards. The pencil boards I have vary. The pencil boards are from: Oh! My Goddess(1), Wolf's Rain(1), Naruto(1), Ragnarok(3), Prince of Tennis(3) and Fullmetal Alchemist(4). You can find pictures of the pencil boards at the following links:
Group Picture
Pic 1
Pic 2
Pic 3

As for price, I'd like to sell the whole set for $105 USD via Paypal, which includes the shipping & handling, tracking number and delivery confirmation. If you act now, I'll throw in another Naruto pencil board, which has a manga style design on both the front(in color) and back(blue and white). It's definitely a must have! If you're interested in purchasing, leave a comment here. I'm doing this on a first come, first serve basis. ***If you decide to make the purchase, I will give you my Paypal address. Payment must be sent ASAP. In the notes section, put your full name, address, etc. As soon as I see the payment in my account, I will mail out your stuff.*** Thank you! ^_^
Bi pantech

I'm waiting for the following payments; Need by the 28th

Sorry for taking up space but I need to post this. First off, I would like to apologize to the people who have bidded for my items and is still waiting for a reply. My computer totally crashed and is being worked on as we speak. Anyways, I'm still waiting for payments from the following bidders: vampire_damned, Wenning Xu, captainpenko, dollylunchbox, astraplain, amburr, engrey, takuropop,& reset_panda (please email me to let me know if you received my IM of where to send payment). Please have the money in by the 28th! I will be moving a few days after that and will not be able to ship anything out. For those of you who have not emailed me... PLEASE DO SO. My email again is: This helps me keep track of who has paid and who has not, as well as whom I am sending the items to. Also, this will allow me to email you again as soon as I send the items out with a tracking number. Thanks.
Credit to anyone who did this


Any Chanel Gucci,Dior,Prada or Coach backpack
any thing related to this brands really
Fatal Frame 2
-fruits basket goodies
-naruto poster or some naruto stuff
[ravenclaw] I know that I know nothing


Hey there~!

I'm looking for some pins to decorate my backpack with, I don't particularly care what anime they're from, show me what you've got~! =D However, I'm only looking to pay $2-3 shipped for them unless they're something I really really like...and even then I'm open up to partial trades =D caff3ine_junkie is my selling journal for anyone who's curious =)

I'm also searching for some FMA or PoT yaoi doujinshi, but no outrageous prices, I'll probably go up to $8 shipped if it's something I really like ^^;


German Manga

I'm looking for manga translated into German. The non-Tokyo-Pop kind, please. I'd be really interested if someone had manga by Judith Park(in german), but any author is welcome!

Also, if you're looking to sell some j-pop cds, you can steal a glance at my want list.

Comment here or email me: to discuss payment and shipping. Thanks.
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