October 21st, 2005

My Japanese Pop CDs for Sale (+ 1 Morning Musume DVD)

Hi, I have a few Japanese CDs (Albums + Singles) for Sale (including pictures)


All Items Ship from California.
Most of the CDs came from TOKYO on my stay there this year (June 2005 - August 2005)

Some items I can do possible trades...
But I mostly Collect YUKI, JAM, somme AYUMI and AI stuff.

I take PayPal! Also Cash and MOs.

My email is: Smelltheweave@aol.com (for Paypal too)

Thank you So Much ^_^

Bye Bye


PS - More Items will be added Soon. : )
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Some eBay auctions

Lots of these items are starting less than $1 ;)

Anime Dolls
-- all of these auctions are ending soon in a few hours!
Cute obscure vintage shoujo-manga style dolls by Bandai
HUGE lot of Takara Jenny/Licca/anime/Volks Dollfie 1.6 dolls
Rayearth Hikaru doll from CLAMP (rare Korean Sonokong version)

Anime Lots
-- all of these auctions are starting less than $1 and are ending soon in a few hours!
HUGE Sailormoon Lot - dolls, books, purses, bags, figures ...
HUGE random anime lot -- tons of figures, keychains, posters from the animes Kenshin, Gundam Wing, Sentimental Graffiti, Yoroiden Samurai Troopers / Ronin Warriors
HUGE Hello Kitty lot - tons of cute accessories and items

Jrock items

Selling Yoshiki of X-Japan plush keychain and also a very cute Yoshiki watch! -- ending soon in a few hours!

Also selling jrock magazines -- they're all expensive mags going super cheap at 50 cent starting bids! I usually pay $20 or more a jrock magazine, so don't miss out on this. You could save a lot on shipping by getting several shipped together, as it's all the same price. :)

UV - with Pierrot posters
SHOXX with Kagrra, poster
B-Pass with Exile stickers
Arena37c with Miyavi poster
Cure with Phantasmagoria poster

Feel free to check my auctions for more stuff! :)
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selling more stuff

HI everyone!
I'm selling more stuff!

Collapse )

I have manga (Zodiac P.I., Evagelion and Aquarian Age)
Namie Amuno CD and a SailorMoon mini bag!

Just Listed on Ebay...Starting at ONLY $0.99!!!

help a hungry college girl get through school.
-Shannon ^_^
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Gackt/ Malice Mizer Doujinshi for Auction :)

I don't know if you know but Gackt doujinshi are very hard to find ;_; I've found three in my whole career of wading through doujinshi whenever I'm in Japan and it's even rarer to find one that's pretty. (Because let's face it, most fan artist aren't able to draw Gackt good enough to make him recognizable at once).
Now I did get extremly lucky on my last Japan trip and found this total beauty. It's not only well drawn, but also extremly funny and it has both Gackt & Gackt Job and Malice Mizer in it. What can a fan want more? (except for money of course ;_;)
So please take a look and even if you're not interested in buying enjoy the pics :)

A couple of DVDs and other items

Hello everyone! 'Tis me again. I'm in need of money at this point so I'm selling some more things (no trades please). I like to take care of my things so almost all of these are from good-excellent condition. Please give them a good home! :)

Final Fantasy VIII Official Strategy Guide - Ok, this guide is really beat up from the outer covers (back and front) but the inside pages are fully intact without any tears or wrinkles. Image upon request.

Price: $5USD (including shipping)

Cowboy Bebop - The Movie DVD - This DVD is in perfect condition and was only watched about 3 times. The case looks great and the disc has barely visible hairline scratches. It works pefectly fine on any DVD player. Region 1.

Price: $10USD (including shipping)

FullMetal Alchemist Volume 1 DVD - This DVD is in perfect condition and was only watched once. The case looks great and the disc has only 1 hairline scratch. It works pefectly fine on any DVD player. Region 1.

