October 9th, 2005

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Updated Manga list

Hey everybody!!! I have a lot of manga to sell and I need to do so because I spent WAY too much on my Anime Reactor costume =(. So hopefully there are some people out there who want to buy manga and would rather not pay the 10 dollars it costs at Borders and all those other lovely places. I've posted this list before, but I've changed my prices. Most of them are lower, but the things I've gotten lots of offers for are higher. Unfortunetly, my list no longer contains 350 manga because I have sold a lot of them. So below, I present to you, the newly cut list with better prices. Check them out and please let me know if you are interested! =) And if you're buying a lot, I'm for sure willing to negotiate prices.

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I really could use some money right now so I'm selling a few things. Gackt Clippings, Pokemon Key Chains, Invader Zim, Manga, some cute clothes.... ALL PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE AND SOME DO NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING.

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I can accept concealed cash (USD), and trades so show me what you have. Prices do not include shipping.

Japanese Manga

Cardcaptor Sakura- 1 $3
Cardcaptor Sakura- 3 $3

English Manga

Couple- 1 $4
Legal Drug- 1 $5
Legal Drug- 2 $5 ON HOLD!
Naruto- 1 $4


Dai-Gaurd DVD (English) volume 3- $10
8inch Inuyasha Plushie- $10
My Melody (Sanrio) notepad- $2 ON HOLD!

I can provide pictures for anything you like.