September 23rd, 2005

Sonic The Hedgehog

hey :D

I'm looking for Gundam seed stuff and I'm wondering if anyone in the community has any to sell? I'm fond of posters(no taiwan/hong kong printed bootlegs), Artbooks, Magazine Insert items, calendars, much much more. I'm also looking for the second gundam seed "movie II" DVD if anyone wants to sell their copy for a cheaper price than what retail sells it for. I'm not looking for the English Manga.

thanks for your time =) please reply or email me at if you have anything!

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Shipping is included already with all the prices.

If you are interesting in buying anything (or have any questions) feel free to e-mail me at:

I can only accept money order, check, or cash.
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Boys Be

I have Boys be vol 1 for sale.
cost $ 5.00 with 3 50 in shipping
It's still new It was read once. is you want it reply or email me

correna white
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English Manga

I'm selling English-translated manga: GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka) and Dragon Knights.

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What you're seeing is GTO #1-14 & 18 and Dragon Knights #1-9 & 16. They're all $5 each, and if you buy in bulk, its free shipping. Also, if you buy my entire set (GTO #1-14 or Dragon Knights #1-9), I'll throw in the extra manga from the series (#18 of GTO or #16 of Dragon Knights) for free (FYI, that means $45 for all the Dragon Knights or $70 for all of GTO).

They're all in near-mint condition. ^^ I'm looking for someone to take them off my hands!

All comments are screened, so if you want to send me contact information or the like, no one else will see. Thank you all in advance!

[EDIT] Hah yes payment methods would be good. XD I'd prefer money orders, checks, consealed money (at your own risk of course), etc, but if PayPal is the ONLY option you have, my friend does have PayPal and we can make that work. I'll just say now that that will take the longest, however, since we'll have to navigate through her as a third party in the transaction. @.@ I'd much, much rather you get money to me the other ways. ^^
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Anime, Manga...a french textbook o_0
I take money orders and paypal orders to the e-mail:
If you are interested, please e-mail

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Added more new things! Please take a look!!

There are DVDs, Mangas, Magazines, Electronics, Stationary, Lami Cards, Clear Cards, AP Collection Cards, Shitajiki / Pencil Boards, Posters, Plushies, Cute Cell Phone Straps, Artbooks, Soundtracks, Keychains, Post Cards, and lots more!!!

Please take a look! We will be updating with more during this week.

I also have things listed on eBay: (ending soon!)