November 1st, 2005

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Hey guys! I updated and finished my selling journal!

some new stuff I have posted:
*Final fantasy 7 cloud UFO plush doll(VERY RARE!!!)*
2 issues of ribbon
animerica extras (plenty of them)
some great gothic lolita clothing
*a lipservice skirt*
LOTS of manga

Also check out my comission page and the custom corset I have for sale!
Take a look at my want list too! if you have something I want I will gladly trade or buy from you!


~sweet para
ware die

One more update :)

Here is a slightly updated list and a new rule that I had to put up. There are all items that I bought while in Japan but have to get rid of now because I need money. I will be putting prices with the items, but Best Offers will be considered as well. I am really low on cash though so I am trying to get all I can for this stuff :) Shipping is included for all the prices below IF within the US. Shipping outside of the US will have to be calculated separately. I can take cash and paypal but, I can no longer accept PayPal Credit CardPayments due to a change in the account. Enjoy!

*NOTE* Items that are crossed off have been claimed but have not been finalized. I am leaving them on the list just in case something falls through.

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Please remember that if you see something you like but the price is too high I will consider and probably accept another offer. I am a reasonable person, so give it a try. If you have any questions I will be more than happy to try to answer them!

y0 sw33t

hi all ^^^ i just decided to create a selling journal since i sell so much!! i have a few items on eBay that are ending soon, and will be adding some items to my journal also for private sale.
i accept Paypal, money orders and well concealed cash. please check my sw33t stuff out!

and feel free to add me to your friends, as i will update with cool items often!! :D

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*Everything listed is in good ~ near-mint condition unless otherwise stated.
*Comment if you want a better picture / description.
*Note that prices aren't fixed, so if you don't like them, feel free to haggle. :D
*If prices aren't listed, make me an offer.
*When more than one person is interested in the same item, I'll sell it to the one with the highest offer.
*Shipping from Singapore via registered airmail.
*Paypal please. I may accept cash by registered mail if you're the only interested buyer and can't use Paypal.

Jrock / Jpop

o1* Plastic Tree poster from Shoxx: [01] - $4

o2* Nightmare poster from Shoxx: [01] - $3.50.
*Has been hung for a week with Blu-tac. There's also a tiny rip of about 3mm at the bottom along the folded line, but you can't tell. It's already torn when I got the magazine.

o3* Going clockwise: Eclipse promo leaflet, Eremia promo photocard, MUCC postcard from Zy, one bis trading card from Cure (Shunsuke), two Hizaki promo postcards.
*Sold separately.

o4* Fanatic Crisis poster from Shoxx - $4

o5* From left to right: Band Yarouze July 1999 (Dir engrey cover), UV Vol 104 (Pierrot cover, comes with pull-out, FAKE on back cover), GiGS August 2004 (Ken from L'arc on cover). - $6 each

o6* MUCC poster from Shoxx - $4

o7* Miyavi poster from Shoxx - $4

o8* Ancient issue of Band Yarouze with Dir en grey on cover
Bit worn since it's from 1999. Whoever owned it before me also tore out the band scores at the back. >_o;

o9* PATiPATi Nov 2005, comes with double-sided HYDE poster and a sheet of Orange Range stickers. Comment if you want a full list of featured artists. - $10
*I'd like to detach the SID pages (three in total), and I'll sell it for a lower price if you let me. *is skilled at detaching pages D:*

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o1* Four Kyou Kara Maou novels. - $5 each
Preferrably sold as a set, in which case I'll sell them for a lower price.

o2* Pikachu cellphone stand. - $1
*I have nfi what it's doing in my closet. o.o;

o3* GetBackers (Kazuki) chibi swing-pop.
As good as new. Why do they call these swing-pops? >>

o4* Yu Yu Hakusho doujinshi (Hiei x Kurama), ALL novel. Not even one illustration. Don't get this unless you can read Japanese. [Front] [Back]

o5* GetBackers fanbook
*Comes with obi and sticker.

o6* Cosmode 005 (Japanese cosplay magazine) - $9

o7* B's LOG Sep 2003 - $6
*Comes with jumbo poster of cover art (unused).

o8* B's LOG Nov 2003 - $6
*Comes with jumbo poster of cover art (unused).

o9* Gravitation fanbook. - $16

10* Gundam W first photobook.
*Official Taiwan version, so the few words there are inside are all in chinese.

