October 11th, 2005


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I really need to get rid of this stuff. I'm in desparate need for funds right now and therefore can only take paypal. If you're interested in something and the price is too high, please make another offer and I'll see what I can do. ^____^v


L'Arc~en~Ciel - Live in USA at First Mariner Arena DVD. Japanese release, brand new, opened but never watched. I don't have a region free dvd player yet and will just buy the US release later and let this go to someone who wants to collect all of the Japanese releases. $30

S "Yojigen Zukan" CD CDJapan Info. Has 10 tracks and is OUT OF PRINT. Samples can be heard at the CDJapan link. $11

None of these magazines include the posters. Sadly, I originally didn't plan on selling any of these magazines and sold or gave the posters away previously because I had too many to fit them all on my walls. ;_;

UV 104 Pierrot on the cover. $13

Arena 37C November 2004 T.M.Revolution on the cover. $13


All DVDs are Region 1 releases.

Rune Soldier Vol. 1 DVD (Enter the KLUTZ) - Purchased used. Viewed twice since I've had it. There's piece missing along the top of the case where it was damaged during shipping from the seller to me (in a plain brown envelope with no padding ;_;) $7

Inuyasha Vol. 1-5 DVDs (Down the Well, A Girl's Best Friend, Fathers and Sons, The Thunder Brothers, and Secret of the New Moon) - Only viewed once each. Perfect condition. $10 each OR $45 for ALL 5!


Black and White checkered wrist cuffs w/chains From Hot Topic. Only worn a few times. $6


Atsushi Sakurai - Devil - sparklingai

Weird request...

Everyone's been talking about this episode of "Solomon's Palace(?)" that's about Yoshiki... and I've been desperately wanting a copy of the show on DVD. So... if anyone could help me with getting a copy of it, I'll pay a little bit for it. Thanks. Oh, and please... I prefer it to be PayPal.

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For a Limited Time Only!! V6's Upcoming Releases!!

For a limited time only!!! Special for buyers based in Singapore! Prices stated are net, inclusive of shipping and local normal delivery charges!
1) Making of "Hold Up & Down" DVD - SGD$57.80
(Release date in Japan: 19/10/2005)

2) CD Single "Orange" with DVD Limited Edition - SGD$39.80
(Release date in Japan: 12/10/2005)

3) CD Single "Orange" with Special Goods Limited Edition - SDG$29.80
(Release date in Japan: 12/10/2005)

4) CD Single "Orange" Regular Version - SGD$29.80
(Release date in Japan: 12/10/2005)
*** Please note that if buyers prefer to choose registered post within Singapore, a charge of SGD$2.00 applies.
***For International buyers, there will be international shipping charges in addition to the prices stated above. International shipping charges are subjected to the weight of your order and type of delivery preferred.

* Estimated International Delivery Time
- EMS (3 to 6 days)
- Registered Mail (4 to 12 days)
- Airmail (4 to 12 days)
- SAL (1 to 3 weeks)
Pre-Order Dateline - 15th October 2005 12midnight SGT
Estimated Arrival in Store - End October 2005
Please check out http://shiawaseseki.blogspot.com for more details.
Thank you.

Doujinshi and DVDs

My birthday is in November and I'm trying to get as much money saved up as I possibly can for new clothes and piercings so I'm selling things I don't really have a use for anymore.

Malice Mizer doujinshi
* both are in Japanese
* light shounen-ai/ light yaoi
* one centers on KozixKami
* the other is multiple couples
* great condition
$15 for both plus $5 shipping inside of USA (outside will be more)
make best offer then I will add shipping or make best offer with shipping.

I'm considering selling these DVDs. Make a good offer!
Yu Yu Hakusho (plus Ninku) DVD *great condition*
Gundam Wing ENDLESS WALTZ SPECIAL EDITION DVD *case is somewhat scratched from my moving and a tiny scratch on disc*
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Move CDs for sale

All the following are 5-inch CD singles, used but excellent condition, in slimline cases. Some have obis, some are copy-control CDs. International buyers welcome. Payment by Paypal preferred, but I will accept money orders by snail mail. Please respond to this post if interested. Thanks!

EDIT: Prices would probably help, huh? Each CD is $4.

Burning Dance: AVCT-30071 (includes obi; CCCD)
Come Together: AVCT-30048
Fly Me So Hight: AVCT-30044
Future Breeze: AVCT-30054 (obi; CCCD)
Platinum: AVCT-30005
Super Sonic Dance: AVCT-30040
Sweet Vibration: AVCT-30018
Words of the Mind: AVCT-30017 (CD Extra; not sure what the extras are)