September 26th, 2005


Gackt X'mas Live Concert Fanclub Ticket up for grabs!


I have a ticket to Gackt's X'mas Live in Tokyo Dome on 24 December 2005 for bidding here, on Yahoo!Singapore Auctions.

I originally purchased it from YHJ through ShoppingMallJapan for a total of US$120, inclusive of all extraneous fees, but am now vacillating about whether to go. In any case, as I'm offering it at a hugely-discounted starting price of S$120 = US$71, it's a great deal! Especially since you'll save on all the fees incurred if you buy through SMJ/Rinkya etc.

Furthermore, I'm offering free international shipping, regardless of location.

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Posters for less then $3.00
Bleach Gashapon $4 each or $15 for all 5
Fruits Basket Kyo Plush $12.00
Mangas: Ranma 1/2 [1st edition]; Rebirth; Guardian Angel Getten; King of Hell; Cowboy Bebop; Hands Off; Shirahime Sho [hardcover]; Trigun; Snow Drop; Suki; and lots more!
Clamp no Kiseki
Shonen Jump
Asian Magazines
Macross; Gravitation; 3x3 Eyes; X; Sakura Wars; Final Fantasy $6.00 each including shipping
DVDs: GTO; Ceres; City Hunter, SoulTaker; Initial D; Saiyuki; Gravitation; Trigun; and more! Most of them are brand new and still in the wrapping.
VHS: Shadow Skills; Legend of the Forest; The Tale of Genji; Macross Plus; Darkside Blues; Neon Genesis; Maison Ikkoku; Ranma 1/2; Gatchaman; Oh! My Goddess; Street Fighter; Urusei Yatsura; Lodoss War; Slayers; Zenki; RG Veda; and more! all $5.00 each including shipping.
Dragonball Z Trading Cards
Lami Cards:
Angelic Layer; Azumanga Daioh; Fruits Basket; Happy Lesson; Kare Kano, One Piece; Saiyuki; Samurai Deeper Kyo; Shaman King; Slayers; Star Ocean EX; Steel Angel Kurumi; Tiny Snow Fair Sugar; all $1.00 each including shipping.
Clear Cards: Apocirpha/0; Saiyuki; Wild Adapter; all $1.50 each including shipping.
AP Collection Cards: Happy Lesson; .hack; Onegai Teacher; Tenchi; Kokoro Library; all $1.50 each including shipping.
Keychains less then $3.50
Pins & Can Badges more then 50% off the price I got them for.
Lots of cute Cell Phone Straps for $5.00 including shipping or less.
Tones of Pencil Boards / Shitajiki.
Angelique or Chobits Planner Refills $3.50 each
Steel Angel Kurumi Bookmarks
One Piece Notebooks $4.00 each including shipping.
Clear Files: Ah! My Goddess; Clamp; Bus Gamers
Post Cards: Mahoromatic (clear); Digi Charat; Gangan Girls; Violinist of Hameln; Angel Sanctuary; all $1.00 including shipping.

That's just a small list of what I have for sale. Please visit blue for pictures and description. I accept Money Order, Cash, PayPal, and Trades.
intriguing \\ キリト


Just a quick question.. What is the best way to send concealed cash? I've never done it before, and I need to send a payment to Singapore.. ^.^;;
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RE: Panda Sale <3~

Unpacked half my things after two moves and I have accumulated too much stuff. And both college and me need money. Time to sell! Clothes, manga, posters, J-rock CDs, anime CDs, and more~!

Please don't hesitate to ask questions about the products, or for better pictures (I'm not the best photographer ;D). Browse and enjoy! ^^ Prices given are base prices that do NOT include shipping. Please comment with your zip code to calculate shipping. Image heavy under the cuts!!

I accept well-concealed US cash, money orders, and nothing else. Shipping depends on where you live and what you're getting. I will negotiate or trade, e-mail me at reset_panda @ for more information, or IM me at on AIM; Reset Panda.

I am looking for ANY Plastic Tree anything. I will trade for Plastic Tree. And other things, just let me see your trade list. Again, feel free to ask questions and argue prices. Bid away and happy shopping! Thanks for stopping by. =^^=

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Trade with caff3ine_junkie recieved. Items mailed.
Sale with akuma_okami canceled.
Sale with devin_kun pending. Total: $35
Sale with oniusa completed. Total: $60.00. Items mailed.
Sale with widow_blakk completed. Total: $6.00. Items mailed.
Sale with misura completed. Total: $30.00. Items mailed.
Sale with starrcandi pending.
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Looking for...


I am looking for two PAL versions of Final Fantasy IX (in as good condition as possible) one for a Christmas Present, and the other for my own use (as I gave my own copy away as a present a few years ago.)

Also looking for Zidane and Vivi figures.

If anyone could be of any help - even to point me in the direction of where to find them (I have looked on ebay, but the prices are extortionate) - I would be most grateful.

Thank you.
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