11* Evangelion ADAM fanbook.
*Official Taiwan version, and note that this one has a lot more text than the GW one.

12* Set of three Peacemaker Kurogane A4 cardboard files.
*Never used. I still have the original plastic wrapping. >>;

13* GALS furoku. You're supposed to assemble it into this. - $1

14* Random furoku sets: [01] [02] [03] - $3 each
*[01]: Some cardboard... thing... you're supposed to assemble, stickers, organiser sheet, Hamutaro card... thing... >> packet of tissue paper, three Halloween themed plastic bags, mini letter set with 3 envelopes and 6 letter sheets featuring three manga (the only one I recognise is Tokyo Mewmew).
*[02]: Fortune telling game sheet, stickers, Morning Musume pencil case, postcard, blotting paper (cosmetics), booklet of letter sheets including Inuyasha, Hamutaro, Minimoni etc.
*[03]: A mini DIY cardboard coin bank, Penguin Brothers stickers, short manga with fortune telling games, Time Stranger Kyoko plastic bag, paper ruler, hang-up organiser featuring some manga with the word 'bambi' wedged somewhere in its title.

15* Yami no Matsuei pin badge (Hisoka).

16* Hoshin Engi pin badges: [Yozen] [Nataku]

17* Pitaten pin badge.

18* GetBackers (Kazuki) pin badge.

19* Saiyuki (Goku) cellphone cleaner.
*New and unopened.

20* Saint Beast (Suzaku) fastener mascot.
*Only used twice, but the cheap gold plating on the chain has started fading anyway. The pendant itself is in good condition.

21* Samurai Deeper Kyo (Sanada and Sasuke) cellphone strap.
You can't really see it in this photo, but the little purple bell has started to fade in one spot. The rest of the strap is in excellent condition.

22* Wild Adaptor letter holder.
*Never used. The back panel is a magnet.

23* Yu Yu Hakusho poster-sized bromide cards: [01 - Front - Back] [02 - Front - Back ]
I must've bought them 8 ~ 10 years ago. XD Never been used. 02 is still in its packaging.

24* Sukisho novel (Kai x Gaku, other canon pairings included)

25* Clover (CLAMP) A4 clear file - $4


o1* Kitty pouch designed to carry cds or a cd player: [Front] [Back] - $3

o2* Drawstring pouch embroidered with sakura designs.
*Bought on impulse, never used.</font>


Some relevant things: *pics by request*

cowboy bebop graphic novel by Tokyo pop- *some* water damage, completely readable, just a tiny bit warped (can get pic for you to see) - $4 shipped

how to draw dragonballz challenge arena - $3 shipped

hello kitty white soft cloth purse - $4 shipped
Pokemon small plush, and tons of cards

Silent Hill graphic novels:
Dying Inside (3 in series)
Among the Damned ***PENDING***

can make copy of:
infernal affairs dvd 1-3
crouching tiger

please save my earth soundtrack 2
others just ask

other things at journal, click username. thanks =)

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I never heard back from the person who wanted to buy my kingdom hearts wallscroll. So it's back up for sale :)

This is the picture that's *on* it. My camera..lets just say my brother freaking dropped it and now you cant read the menus nor navigate through them!!! *kills*

Image hosted by

It's never been hung. A friend had given it to me but it turns out I already had it so he said I could sell it. He bought it off of the internet brand new like, 4 or 5 weeks ago but when it was shipped one of the plastic caps on the bars fell off of one of the sides so theres only 3 plastic caps instead of 4. It's got a string attached to hang it up and its really nice. I'll take 12 dollars USD and that includes shipping charges.

I take Paypal preferably but if you can only do another method just let me know.

Oh, and that bootleg of Dir en grey's Kisou is still up for grabs. It's a Taiwanese bootleg so everything looks authentic except for the CD...the booklet and the case does at least, but by looking at the CD the fakeness is clear because its plain and looks like a print-on CD label. The rest looks great. I bought it from someone off of here but when i recieved it I never touched it..I decided I didnt want it. I'll take 11 dollars OR BEST OFFER and that includes shipping...I just want to get rid of one likes bootlegs I know but still, someone has to want it right? XD

anyway, thanks.