October 5th, 2005

Pierrot CDs

Hello ^_^
First of all, thank you to everyone who bought my posters and Cds!

I'm posting it again because I didn't get replies to my other post!

I’m selling two Pierrot cds:

- Private Enemy (includes a booklet with 44 pages)

- Heaven The Customized Landscape (includes a booklet with 22pages and a mini photobook with 28 pages)

Both of them are 1st press, and each one has a box.
I'm not doing prices for the cds, I accept offers.

I ship worldwide.

Payment methods can be discussed.
Please e-mail me: aoi_jeune_fille@hotmail.com


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Hey guys! I found more stuff that I want to sell, so lucky you. ^^; I decided it would be easier to just give links to pictures, so they can be found right next to the item I'm selling. :D

I also still have a few things left on this post if you're interested.

Please let me know if any links do not go to the right picture!

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Two Japanese Language Mangas for Sale

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1. "Kattobi Itto" by Motoki Monma vol. 30
2. "Mata mata oboretai" by Yuki Yoshihara vol.2 (note this contains graphic sex and nudity)

Each manga is $5 USD including shipping fees. U.S. residents only. Payment by Paypal checking only (no credit cards). Sorry, I don't know much about either series.

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I have a couple of manga & video games! DDR for the PC sealed! DDR for the ps! Make offers on other stuff & we'll greatly consider it :D. More manga too come tomorrow! GB color & game gear for cheap. ^_~