October 1st, 2005

anime, manga, fanbooks, and more... buy buy buy!

Alot of the items do not have prices... as I'm wary about posting them. I don't want to scare people off. So, give me your offer and we'll work from there. Items are a first-come, first served basis (I highly recommend emailing me!). Some items WILL have a price beside them... and that is because I paid quite a bit for them. The price there is the minimum price I will take for that item.

If you want to buy a whole pile of items, I will figure out a way of saving you some $$$!

I prefer to sell, however, I did post a mini-want list. I will only trade for items on that list. :)

**if you want a picture of something, please ask

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I'm selling Miyavi's Gekokujou VHS, that is his first recorded live for 37 USD, before shipping. It's only been viewed once! It's just like new and comes with everything it first came with, including the poster. The poster itself is gorgeous, I've never taken it out but for these picture!! It's double sided, one with a giant shot of Miyavi, the other littered with amny little pictures of miyavi and kanji.

Here are the pictures :

And here's the tracklist:

01. Girls, be ambitious
02. coinlockers baby
03. oresama shikou
04. hatachi kinenbi -Peter Pan Syndrome-
05. gariben rock
06. jibun kakumei -2003-
07. jingle bell (kari)
08. shoukyo to sakujyo
09. ashita, tenki ni naare
10. POP is dead
11. shindemo Boogie-Woogie
12. Guitar solo
13. eccentric otona yamai
14. Girls, be ambitious

I paid a buttload for this when it first came out and 37 is significantly less than what I paid for it but I'm desperate for cash, I prefer paypal, infact that's the only form of payment I'll take for this. If anyone offers me more than 37 dollars you get it instantly. Hell 37.01 will oust a simple 37 bucks so~ yeah.

If you have any questions or concerns, comment here. I'll answer as quickly as I can! :D

*DUCKY is not for sale!
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Well it appears i am going to reduce prices because i may have been sacked from work.
Its an interesting issue and i'm not really that concerned since i've been told i wouldnt be in the wrong....it involves being jibbed $40 in pay ;)

1.) Gackt 2004 poster calendar $30 .. i reduced this like hell too.
2.) Cardcaptor sakura stamps $40 (set of 3... rare as hell...and official)

Pictures and details please ask.

SHIPPING not included, but will ship internationally
I reside in Australia
Can accept paypal and bank transfer.

All items bought from me including the Kaoru poster, doll items and anything else will be shipped out by monday. Problems in work caused this delay.. i really am sorry.

***Latest JE Official Goods on Sale***

Pre-orders are up for the latest JE official goods.

1) Arashi Live 2005 One Summer Tour Official Concert Goods
2) SMAP SAMPLE BANG Tour 2005 Official Concert Goods
3) Imai Tsubasa 1st Tour 23 to 24 Official Concert Goods
4) V6 Making of "Hold Up & Down" DVD
5) V6 latest single - Orange (3 different versions to be released on 19th October 2005)

For details on the whole range of goods being offered, please check out http://shiawaseseki.blogspot.com

Upcoming pre-orders:

1) SMAP SAMPLE BANG Tour 2005 DVD (release date: 14th December 2005)
2) "Shoot!" - SMAP's movie back in 1994 (release date: 3rd December 2005)
3) "Boku no Renai Jijo to Daidokoro Jijo" - TOKIO's 1st DVD single DVD release (release date: 16th November 2005)
4) "Ue wo Muite Arukou Sakamoto Kyu Monogatari" - DVD starring Tatsuya Yamaguchi from TOKIO (release date: 25th November 2005)
5) "Seishun Amigo" - CD by Kame from KAT-TUN & Yamapi from NEWS (release date: 2nd November 2005)
6) "Nobuta wo Produce" - soundtrack CD album (release date: 23rd November 2005)
7) "Gokusen 2005" - DVD (release date: 5th November 2005)

All latest pre-orders will be updated regularly at http://shiawaseseki.blogspot.com

Please email to shiawase_seki@yahoo.com for any enquiries. Thank you.

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I'm selling some Japanese manga and an Ayashi no Ceres artbook.
I can accept Paypal (no credit cards) and US Postal Money Orders.

Everything is in good but used condition unless otherwise noted.
I don't mind doing trades, but I prefer money.
Please comment below with you email or email me at maneko_devilcat (at) yahoo (dot) com.
Each volume is $3 each.
My default shipping method is media mail and it will cost $2 for 1-3 manga or $3 for 4-7 manga to the US. If you want a different shipping method, I will be happy to oblige.

My feedback is here.

If you are interested, you can find pictures here or linked to the name. I apologize for the warping in the pictures; I haven't figured out how to stop my camera from doing that yet.

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I have more things (mostly DVDs) for sale here. It contains a lot of pictures.

Shonen Jump 1st Year

I'm selling my Shonen Jump. All of the Issues from the first year. Since I'm not sure on the price if you are interesed , tell me how much you like to pay for them.

They are in very good condition and aren't missing any pages or anything.
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