October 4th, 2005

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Hello there! ^^

I'm selling a pair of NEW, NEVER WORN BEFORE black Hurley Girlie Crown shoes for women. These are shoes that look almost exactly like the ones that many jrockers own, which are Creepers, if I'm correct. ANYWAYS, that's not important. >_>; Please click on the LJ-CUT for more information on price, shipping and pictures.

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More stuff for sale.
Hair Dye, Fairy Wings, Teddy Bear backpack >>; aww..,Card Captors Board game, Gundam Wing wallscroll and Gundam Wing School Folders *I also have Trowa if you want him too*

BOOKS, MANGA and MAGAZINES FOR SALE Anime and JRock *Moving sale*

Some prices are set but I'll take offers on those items cause I need the money XD
if interested leave a comment or e-mail me at nitrilicit@yahoo.com
Books are either like new or in Good condition. Some have small dents in the covers.

Books List

HOW TO DRAW MANGA Volume 4 *ENGLISH* - Dressing Your Character in Casual Wear - $12.00
Gundam Wing - Battlefield of Pacifists full series *ENGLISH* - make an offer
Gundam Wing - Episode ZERO full series *ENGLISH* - $15.00
Gundam Wing - Technical Manual *ENGLISH* - make an offer
Gundam Wing - ENDLESS WALTZ *ENGLISH* - make an offer

Magazines List

FOOL'S MATE November 1998 (Cover PENICILLIN) - $13.00

PATI PATI OCT 1998 Vol. 166 (Cover L'Arcen~Ciel) - $10.00
L'Arcen~Ciel, GLAY, T.M. Revolution, SOPHIA, MALICE MIZER, ゆず , JUDY AND MARY, CASCADE, Every Little Thing, pool bit boys, PENICILLIN, D-SHADE, 黒夢、and more.

Animerica June 2002 Vol. 10. No. 6 (Cover ARMITAGE III DUAL-MATRIX) make an offer

Animerica VOl. 9. No. 5 (Cover The Magic User's Club) make an offer
Magic User's Club, MAMORU OSHII, JIN-ROH, PANDA! GO, PANDA!, Galaxy Express 999 and more.
鴇 - 「hell-trap」

☆Music Posters for Sale☆

Hey there everyone~☆

I have a stack of japanese music posters for sale up of my livejournal, mainly for visual bands but I'm adding posters every day~!

Current bands are - lxzxsxt, Schwarz Stein, TRAX, Gackt, Psycho le Cemu, Fatima, THE FLARE, デルフィニウム (Delphinium), Kagrra, Devil Kitty, +D'espairsRay+, La Mule, デンジャー☆ギャング (Danger☆Gang))

If you think you might be interested, please come and take a look HERE~~!


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hyde::winter fall

laruku single

Is anyone interested in buying L'Arc~en~Ciel's single, Forbidden Lover?

I am willing to let it go for $10.00 (and thats including shipping + packaging! a nice deal! ^^)

Let me know!

I prefer PayPal, but willing to take concealed cash or money order.

Bleach // Hitsugaya - Frozen Heaven


Hi everyone!!

I'm searching for the Virgo Myth Cloth from Saint Seiya. I have, unfortunatly, not being able to get it since the person who was suppose to send it to me was not able to find one and he's gonna send me the Aries Myth Cloth instand. But I still really want the Virgo Myth Cloth since Shaka is my favorite Gold Saint.

Here's the info from Famitsu Store: http://www.famitsustore.com/article_2_19.html

If you guys know you can get it or a place I can buy it on the net, I would really appreciated it. Keep in mind I'm in Canada and I can't go in Europe to buy it. If you are able to do so, I think we can arrange something.

Either leave comment her or email me at yami.jay@gmail.com. I would really appreciate it if I can have this Myth Cloth.

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Hey everyone. I'm sure some of you have seen me around before... I used to go under the screenname makoto, and then I bought a rename token and changed to rockstars. But I decided LiveJournal was way to emo and dramatic for me, so I quit.

However, I've been growing more and more distant from and less interested in Japanese things, so I decided I'd come back to sell the remainder of what I have left from my last attempts at selling, and some almost brand new CDs I bought and listened to once, some not even all the way through.

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Side note: A couple of you are expecting packages to come soon, and I'm so sorry for the delay. I must've written really sloppily on the packages because the post office sent them back to me, so they should be there in a week at the very most.

