October 31st, 2005


Hello, I'm looking for some things for sale.

If anyone has AI (urban artist) or YUKI (JAM front woman) merchandise for sale could you let me know.
I'm looking for AI's "Story" promos (CD, flyer, etc)


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    AI - MIC-A-HOLIC A.I. (album)

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hi guys,

i'm new here and i've got lotsa stuff for sale. i live in singapore so shipping might take some negotiations but i'm very happy to work something out with you if you live somewhere else. i have lots of tops, bottoms, dresses, accessories, books, magazines, CDs, etc. if you wanna bid on ebay, that's cool but if you wanna talk to me directly, you can check out my stuff in my LJ. it's all the same stuff so yeah.

contact me directly via e-mail for questions, more pictures, shipping info etc.


i accept paypal! <3

click on the picture to go to my ebay listings! thanks!

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Hello everyone~

My computer decided to die on me recently and I just got it back and fixed. But I have a problem...I lost all my emails.

So anyone that bought, is/was buying, traded, is/was trading with me, or have any open transaction with me please email me at blu8e@yahoo.com. When emailing me, please include what you were buying/trading from me and your address. Also let me know if you sent the payment yet, so that I can look out for it.

I'm also in a middle of a move and is staying in a rental home right now. I also have a new job that takes up most of my time. (strange how everything is happening all at once @_@) So please forgive my slowness of replying and sending.

Also, blu8e is still opened if anyone wants to buy something. I'll try to reply everyone as soon as I can now that I have my computer back.

Thank You!!!