September 24th, 2005

Selling Stuff!!

Okay, I want this stuff out! Please offer a reasonable price and allow the thought of shipping that will be tacked on to your offer. Do not ask me how much something is because I have already dealt with a list of people who ask for prices or don't like them, when I am willing to haggle. 98.99% of the time I will agree with reasonably priced bidders offers from people.

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I need some money quick this weekend, so I'm offering up some old Cure magazines and my Der Mond artbook.
I will only accept Paypal until Monday~

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There's also some stuff on my sale site if you're interested.
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For the Ball Joint Doll owners

Since I know some people don't frequent Den of Angels (for personal reasons and/or can't view it.). I thought I would cross post this link for anyone that would be interested in buying some accessories for their boys/girls. If you are interested in the coffins for your dolls, or for just random Halloween reasons, feel free to leave me a comment here.
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I am looking for the following:

- Baggy/Rave/rainbow/UFO pants (Both colorful or black)
- Fruity/colorful/rainbow/rave clothing
- Rave items, colorful stuff
- Fruity/colorful/rave jewelry (NO earrings, I'm sorry, my ears are not pierced. >__<)
- Sorry no shoeware either, because I don't need those right now. Clothing is my priority.

Thank you! I appreciate it!

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I have 2 SL shirt for sale

They are brand new without tag. I got them as a gift from a friend in NY. I'm letting them go because i just really need the money right now. This is not my first time selling. I've sold on Laundro and Soompi before and i'm whitelisted there. This is just my first time on LJ ^^

I don't have paypal so I only accept money order and well concealed cash

a white Lovers House shirt with side pocket. Really really cute


a blue/white Lovers House shirt. adorable in every way ^^

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A few things for sale...

I'm selling a few things I got at a convention a few weeks ago~ Pictures are under the cuts.

Item: Prince of Tennis musical - Side Yamabuki
Status: currently listed on ebay

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Item: Tenchi Muyo - DVD volumes 1-4, episodes 1-13, complete series
Price: $20
Shipping: Within the U.S. - $5 Internationally - $7
Status: sold

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Item: .hack//SIGN - Subaru figure
Price: $7
Shipping: Within the U.S. - $3 Internationally - $6
Status: available

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Item: Gundam Seed - Athrun and Gundam figures
Price: $5
Shipping: Within the U.S. - $2 Internationally - $4
Status: available

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Item: Z Gundam(Gundam Z? Not sure of the title of this Gundam series) keychain
Price: $3
Shipping: Within the U.S. - $1 Internationally - $2
Status: available

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Item: Chrno Crusade DVD volume 1
Price: $7
Shipping: Within the U.S. - $3 Internationally - $5
Status: available

I also have two Sailor Moon capsule toys and one little Gundam[SD Gundam, I think] capsule toy, but the pictures came out too blurry to see. >.< I'll try to find pictures of the things online so I can show y'all what they look like. If anybody is interested in them, please tell me and I'll give prices and pictures[to my best ability].

- for the myu... it will come with the bromides already in the little album. I meant to keep the sleeve for the bromides, but it got lost somewhere is the bustle. -_- Sorry about that.
- for Tenchi... the DVDs are all sill wrapped and are the American releases, so they have the dub and sub available on them.
- for Chrno Crusade... the DVD is still wrapped, but there is a little puncture in the bar code on the back of the package.

Payment methods accepted: PayPal is preferred[to PayPal account:], but money orders or well-concealed cash via mail is also accepted. If you want to pay via mail, please tell me and I'll email you my address.

I accept US dollars ONLY when paying via mail. ... and for all payments, for that matter. XD

Also, shipping may take a little longer than normal. If paying through PayPal, I will have to transfer the funds to my bank account before I can ship. The transfer takes 2-3 business days. If paying via mail, I'll ship as soon as I receive the payment. I also have to find boxes for the larger things[the myu and Subaru figure] and get some shipping envelopes for the smaller things.

Any questions, please comment~ ^_^
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Anime VHSs, bootleg Gackt CD..

Hello! I'm selling some of my friend's stuff, since she doesn't have LJ and needs some money right now. A bunch of anime VHSs and a random bootleg Gackt album..

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And a quick ad for me.. I'm still looking for Pierrot stuff! Anything and everything, pretty much. ::is teh Pierrot whore:: ^.^
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Come buy my stuff~!

Hey everyone! I just updated my sales page!

Just Updated!: CUTE Victoria's Secret Puppy Panties! Grab these cuties!

Other new stuff added. Please check out the page to find lots of cute clothing, shoes, real vintage jewelry, English and Japanese manga, Japanese pop music, anime posters and pull-outs, X-Files merchandise, and other stuff!!! Please help me find new happy homes for all this stuff!! ^_^
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