October 2nd, 2005

(C) made by meeeee


I really need the following:

All black trucker hat
red 'emo' glasses
green & black checker armwarmer
big pink leopard print wrist cuff
kiddy barrettes (mainly bows and bunnies)
big crown necklace
big pink bow necklace
white and black striped short sleeve zip up hoodie
yellow and white striped tshirt
bow on a string bracelet
3 really thin plastic headbands (1 pink, 1 white or baby pink, 1 black(preferably with sparkles))

(i prefer to pay with paypal, unless you have more than one of the above, then i can send cash ^^)
Paradise Kiss

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Please help me get rid of these. Feel free to make offer if you think my price is too high. Thank you.

MANGA - $5.00 each

50 Rules for Teenagers v.1
B.B. Explosion v.1
B.B. Explosion v.3
Couple v.1
Couple v.2
Crazy Love Story v.1
Crazy Love Story v.3
Dolls v.1
Erika Sakurazawa's Angel Nest
Erika Sakurazawa's Aromatic Bitters
From Eroica with Love
Kill Me Kiss Me v.3
Madara v.1
Musashi #9 v.1
Pretear v.1
Saber Marionette J v.5
Saiyuki Japanese v.3
Sensual Phrase v.1
Sensual Phrase v.2
Sensual Phrase v.3
Until the Full Moon v.1
Until the Full Moon v.2
Wild Com
Smile :) - Min

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Selling time.

All managa is $7, including shipping if your in the US. Right now I can only accept paypal, unless you really can only send cash or money order.

Naduki Koujima - Selfish Love #2
Erica Sakurazawa - Angel
Erica Sakurazawa - Between the sheets
Erica Sakurazawa - The rules of love
Confidental Confessions - #6
Legal Drug - # 3
Model - #4
Model - #5
Model - #7
Eerie Queerie - #4
Fushigi Yugi - #10
Kill Me, Kiss Me - #1
Kill Me, Kiss Me - #3
Mars - #10
Ranma 1/2 - #5
Suki - #1
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Anyone know a good site where I can buy a kotatsu that is larger than this model?

Google just isn't doing the trick as well as I'd hoped and I think mine may have bitten the bullet. If anyone has any kotatsu advice, I'd really like to hear it. It was fine before I left for summer break, then it turned on but wasn't toasty warm and now it won't turn on at all. Is there a way to fix it or is it kaput?


Another Sale!

Cleaning out even more of the stuff I'm accumulated over the years and I'm hoping to find it all good homes. ^^

I'm relisting all of the stuff from my previous posts and adding to it, so give it a quick look and see if anything interests you! This time I'm just going to list everything and let you all make offers. I'm flexible on these but please be reasonable as some of these cds are rare or out of print. ^^;

If you see anything you like leave a comment or email me at laser_brains(at)yahoo(dot)com. I currently accept paypal, international money orders or well-concealed cash (us currency only, please ^^). I live in the states but I'm more than willing to ship internationally! And I'm not accepting trades at this time. Sorry!

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Any items that are struck through have been spoken for. If you commented on my last entry but have not yet sent payment please let me know if you're still interested in the items. ^^ I've currently only received payment from sarah_the_crab.


Jrock and Anime Stuffs For Sale!

Just getting rid of some stuff to save some extra money for bills and a convention. Please take a look. If you want something and don't like the price, please feel free to offer a lower price. I need the cash and want this stuff out of my apartment. :D I'd LOOOOO~OOOOVE you to death if you could pay with paypal. However, money orders and cash (extremely well concealed and at your own risk) are also muchly accepted. Any questions, just ask. All prices include shipping within the United States and Canada. If you live elsewhere, just let me know and I'll give you the shipping cost to your country. Thanks a bunch! ^__^v


S "Yojigen Zukan" CD CDJapan Info. Has 10 tracks and is OUT OF PRINT. Samples can be heard at the CDJapan link. $11

Dir en Grey Calendar Page (May/June) 1 2 This is not the whole page. I had to scan pieces just to be able to show what it looks like. These images go horizontally across the page, with the months and dates at the top and bottom. Check teh Kyo abs. XD Measurements: around 20" across the top and a little over 28" down the side. $7

Note: Calendar page has been torn off of the metal bar, which binds all the pages together. The page is NOT TORN, but the top edge may be a little rough. If this bothers you, you can always cut a little strip off the top with your trusty scissors. XD

None of these magazines include the posters. Sadly, I originally didn't plan on selling any of these magazines and sold or gave the posters away previously because I had too many to fit them all on my walls. ;_;

UV 104 Pierrot on the cover. $15

Arena 37C November 2004 T.M.Revolution on the cover. $15

Shoxx September 2004 Nightmare on the cover. $15

Nightmare poster. From Shoxx 143 (January 2005). Never been hung, it's been folded up inside the magazine since I received it. $6


All DVDs are Region 1 releases.