Price: $10USD (including shipping)

Moon Child DVD - It kills me to sell this, but I'm in need of money. The disc only has 1 hairline scratch on and is barely visible. If you don't know by now Moon Child features two J-Rock stars, Gackt and Hyde along with Asian American actor/singer Wang Leehom. The best part of this DVD? You don't need a Japanese compatible DVD player because it's the American release (Region 1). It also comes with English sub-titles in case you don't understand Japanese (like me) and extra such as photo galleries and trailers. I originally paid $20.38 (I still have the recipt) for it online so I think this price is fair. Picture upon request.

Price: $15USD (including shipping)

Playstation Memory Card - This memory card is compatible with the Playstation. It can be used on the PS2 but will only work and save memory for Playstation games. Color is a clear red.

Price: $8USD (including shipping)

Playstation 2 Game Controller - This is the original controller that came with my PS2. It's in great working condition except the start button is a little stubborn at times. Maybe someone can fix it? Pictures will be taken upon request (but I think everyone knows by now what it looks like).

Price: $10USD (including shipping)

Midway Arcade Treasures 2 (PS2) - This video game is in perfect condition and comes with 20 classic arcade games. The disc has no scratches whatsoever. Along with the 20 games it also features DVD content of the masterminds behind the games (creators, writers, etc). Pictures upon request.

Price: $11USD (including shipping)

Cute Fruitsy Purple Coin Purse - This is a very cute purple purse ideal for fruitsy accessories. Sorry if the picture didn't come out that great; I used the flash and since the purse is plastic-like it reflected off of the camera. By the way, those little dots around the purse are actually stars (excuse the camera shot, I'm pitiful when it comes to taking pictures).

Price: $3USD (including shipping)

Shonen Jump Volume 1/Issue 9 - This Shonen Jump manga includes color various manga such as DragonBall Z, Yu-Gi-Oh, Yu Yu Hakusho, and color manga from One Piece and Naruto.

Price: $6USD (including shipping)

Because I need the money as soon as possible I would really highly perfer PayPal for these items. My PayPal and e-mail address are both: moonxchild@gmail.com.
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(no subject)

Hey, I was wondering if anyone was trading/selling any of the following mangas:

~ X-Day One and Two
~ Dolls, or
~ Gravitation (one and two)

~ Diru things
~ Hello Kitty stuff

Must be willing to ship to the UK ^^;
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(no subject)

Japanese Rock CDs

Lucifer Singles (Chinese/HK version) - $3

Laputa Singles (Chinese/HK version) - $3

La'cryma Christi Singles (Chinese/HK version) - $3

X-Japan Singles (Chinese/HK version) - $3

Ryuichi Kawamura - Love (Japanese version) - $5

Shazna - Raspberry Time (Japanese version) - $5

Shazna - Sophia (Japanese version) - $5

Shazna - Golde Sun and Silver Moon (Japanese version) - $4 (some water damage, CD is in great condition though)

Luna Sea - Period (Japanese version) - $5

Blue - Misty (Japanese version) - $5

L'arc~en~Ciel - Heaven's Drive (single) (Japanese version) - $3

L'arc~en~Ciel - Driver's High (single) (Japanese version) - $3

L'arc~en~Ciel - Pieces (single) (Japanese version) - $3

L'arc~en~Ciel - NEO UNIVERSE (single)  (Japanese version) - $3

Lucifer - Carnation Crime (single)  (Japanese version) - $3

SADS - Tokyo (single) (Japanese version) - $3



Crayon Shin-chan DVD Vol. 1 - $5

Boogie Pop DVD - $5

Please Save My Earth DVD - $5

Tokyo Pop VHS - $4 (features a cameo from Japanese rock group X-Japan)




Shipping is $2 for the first item and .50 for each additional item.  If you want the whole lot, it's only $75 including shipping.  If you're interested leave a comment or e-mail me at internetsensation@gmail.com.  Thanks! (also, since I do not have a PayPal account I can only accept payments through well concealed cash and money orders. Sorry for any inconvienence!)