October 18th, 2005


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Whoa, there is a lot of stuff behind this cut. Marmalade Boy stuff, Saint Tail Stuff, manga, cds, magazines, and so much misc. junk I can't list it all here. Just lookie and make an offer! Oh yeah, make a reasonable offer. I am not selling my super-uber rare Lina Inverse earrings for ten bucks. Nope, not gonna happen. Also, if we agree to a price and we decide to make the sale or trade, follow through. Please?

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Another sale!

I've got to clean out my room and have high hopes that someone here would take these items off my hands. I have photos and prices up, but everything is up for offers. Make me deal, talk to me! Let's work something out. At the moment I only accept paypal and buyers within the US, PLEASE! I'm willing to trade for Green Day items. (Cds, posters, magazine clips.) Or Bride of Deimos Vol 1, Sensual Phrase Vol 6 and up. And Ranma 1/2 Season 1 English DVDs.Willing to lower prices or work something out for livejournal layout/website layout. Comment if interested and I'll get back to you, ASAP!

Jpop/Johnny's/Idols Magazine Each magazine is 3.00. Everything is solid in those magazines, I didn't pull out any pages, posters or extras. All magazines are like new.

MANGA and Domoto Tsuyoshi
Manga sets all ENGLISH verisons.
Kill me, Kiss Me Vol 1-3 10.00
Kodomo No Omocha - Vol 1,2, 5, 6, 7 - 20.00
Hot Gimmick Vol 6 - 4.00
Yami no Matsui Vol 1 - 4.00
Prince of Tennis Vol 1-7 - 30.00
Naruto Vol 1-6 - 25.00
Angel Sancutary Vol 1-5 20.00
Confidental Confessions Vol 1,2,4,6 - 20.00
Asumanga DVD Vol 1 w/box 12.00
Domoto Tsuyoshi Calendar 2005-2006 comes with original box and nailpolish. 25.00
Domoto Tsuyoshi DVD 2nd live. (All region) 6.00
BoA 8 flims - VCD - 5.00

Hello Project Photobooks!
Ayaka's 1st PB with limited pencil board. Hardbound book. With pullout poster. 20.00
Miki Fujimoto's Alo-Hello. Softbound. Comes with original wrap-around. 20.00
Morning Musume - Do it now! PB 10.00
Kei Yasuda's Fanmade Graduation photo magazine. Unoffical. Name your price.

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New Shirt and super cute track Jackets up on Candy Violet!

Lovely new rocking horse design now available in 6 shirt colors, and 2 adorable jacket colors.

As always, Plus sizes available in each so come over and rock with us this Fall!
Nana Tattoo

Mostly New, But Some Reposts

Anime Stuff and Game Merchandise, and More

I'm in the UK so prices are listed in GBP, I will ship worldwide. Postage / Shipping is done at cost plus a tiny bit for packaging. Please email me for a quote.

UK postage starts at: £0.35
International starts at: £1.40 (for up to 100g)

I can accept payment via Cash, Cheque, Postal Order, or Paypal. (International Paypal only)
Any questions please let me know, I am more then happy to help!: GemVtay[at]rcg-taylor[dot]co[dot]uk

Please add £0.35 for payments via paypal (I hate doing it but I state this in my UK posts so I must add it to everyone to keep it fair)

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Lucifers fairy tale

Wish list!

Hey mina!

I've really been looking for some good deals, so If you have the following items and want some cash please post here!

Passion 1+2
bleach 3+ up
X-day 1+2
Full moon 2+ up
Antique bakery
Count cain

Also anything
Death note
bleach (renji)
count cain
peacemaker kurogane (anything but the mangas and dvd's)
or hellsing (I have all the dvds and mangas except for manga 7. and anything else cool ^^)

Thank you!
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Looking for DVDs ^_^;


I’ve been looking for these DVDs for quite some time now but haven’t been able to find them anywhere, so I thought I’d try posting here to see if anyone had any that they’d be willing to sell me^^;

Below are the specific ones I’m looking for:

*Region 1 – NightWalker Vol.2 : Eternal Darkness
U.S.Manga Corps

*Region 1 – Mirage of blaze Vol.4 : Tragic Love
Anime Works

*Region 1 – Serial Experiments Lain Vol.1 : Navi
Geneon Pioneer Signature Series (red label across the top of the cover)

*Region 1 – Kizuna: Vol.1 + 2
Central Park Media
OR *Region 1 – Kizuna: Much Ado About Nothing
Kitty Media

*Import - Weiss Kreuz OVA: Verbrechen~Strafe

*Region 1 or import – Saiyuki OVA: Requiem

*Import – Saiyuki: Interactive (sequel to Requiem)

If anyone has any of these that they’d like to get rid of/are willing to sell me, please comment, I’d REALLY appreciate it ;o;

Thanks! <3

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Anybody know what happened to tak_chan?

It's been 2 months since I've ordered from him/her and haven't had any reply back since the last time I've made a post asking about him/her. I've emailed them and left a message on their LJ and haven't gotten any reply back.

Has anybody bought/recieved anything from this person before?

Manga for sale

(all english publications unless noted otherwise)
5.00 manga unless stated otherwise!
*I'm not interested in trades at this time, my apologies!

Full Metal Panic 1

Kare First Love 1
Kare First Love 3
Kare First Love 5

Hot Gimmick 1-8

Hot Gimmick 5-7 Japanese publication

Hana Kimi 1 - Chinese pub
Hana Kimi 2 - Chinese pub

Hana Kimi 1
Hana Kimi 2
Hana Kimi 3


Princess Ai

Peach Girl Special (Sae's side) 1 Japanese pub

Peach Girl 15 jap. pub.
Peach Girl 17 chinese pub.
Peach Girl 18 japanese pub.

Erica Sakurazawa Japanse pub.
"The Aromatic Bitters"

Erica Sakurazawa
"Between the Sheets"

Erica Sakurazawa
"Angel Nest"

Naruto 1-3

Othello 1-3
(#3 pending)


CLAMP, Card Captor Sakura 1st illustration book

How to Draw Manga Couples

How To Art Vol 3 Media III Japanese publication
(includes artists Chiho Saito, Cowboy Bebop, Steel Angel Kurumi, Tenchi Muyo, DNA Angel, Utena Anime Art, and more)

Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne Illustration book

Sakura Taisen Art Book First season
-Missing poster
-Water Damage
-No Slip cover
+ has original pattern for Sakura kimono

CLAMP Magic Knight Rayearth II

All or most books in excellent to fair condition. Books which are damaged are stated as such. I take good care of my books and stand behind their quality all the way. Shipping will be 3.00 a book and can take from 7-10 days. If you purchase more than one I'm more than happy to combine shipping. If you'd like expedited shipping I can offer united states postal service for 7.00 which guarentees arrival from 3-5 days. If you're out of the U.S. contact me about where about shipping to. Right now I only accept paypal. If you're in dire need and are willing to offer concealed cash or money order feel free to e-mail me. I'm very flexable. You can reach me at nekogrrl (at) tmail (dot) com. DO NOT SEND MONEY TO THAT E-MAIL. It is only for notification that you are interested.
my ebay feedback is 100% http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback&userid=nikki_bee_doodle&ssPageName=STRK:ME:UFS

Thank you
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for any poppers out there i got some posters up for sale/trade.
ive got a bunch of pop'n music 11th CS posters.
all in good condition.
looking for about 20 with 5 shipping for them.
i accept paypal, money order and cash at your own risk.

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