October 19th, 2005


Hi! New Here!

Hi! New to selling things here (not to buying items though...^_^). I have a few volumes of manga and a couple of DVDs that I'd like to sell. All manga are in good condition, read through once or twice. DVDs are in good condition as well.
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Due le quartz SHIBUYA AX pamphlet~

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* There's a scratch on the cover and a bit of what looks like water damage on the last pages, most notably on the back cover. It doesnt affect the images though, the content. They're all in good conditon.

I need the money A.S.A.P, so paypal only, sorry to those of you who don't have an account. Also, I can't accept credit cards through paypal, it's got to be paypal funds.

shipping? Once I have a buyer and a zipcode or country I'll let you know, should be too expensive though unless you opt for express or the like.

I'm asking 25, course if anyone offers me more, that person gets it. What do I mean? Say one person says yeah, I'll give you 25 and another says we'll I'll give you 25.01... 25.01 get's it. Like I said, I need the money and as much as it kills me to part with this... I've got to.
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WANTED: Colorful Items!

I'm looking for fruitsy, decoraish, colorful, and strawberry-patterned items again!

That includes:
Pants (raver, baggy ones are fine.)
Shirts (although I'm picky with these, unless I really, really want it.)
Hoodies (I want a colorful, or neon colored hoodie.)
Bracelets!! (big beads, pony beads?)
Necklaces!! (I really like chokers, and the big beaded kinds.)
Purses (Cute, animal shaped, strawberry related purses.)
Hair accessories!

Things I DO NOT want:
Earrings (I have no pierced ears!)
nail polish

Jrock Merchandise!!!!

Lareine "JoOuToiuNaNoKikoushi" Shoxx 10th Anniversary Book

This book is practically brand new. I ordered it from Third Stage after having seen ads for it, but finding very little information about the contents. This is a collection of all of Lareine's articles and interviews from Shoxx magazine. It is hard cover and has 300 pages. In the front there are two beautiful color images of each member and 11 pages of thumbnail sized images from all the photo shoots they have done for Shoxx. Here are some sample images:


This is a really nice book. Unfortunately, as I had little info about it, I was under the impression that maybe it was a photobook. But it is mostly text, all in Japanese. And I don't know Japanese at all. So I would like this to go to someone who either knows Japanese or is learning because they will probably enjoy it more than I can. ^_____^

Price - $30 + $5 shipping


2nd Effect VHS "Toxic of Pictures"

Limited to 500 copies (351 of 500), autographed on the VHS and the inside of the cover insert. Has 5 PVs and "making of" footage. Excellent condition.


Price - $13 including shipping or best offer

Payment: I accept and prefer Paypal since it's quick and easy. BUT, if this is impossible, I also accept money orders and VERY WELL CONCEALED CASH at your own risk. I will not be responsible for cash lost in the mail.

If you have any questions, feel free to post here or email me. lovara_chan@hotmail.com

Note: I leave for Oni-con tomorrow evening. If you are interested and would like confirmation of your purchase before I leave, please let me know before then. If not, I won't be able to contact you until Sunday evening. Thanks again!

Thank you!

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EDIT: Okay, I've bought everything I need to buy, thanks everyone!!

I'm looking to buy PRINCE OF TENNIS items, anything is fine.

It's for my little sister, whose birthday is on the 28th. So relitive quick shipping and good communication would be great, but it certainly doesn't have to be here by then, but that would be helpful. haha.

I know nothing about POT whatsoever, so I have no preference about what the item is. xD But she's obsessed. Anyway.

I'm looking mainly for small cheap items, and currently I can only pay by concealed cash, and in some rare cases paypal. But concealed cash is really preferred.

So if you have ANYTHING POT RELATED WHATSOEVER (i'll take your word for it, i don't know prince of tennis from any other anime o__o) please post here and I'll probably buy, assuming it's in decent condition and at a reasonable price.

Thanks so much!

<3 <3 <3
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Hello ^^

XD hello all,

i'm looking for used cheap Jrock,Jpop,kpop or Krock cds, and dvds for cheap.
If you have any let me know. I'm looking for maybe $5-$20 for
the cds. Oh, and if anyone has Hotgimmick English Mangas 5+ please let me know.
sorry for the xpostedness XD
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I am selling a portrait commission. Please take a look and pimp to all your friends, because it will kind of really suck if I get no bids at all.

If you win I paint an A1-size head-and-shoulders portrait of anyone in the world you want, real or famous or fictional, as long as you give me reference pictures, or a free-reign from a text-description.

This shall be cross-posted, so I appologise if you share any communities with me. X(


In the market:

Hello, just putting an ad out there. I'm looking to buy an undamaged, used Robosapien in GOOD condition. Doesn't have to be perfect, but I'd enjoy it if all functions worked. Be honest with me, you likely won't lose a sale. I don't care if the battery backing to the remote is missing, or if someone wrote their name on him somewhere, I just want one. I know that last year they sold for $99 and higher, but more recently (a month or so ago) Thinkgeek.com had one on clearance for $60, and Walmart has one for like $58. So, uh...if any of you have a used one you want to sell for less than $58, I would love to give it a home.

I use PayPal AND/OR money orders. I won't screw you over with personal checks. I pay Shipping & Handling if you so desire. :\

capnkret@gmail.com if you have one you're serious about selling! I'm certainly serious about buying!
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Selling JPop/JRock CDs and hunting used cd/manga/dvd

1. Offering used region2 anime DVD, used manga, used Japanese CD hunting service - click here, because I live close to a couple of used book/cd/dvd stores.

2. Direct-selling the following JPop/Jrock CDs (all import from Japan) - paypal or cash in USD only - US Dollars - will ship overseas

BoA - Peace B. Remixes (album w/ obi) $9.99
Chemistry - The Way We Are (album w/ obi) $9.99
EXILE - EXILE ENTERTAINMENT (2-cd album with a DVD) $25.00
GLAY - REVIEW (album) $9.99
GLAY - Ballad Best Singles WHITE ROAD (album) $27.00
hide - TRIBUTE SPIRITS (album) $9.99
Hysteric Blue - Baby Blue (album w/ obi) $9.99
UTADA - EXODUS (special jacket version from Japan, not sure what's in it besides the special jacket and the booklet, because it is sealed) $23

And the following JPop / JRock singles
Dir en grey - myaku $3.99
Dir en grey - taiyou no ao $3.99
L'Arc~en~Ciel - Pieces $3.99
Utada Hikaru - Time Limit / For You $3.99
Utada Hikaru - Wait&See $3.99
Utada Hikaru - Addicted to you $3.99

If interested, please use the email link from my website linked above. Thanks. Shipping is also indicated in the website above.
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