October 29th, 2005

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Anime Dvds

As per the fact that I have no more money I've decided to sell my entire collection of anime dvds. And since some people feel uncomfortable with selling journals, I've decided to post them here for only garagesalejapan users. ^__^

1. Paypal! Please!
I will take money orders/concealed cash (both at your own risk!) however I heavily prefer paypal.
2. Prices in include shipping to US only! International buyers have to pay more depending on how many you buy. (If you buy one it'll only be a dollar or two more)

Comment with what you want and your email address.
It is graphic heavy so dial-up users be wary.
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I will only trade for Two-Mix cds (singles and albums). Comment with what you got if you would like to trade. Prices can be haggled.
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Hi! Once again I have too much stuff and not enough money. I am going to put up a list of a few things that I am willing to part with. If anyone is interested please take a look and respond if you see something that you like. All I ask is that you don't respond just to chat with people, it makes it very hard for me to follow who wants what. I will be putting prices with the items, but Best Offers will be considered as well. I am really low on cash though so I am trying to get all I can for this stuff :) Shipping is included for all the prices below IF within the US. Shipping outside of the US will have to be calculated separately. I can take cash and paypal but, paypal credit card payments may cost a bit extra. Enjoy!

*NOTE* Items that are crossed off have been claimed but have not been finalized. I am leaving them on the list just in case something falls through.

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Please remember that if you see something you like but the price is too high I will consider and probably accept another offer. I am a reasonable person, so give it a try. If you have any questions I will be more than happy to try to answer them!

Trying again!

I still have these JROCK magazines for sale! Shipping is included in the price listed. ^______^v

I'd really really really prefer paypal. But if it's impossible for someone to pay via paypal, I will take money orders or very well concealed cash (at your own risk). If you mail cash and it never gets here, I'm not responsible. But I can say that I've never had a problem with not receiving money that someone has sent. ^_^ The posters for the three that came with them are not included. I never really intended on selling these magazines and the posters were sold (lack of space to hang so many) or given to friends previously. I'm sorry. T_T

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Oh my, do I need cash. So here we go, I'm selling off most of my manga collection, and other stuff. All Prices include shipping

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I prefer paypal, but I will accept cash or money order sent at YOUR OWN risk. I will not mail until I receive payment. The prices listed are for shipping in the U.S. only. If you are international prices will be higher because of the cost of shipping.

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Magazine clippings for sale.

Hi, I'm selling clippings from the magazine Neo genesis, Winter 2005 edition.

- Miyavi 28 pages, with double-sided poster. 21 pages of full color/b&w pictures, 7 pages interview. US$15

- Kirito 6 pages. 5 pages of full color pictures, 1 page interview. US$5

- Sid 10 pages, all full color pictures. US$8

- Nightmare 8 pages. 6 pages of full color pictures, 2 pages interview. US$6

- Ryutaro 7 pages. 5 pages of full color pictures, 2 pages interview. USD$5

The pages are of good quality paper(thick = good). =D Shipping would be around US$5, varying on where you live. The Miyavi one would probably be more since there are a lot of pages.

Mail me at tenshixx @ gmail.com if you're interested. Thanks for looking!
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Hello everyone~

My computer decided to die on me recently and I just got it back and fixed. But I have a problem...I lost all my emails.

So anyone that bought, is/was buying, traded, or is/was trading with me, please email me at blu8e@yahoo.com. When emailing me, please include what you were buying/trading from me and your address. Also let me know if you sent the payment yet, so that I can look out for it.

I'm also in a middle of a move and is staying in a rental home right now. I also have a new job that takes up most of my time. (strange how everything is happening all at once @_@) So please forgive my slowness of replying and sending.

Also, blu8e is still opened if anyone wants to buy something. I'll try to reply everyone as soon as I can now that I have my computer back.

Thank You!!!

~~~Photos Galore~~~

Tackey & Tsubasa Izumo Concert 2005

1) Unofficial Live Photos available (exclusive!!!)

Tackey & Tsubasa Go! Con 2005

1) Pamphlet Shoot Photo Set (4 photos in 1 set) - SGD$17.80 (Tackey Set A, Tackey Set B, Tsubasa Set A, Tsubasa Set B, T&T Set A) *only available at concert venue
3) Pamphlet Shop Photos - Tackey (64 photos), Tsubasa (57 photos), T&T (12 photos)
4) Live Concert Shop Photos - Tackey (45 photos), Tsubasa (32 photos), T&T (9 photos)

***Unofficial Live Photos available (exclusive!!!)

Imai Tsubasa 1st Tour 23 to 24

1) Live Photo Set (4 photos in 1 set) - SGD$17.80 (Set A, Set B) *only available at concert venue
3) Pamphlet Shooting Photo Set (4 photos in 1 set) - SGD$17.80 (Set A) *only available at concert venue
4) Pamphlet Shop Photos (35 photos) - SGD$101.80
5) Live Concert Shop Photos (20 photos) - SGD

Arashi Live 2005 One Summer Tour

1) Pamphlet Shooting Photos - Nino (9 photos), Ohno (16 photos), Sho (16 photos), Matsujun (15 photos), Aiba (15 photos), Arashi (19 photos)
3) Live Photos - Nino (44 photos), Ohno (42 photos), Sho (47 photos), Matsujun (44 photos), Aiba (36 photos), Arashi (15 photos)
More details at http://shiawaseseki.blogspot.com

Please read all the terms and conditions as stated at http://shiawaseseki.blogspot.com
Enquiries are welcome.


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Bah! I can't believe i'm doing this! All of these magazines were purchused while I was an exchange student in Machi-shi, Tokyo, Japan back in 2003. Unfortunately with the price of everything anymore i'm severly in debt and need to get rid of these. ;-; ! All of them are in great condition unless mentioned other wise.

9 Dollars a piece for the mag (Minus the hide one, for that make me an offer) + 11 Dollars for the bibles . if you want more then one make an offer and all cut up a deal -- or if you don't want to pay that much make an offer and we'll see. (shipping added to all orders depending on where you are)

I'll take money order, check (delivery after it clears), and concealed cash.

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If anyone wants any other information/photos of any of the magazines just let me know and i'll inform/get them for you!


I want:
-Gravitation Vols. 10 & 11
-Fruits Basket Vols. 4+

-Gothic Lolita Bible Vol. 5, excellent condition with stickers and patterns intact and everything. Interested? Just comment back. :D