October 20th, 2005


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manga, hello kitty, various merchandise behind cut.
all prices include shipping in the US; canada, add $1.
paypal (preferred), money orders, trades (possibly).
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post here if interested.
references, feedback available.
ware die

Moon Child

Hi! I have been thinking about getting rid of my copy of Moon Child with Gackt and Hyde for a while not because I need some cash. The version that I have is the original Japanese and it even comes with those special collector cards and all. The movie has only been watched twice and the extra disks have been played once (if that).

I was wondering if anyone was interested. The product is in very good condition, but I feel bad asking tons for it. If you are interested, please respond with a price that you think is fair - then I can get an idea :) Thanks!


Please comment "HERE" on egl if you are interested, do not comment in this post with your offers!

Amazing Metamorphose dress for direct auction, good condition with no visible marks or stains, has even been dry cleaned. Buttons up at the back, has really cute puffy sleeves & the most amazing Black floral print, only selling because it's not really my style & I'll probably never get to wear it (I don't have any accessories that match & have more important things to buy before christmas!). You'll probably never find a dress like this again, it seems quite a rare find. If you have an offer you'd like to make, please comment however keep in mind I do not have to sell if I don't like the offers but highest offer I like wins, I might also consider Trades or Part-Trades for other Brand items! Measurements: This dress can fit various sizes due to the tie at the back & the buttons but for reference I am a 14UK & it fit me fine but a friend who's a 10UK tried it too & it looked just as good on her. Chest: 30" to 38", Waist - 26" to 31" & Hips: Free...

Thanx & good luck...

~ Reminder to Buyers ~

To anyone who has bought something from me and I have recieved payment:

I will be sending all things out on Saturday. I will then reply to a comment or e-mail you that I have sent your item(s) out. Thanks~! ^_^

- Korie
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