Another Item For Sale!


LIVE IN USA - at 1st Mariner Arena July 31, 2004 DVD (Japanese Release)

It's never been watched because I haven't made the time to sit in front of my computer and watch an entire concert and I don't have a region free dvd player yet. I'll just buy the US version later and give this up to someone who would like to collect the Japanese releases. ^____^

I'd like to get $35 (including shipping) for this since I paid $45 for it and it's never been viewed. If anyone is interested, please comment or email to fyn_chan@hotmail.com

I'll take paypal, money orders, or well concealed cash (at your own risk)

Click below to see the other Jrock and Anime items I still have for sale! Please don't be afraid to offer a lower price! I really need to raise some extra funds. ^___^


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Ok people, the items listed below must go. 


Gundam: The Origin #12 (English)

One Piece Volume 4 (English) - SOLD!

One Piece Volume 5 (English) - SOLD!

X-Day Volume 1 (English)

X-Day Volume 2 (English)

Mobile Suit Gundam 0079 Volume 8 (English)

Mobile Suit Gundam 0079 Volume 9 (English)

Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind Volume 5 *Huge Book* (English)

Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind Volume 6 *Huge Book* (English)

Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind Volume 7 *Huge Book* (English)

Bleach Volume 4 (English) - SOLD!

Bleach Volume 5 (English) - SOLD!

SandLand (English) - SOLD!

Dragonball Z Ginyu Force all color Manga (Japanese)

Dragonball Volume 18 (Japanese)

Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counter Attack (Japanese)

Kochi Kame Volume 1 (Japanese)

Kochi Kame Volume 2 (Japanese)


One Piece episodes 1-30 (6 Hong Kong DVDs with subtitles, etc.)

One Piece episodes 31-60 (6 Hong Kong DVDs with subtitles, etc.)

Wolf's Rain episodes 1-26 (3 Hong Kong DVDs, complete series with subtitles, etc.)

Pencil Boards

Fullmetal Alchemist (4)

Prince of Tennis (3)

Ragnarok (3)

Naruto (2)

Wolf's Rain (1)

Ah! My Goddess (1)

All Pencil boards can be seen at the following links:

Group Pic
Pic 1
Pic 2
Pic 3

Pricing for the items are: $5 dollars for every manga, except the Nausicaa books, Gundam: The Origin, and the Dragonball Z full color manga, which are $7 each.  Each DVD box set is $15.  The pencil boards are $5 each.  Shipping will be based on how much of the stuff you are buying, due to weight, and if you want a tracking number, delivery confirmation, etc.  The only payment I will accept is Paypal.  I will work this on a first come, first serve basis, as in if two people respond that they want the same item, I will accept the first person to post's payment.  If you are seriously interested, post a comment.  I will then tell you my Paypal address.  Please, no comments about how you WISH you had the money to buy something from me or how my icon is cool.  Only people that want to buy stuff should comment.  Thanks! ^_^

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ANIME, JPOP, JROCK and a guitar that has nothing to do with these subjects *MOVING SALE*

I need money BADLY! Baaaaaadly and I need to get rid of everything xx; I am considering to sell some things but only if I get a good offer for them and I have them in the "considering list" XD
please leave a comment or e-mail me if interested in anything nitrilicit@yahoo.com

EXCEL SAGA DVD Volume 2 - make an offer
Love Hina Volume 4 Love Hurts eps 13-16 - make an offer
Knight Hunters Weiss Kreuz DVD 1 eps 1-5- make an offer
EVANGELION Collection 0:1 eps 1-4- make an offer
Hand Maid May - MEMORY FAILURE eps 8-11- make an offer

MISIA GREATEST HITS- make an offer
Dreams Come True - The Monster - Universal Mix- make an offer
R.O.D. *Read or Die* Original Soundtrack- make an offer
ParaPara MAX 4 - $15.00 or - make an offer
Gundam Wing - Blind Target 1 *RARE* - $18 or - make an offer
TWO-MIX BPM CUBE International + Domestic $20

BOOKS and things
Love Hina Manga Volume 1 *English* - make an offer
Dragon Ball Z Valentines Set - make an offer
Card Captors Valentines Set- make an offer
LIVING LANGUAGE JAPANESE COURSE w/CDs - $18.00 or - make an offer
Evangelion laser stamp stickers (8 stickers) - make an offer
Fushigi Yuugi Sticker set 1 - make an offer
Fushigi Yuugi Sticker set 2 w/ 1 Gundam Wing sticker- make an offer
Evangelion Stationary Set 8 sheets of paper 4 envelopes w/ stickers- *nothing below $8* - make an offer

