October 24th, 2005


Hello All. Just trying something new sales-wise..

To avoid excessive linking as I did before, I just made a journal strictly for sales... hoping that this will work out to my advantage..

thank you..

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Jrock Magazines! And some InuYasha DVDs

I'd really really really prefer paypal. But if it's impossible for someone to pay via paypal, I will take money orders or very well concealed cash (at your own risk). If you mail cash and it never gets here, I'm not responsible. But I can say that I've never had a problem with not receiving money that someone has sent. ^_^ The posters for the three that came with them are not included. I never really intended on selling these magazines and the posters were sold (lack of space to hang so many) or given to friends previously. I'm sorry. T_T

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Cure Issues


I posted this about a month ago, but I figured I might as well give it another try and post again!
I'm looking for these four issues of Cure.

1 - Kagerou on the cover
5 - D'espairsRay on the cover
7 - Gazette on the cover
14 - Gazette on the cover

If you want to see a photo of the covers, they are all listed here. I also want to say thanks to everyone who replied last time. ^^

I'm desperately trying to complete my collection! ^^;
So, if you have any of those issues that are in good condition and you would be willing to sell it, please contact me [eidorien@gmail.com].

Thank you!
JRM, Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Wanted: Gashapon, Plushies, anything Sailor Moon. Let me give you my money!

Hello sunshines...!

My latest pursuit that I have been trying to hunt down is the second Sailor Moon World Gashapon set. Yes, I know there is one on Ebay right now, but that is an awfully high price...^^;;; I can't find a good picture right now, but to describe: It has Super Sailor Moon, Chibi-Moon in her first outfit, Sailor Uranus, Sailor Saturn, Sailor Neptune, and Sailor Pluto. It does not have to be new, but it should be well-taken care of. Basically I'm just looking to see if someone local has it who wants to sell it, I don't want to buy it through any Japanese auctions or jump through hoops like that.

Also, I'm still looking for the 10th anniversary Sailor Moon and Mars plushes, although I am also interested in other plushes too, so if you are selling any, send them my way cause I wanna check them out ^^ I especially want to complete my Irwin collection, which means I need Uranus, Pluto, Chibi-Moon, and Tuxedo Kamen. I just have a few rules for plushes.

1) If they originally came with hang tags, then I want ones with hang tags on them. (I think this only applies to imported dolls)
2) Irwin dolls do not have to be in the original boxes, in fact, I prefer that they not be (but that doesn't mean I would turn away one that was!)
3) If they have noticable flaws or are dirty, don't bother. They can be used but they shouldn't look used.

I am also just looking for Sailor Moon items in general, I am more interested in imported items then anything else. But more than anything, I want plushies and gashapon!!!

I do transactions with paypal only. Other ways are too slow and with paypal I can prove that I paid you, which I have found to be a good thing as of late. Leave me a comment.

first post

This is my first post, so bear with me. =)

My b-day is coming up and I have some $$ to spend. I'm looking for random things. If you have any, please leave a comment or email: rekluse@bellsouth.net

* anything with Andy Lau, Tony Leung Chiu-Wai, Ekin Cheng, or Edison Chen. (movies, posters, cds, dvds)

* DVD Seoul Raiders!!! Playable in USA, please

* hello kitty merch, anything relatively cute!

* Bento box w/ bag

*anything in the way of clothing/shoes from japan

* japanese fashion mags, can be Fruits as well.

* long socks! eye jelly's, angel kisses gloss.


almost forgot. Also looking for anything Silent Hill related that is non-american =)