Rune Soldier Vol. 1 DVD (Enter the KLUTZ) - Purchased used. Viewed twice since I've had it. There's piece missing along the top of the case where it was damaged during shipping from the seller to me (in a plain brown envelope with no padding ;_;) $8

Inuyasha Vol. 1-5 DVDs (Down the Well, A Girl's Best Friend, Fathers and Sons, The Thunder Brothers, and Secret of the New Moon) - Only viewed once each. Perfect condition. $12 each OR $50 for ALL 5!

Posters Make Offers They all came from Animerica or NewTypeUSA magazines, have been hung before and have pin holes.

A Little Snow Fairy Sugar CENTERFOLD.

Saiyuki (a) (b) CENTERFOLD.

KaleidoStar POSTER.

Spirited Away POSTER.

Risky Safety POSTER.


Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Movie BANNER. Banner features Draco Malfoy, Snape, Lucius Malfoy, Crabbe & Goyle. This is a 6ft banner that was hung in a theater in Germany and was purchased for about $75 from a seller I found of eBay Germany. I've loved this thing for quite a while but it hasn't been hung for almost a year. It does have imperfections from being hung, rolled up and boxed, etc...which is expected from something that was hanging in a theater. There's a black bar at the top with a black rope thingy for hanging and another black bar at the bottom. I have NO clue how much it will cost to ship, probably about $10. Please make offers if you're interested in this item.

Black and White checkered wrist cuffs w/chains From Hot Topic. Only worn a few times. $6


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WANTED mangas & books

One note I want to make is that when you make me an offer it doesn't mean I am going to just accept it, I might or might not. OR I might change my mind. Please understand this.

** I am looking the CHEAPEST you can go on these listed books and mangas. So, PLEASE give me a REASONABLE, cheap price. **

*Any psychology related books/textbooks
The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown
Velocity by Dean Koontz
Blink by Malcolm Gladwell
The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell
Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden
The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova
Kira-Kira by Cynthia Kadohata
Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim by David Sedaris
Lucky by Alice Sebold

Mangas: (The titles starred are what I really want.)
Fruits Basket 4+*
Model 2+
Naruto 2+*
Bleach 1+*
Gravitation 1-11*
Eerie Queerie 1,3,4
Samurai Champloo 1+*
Loveless 1+*
Peacemaker Kurgane 2+*
Full Moon wo Sagashite 1+*

Thanks a lot for looking! <3
Email & MSN: teareyedwolf@hotmail.com
panic attack!

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follow cut for pictures
the ayumi cds are all brand new, Japanese versions, listened to only ONCE, come with OBIs (only if it originally came with one), inserts, etc,etc)
CDs are ONLY $7USD each! compared to $12-15 on yesasia! Some of these CDs are hard to find now!

ayumi hamasaki - H {white}
ayumi hamasaki - seasons
ayumi hamasaki - love destiny/love since1999 3" {first press} $12
ayumi hamasaki - &
ayumi hamasaki - Daybreak
ayumi hamasaki - VOYAGE
ayumi hamasaki - A
ayumi hamasaki - Evolution
ayumi hamasaki - Dearest
ayumi hamasaki - Unite!
ayumi hamasaki - Never Ever
ayumi hamasaki - Far Away

feel free to negociate~
other CDs
m-flo - tour 2001 expo expo 2CD {digi-pak} $20
m-flo - the replacement percussionists {digi-pak} $16
soulhead - reflection $10
soulhead - lover, knight, man $4
hitomi - h $10
hitomi - huma rhythm {first press} $10
AI - 2004 A.I. $10
tommy heavenly 6 - hey my friend $6
tommy heavenly 6 - wait till I can dream + DVD $6
tommy heavenly 6 - love is forever $4
boa - valenti + dvd (overseas ver.) $9

feel free to haggle~
Artie Super Happy by Conner

(no subject)

I added over 100 new posters to my eBay store yesterday (The new stock is mostly PC games, and mostly H-games at that, but there's no posters featuring nudity. There are some new console game posters too), which makes the total now over 300 different posters available if you count the existing inventory of video game posters! Go check out the listings and buy! Almost every poster is only $5.50!

Click here to visit my eBay store.

I know a lot of people are interested in knowing when I add new posters to my store. Should I set up a (announcement only) mailing list for it?