Terquoise Fender Squier Strat Pro Tone Series w/ Pearl pick guard,
Planet Waves guitar strap and TKL Hard case - asking price $500

Wild Arms 2 *PS1**nothing below $8* - make an offer
SPEEDBALL 2100 *PS1**nothing below $8* - make an offer
Shenmue *Dreamcast**nothing below $8* - make an offer

Gundam Wing Pinball Machine *worth around $300 only used a few times*
Card Captors Clow Card Book *I believe all the cards are in it. If not when I find them I can mail them to you*
Ranma 1/2 Anything goes Martial Arts VHS SUB Darling Charlotte

darkside, anima, carson

Item hunting...and Gankutsuou dvd set for sale

I am looking for vol's 4 and 5 of Sailor Moon S Heart Collection R1 only please :-) AND I am Looking for ANY Star War novel books. Show me what you have! Also seeking all of the Jedi Apprentice books, if you have any of them let me know!
Any books about Obi-Wan/Anakin/Qui-Gon Jinn is a plus!

If you happen to have any Obi-Wan/Qui-Gon Jinn items show me them as well! Posters mainly are what I'm looking for.

And I also got the import DVD Boxset of GANKUTSUOU eps 1-26 for sale I only watched half of it(2 disks) the animation style of it is not something I am used to. So I'm going to let it go. Asking 23.00 shipped to the US. Canada or anywhere else shipped in a GPM LG. slip is going to be 30.00 or I am willing to do trades with us residents. SOLD!
Here is my other wants: http://www.livejournal.com/community/heathers_junk/5124.html#cutid1

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RE:RE: Panda Sale! <3


I(college) need money, and I have things that need better homes. Clothes, manga, posters, J-rock CDs, anime CDs, and more~! Please don't hesitate to ask questions about the products, argue prices, or for better pictures.

Prices given are base prices that do NOT include shipping. Please comment with your zip code to calculate shipping. I accept well-concealed US cash, money orders, and nothing else. I'll negotiate or trade, e-mail me at reset_panda @ hotmail.com for information or IM me on AIM, Reset Panda.

I'm looking for ANY Plastic Tree anything!! Katamari Damacy too (not the games themselves). I'll happily trade for Plastic Tree. And other things, just let me see your trade list. Thanks for stopping by. =^^=

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Image hosted by Photobucket.com

dvds, vhs, mangas, magazines, artbooks, lami cards, clear cards, cell phone straps, pencil boards, stationary, post cards, soundtracks, and lots more. come and take a look! blu8e

i accept PayPal, Money Order, Concealed Cash (at sender's risk), and trades.

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Anyone know where I could find some relatively cheap cosplay outfits that would send in time for Halloween? I was thinking of maybe something from Evangelion, Angel Sanctuary, or FFX.
enclosed space | me


*Warning: Shitload of stuff under cuts.
*I'm an obssessive dork who takes freakishly good care of her stuff. Everything listed is in good ~ near-mint condition unless otherwise stated.
*Comment if you want a better picture / description.
*Note that prices aren't fixed, so if you don't like them, feel free to haggle.
*If prices aren't listed, make me an offer.
*When more than one person is interested in the same item, I'll sell it to the one with the highest offer.
*I'll be shipping from Singapore via registered airmail.
*Paypal please, and please let me know if you intend to use a credit card. I may accept cash by registered mail if you're the only buyer and can't use Paypal.

Jrock / Jpop
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Buying some stuff would make me happy :D

I've been really tight on cash lately (which I no longer have any of...) so I'm selling some things ^^.

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I accept $USD Paypal (PREFERRED), money order, and concealed cash.

I'm willing to negotiate prices, and please ask me for the shipping cost. I do ship internationally.

I can accept trades at this time, but I prefer money. ^^

Trade list:
Jrock items!
Fruits/bright colored/rainbow/decora fashion
Cute shoes or boots in womens size 11
Cute mini skirts (Size 13/15, or L/XL)
Cute tops (Size L/XL)
Cute accessories
Cute things in general
Penguin stuff (anything)
Sanrio items
Cute purses
Ect, show me what you have!
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