September 28th, 2005

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  • All prices are in USD.

  • Ask for the shipping fee along with your list of interested items.

  • I am shipping from New Zealand so be aware that the shipping fee will cost slightly more if you do not live in a country near me.

  • I accept well-concealed cash in a registered envelope or Paypal.

  • If you have any enquiries, please do not hesitate to ask.

    Thank you.
    • blu8e

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    Posters for less then $3.00
    Bleach Gashapon $4 each or $15 for all 5
    Fruits Basket Kyo Plush $12.00
    Mangas: Ranma 1/2 [1st edition]; Rebirth; Guardian Angel Getten; King of Hell; Cowboy Bebop; Hands Off; Shirahime Sho [hardcover]; Trigun; Snow Drop; Suki; and lots more!
    Clamp no Kiseki
    Shonen Jump
    Asian Magazines
    Macross; Gravitation; 3x3 Eyes; X; Sakura Wars; Final Fantasy $6.00 each including shipping
    DVDs: GTO; Ceres; City Hunter, SoulTaker; Initial D; Saiyuki; Gravitation; Trigun; and more! Most of them are brand new and still in the wrapping.
    VHS: Shadow Skills; Legend of the Forest; The Tale of Genji; Macross Plus; Darkside Blues; Neon Genesis; Maison Ikkoku; Ranma 1/2; Gatchaman; Oh! My Goddess; Street Fighter; Urusei Yatsura; Lodoss War; Slayers; Zenki; RG Veda; and more! all $5.00 each including shipping.
    Dragonball Z Trading Cards
    Lami Cards:
    Angelic Layer; Azumanga Daioh; Fruits Basket; Happy Lesson; Kare Kano, One Piece; Saiyuki; Samurai Deeper Kyo; Shaman King; Slayers; Star Ocean EX; Steel Angel Kurumi; Tiny Snow Fair Sugar; all $1.00 each including shipping.
    Clear Cards: Apocirpha/0; Saiyuki; Wild Adapter; all $1.50 each including shipping.
    AP Collection Cards: Happy Lesson; .hack; Onegai Teacher; Tenchi; Kokoro Library; all $1.50 each including shipping.
    Keychains less then $3.50
    Pins & Can Badges more then 50% off the price I got them for.
    Lots of cute Cell Phone Straps for $5.00 including shipping or less.
    Tones of Pencil Boards / Shitajiki.
    Angelique or Chobits Planner Refills $3.50 each
    Steel Angel Kurumi Bookmarks
    One Piece Notebooks $4.00 each including shipping.
    Clear Files: Ah! My Goddess; Clamp; Bus Gamers
    Post Cards: Mahoromatic (clear); Digi Charat; Gangan Girls; Violinist of Hameln; Angel Sanctuary; all $1.00 including shipping.

    That's just a small list of what I have for sale. Please visit blu8e for pictures and description. I accept Money Order, Cash, PayPal, and Trades.
    Fruits Basket

    GLB Vol 15

    I'm pawning off my gothic and Lolita bible vol 15. Won't someone give it a good home?

    It's fairly good, only slightly bent edges, and it still has it's patterns, because I don't sew (and it wouldn't make sense to take them out, right). It didn't find it as great as the others that I have, so that's why I'm offering it to someone who might find it more interesting. Shipping is $5.00, priority mail. I'll accept money orders and paypal. Anyone interested?

    (Also, since my other name is digitized_entei, I still have some auctions on ebay going on, you can check my journal for details)

    Cure Issues

    Ah, yet another one of my desperate cries for back issues of Cure!

    If anyone has any of the following issues and would be willing to sell them to me, PLEASE contact me []. I'm trying to complete my collection and I'm only missing the following five [not to mention I would sell my soul to have issue 2, which has barby (read: Hinata) in it].

    Beside the issues, I just put who's on the cover... because sometimes, it's easier to think of it that way.

    Vol. 1 - Kagerou
    Vol. 2 - Jui from Vidoll, and Ruki from Gazette
    Vol. 5 - D'espairsRay
    Vol. 7 - Gazette
    Vol. 14 - Gazette

    This link has a photo of the cover of them all.

    Or, if you know a place that has back issues I can order, please let me know!
    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!
    Fruits Basket

    Telephone Manga has GOT TO GO!!!

    I have some telephone manga books I don't need anymore...won't you give them a good home.

    I have two Nakayoshi from August and October (volumes 8 and 10)

    I have two Ciao from August and October (volumes 8 and 10)

    I have one Ribon I believe is from August (volume 8)

    And I have the inaugural issue of Shoujo Beat, in good condition, with the complimentary UltraManiac DVD that comes along with it.

    I'm offering the telephone manga books for a measly two dollars, and the Shoujo Beat for three. I'll send all of these except for the Shoujo beat via media mail. The shipping for the shoujo beat will be priority mail, $3.85. Comment here if you are interested.

    Happy shoujo day!
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    once more
    • tdei

    Doujinshi (open again)

    Hello. I have some doujinshi I'm open to selling. Information format is listed like this

    djka/ circle. "title." publication date. size. pages. genre; pairing (if 1-3, otherwise unlisted). rating (IMO).

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    Please keep in mind my assessment of the condition is subject to my opinion. ^^;

    If anyone's interested in anything, please email me at and/or comment here. I'm located in CA, USA.

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    Thanks for your time. =) Please feel free to ask if you have any questions. ^^
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    • fukai

    Selling a lot of stuff... ^^

    My 6th-month anniversary is this weekend and I desprately need money to pay for dinner and whatnot. Please help ;_;.

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    I accept $USD Paypal (PREFERRED), money order, and concealed cash.

    I'm willing to negotiate prices, and please ask me for the shipping cost. I do ship internationally.
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    Random Request...

    I'm going to be opening my site soon, for now mainly jewelry, coin purses, etc...and wondering what kind of things you guys would be interested in and I'll try to stock the site with things of that nature. I just don't want to buy a ton of things wholesale and find out nobody wants them. So uhm..yeah..suggestions, please? Thankies ^^ x-posted
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    NamiZoro - Explore Possibilities

    Japanese & English Manga!!! CHEAP!!!

    Japanese manga and English graphic novel auctions ending very soon on eBay! Some are even complete sets! Yaoi, shounen, and shoujo series going for very cheap. Basara, Slayers, Kill Me Kiss Me, Hana Yori Dango, and various CLAMP manga just to list a some of what I have up for sale.

    Please take a look if you're interested. Thanks! ^_^