October 7th, 2005

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I'm buying wholesale so I'd like to know how many (if any) are interested in the following items. Please comment if you like them (this is not binding, you do not actually have to buy, i just want to know if youre interested.) Thanks.
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Selling a couple DN ANGEL goods~

Hello Again!

I am selling a couple of my DN ANGEL items:


- DN ANGEL Magazine Artbook - $20 PENDING

Description: Basically this is an artbook with one 7 page interview. There are a total of 160 pages in the entire book. The first page of the book is a fold-out page that is double-sided. The later pages of the artbook features some of the manga-ka's earlier works. The artbook is in great condition and is a little bigger than 8"x11". None of the pages are bent, scratched or torn. This particular artbook is in left-to-right format. All text in it is in simple chinese.

- Authentic DN ANGEL Fan - $6 PENDING

This fan is in new condition and has never been used. It also includes its original envelope packaging. It features Daisuke on one side and Satoshi on the other. ^^

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Whenever I clean out my room, I end up having to shamelessly throw things away because I don't know anyone within a ten mile radius who would actually want them. Thank goodness I found a community where things dont have to go to waste.

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(TS) Kuro no Naku Koro ni


Just one quick addition to my for-sale list ^^;; a doujinshi~

Series: Hikaru no Go
Pairing: Akira x Hikaru
Type: Shounen ai (soft yaoi, just a few kisses)
Title: Ai wo Katare
Circle: Okappa Kids
Cover scan (not my scan, but it's the cover): HERE
Price: $10

I accept paypal mainly (but other options can be discussed), and buyer pays actual shipping.
Thankyou~ :x

Repost of sale ^_^;

Alright so I am a bit late on the whole..spring cleaning thing..almost...2 ..seasons late..BUT!! I got to it..kinda..just..well one section of it anyways >.<;; I accept Paypal, Money Orders and Concealed Cash (At your own Risk). Okay on to the goodies ^_^ Also, all the prices you see include shipping ^_^. Lemme see..

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i'm looking for:

Fruits Basket 1-6,9-11+ (1-5 **pending)
Hot Gimmick 9+
Kare First Love 5
Hana Kimi 7
Doubt 4
Sensual Phrase 1-10+
Angel Sanctuary 1-10+
King Of Hell 1-10

as for dvd...

Wedding Peach 8

i can trade for it... here's my sales/trade list:

English Manga

Demon Diary 3-4
Eerie Queerie 1-2,4
Ouran High School Host Club 1
Cross 1
Queen's Knight 1
Neck & Neck 1
Cheeky Angel 1
Kodocha 2
Eternity 1-3
Tramp Like Us 3

Full Metal Panic 1-2

Anime DVDs

X TV Series 1 (no slipcover)
Real Bout High School 4
Great Dangaioh 1 & 4
Corrector Yui 4
Neon Genesis Evangelion Boxset **make an offer!
Vampire Princess Miyu vols. 2 **pending!
Sanrio hello Kitty
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Seeing as I had really good luck here last time in finding some of the Jedi Apprentice books. I'm posting this again to get the last vol's I need. I am still in need of vol's: 8, 9 and 18 if you have them please let me know what your asking for them or if you want to trade.
If you happen to have any Obi-Wan/Qui-Gon Jinn items show me them as well! Posters mainly are what I'm looking for but show me what you have anyway. If you got any other Star Wars books show me what you have! I've listed below under the cut what I already own.

I am still looking for vol's 4 and 5 of Sailor Moon S Heart Collection R1 only please :-)

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