November 4th, 2005

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Hey guys! I updated and finished my selling journal!

some new stuff I have posted:
*Final fantasy 7 cloud UFO plush doll(VERY RARE!!!)*
2 issues of ribbon
animerica extras (plenty of them)
some great gothic lolita clothing
*a lipservice skirt*
LOTS of manga

Also check out my comission page and the custom corset I have for sale! I am taking gothinc loli, cosplay(props, wigs, costumes), and corset comissions now!
Take a look at my want list too! if you have something I want I will gladly trade or buy from you!


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Hi! New here, stuff available

This is the first time I do this kind of thing, but I have some stuff available for sale or trade, including games, manga, and random anime stuff, and a Saber Marionette J to X Program 5 DVD. PLease be gentle. I also have a Sealed DDR Game for the PC on eBay.
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Hi again. I am sorry to keep updating, but I really need to get rid of this stuff. I have CDs and DVDs up for sale now. If you are even slightly interested please contact me even if you want to negotiate a lower price. All of the items listed below have prices with them (which include shipping) as a guide, but I will consider offers. Thank you!

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Please remember that if you see something you like but the price is too high I will consider and probably accept another offer. I am a reasonable person, so give it a try. If you have any questions I will be more than happy to try to answer them!

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Does anyone have complete manga set they are willing to give up for cheap?

Any is fine. But i'm looking more toward comedy and shoujo. ex: GTO and Peach Girl.

Please comment and let me know if you do ^^

Thank you!
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Because I was a doof and did something stupid [in my opinion, at least]

I have in my possession a sealed 2-disc set of Final Fantasy: Advent Children and the OAV. I got this on accident when I went to pick up my reserved copy, not knowing that the domestic release had been delayed again.

This is NOT OFFICIAL! It's all-region, will play on any DVD player and is subbed in English, but I can't vouch for quality or crappiness of the subs as I'm not opening the disc.

If you're interested, I'm asking $35 + shipping for it.

If I don't get an offer, I'm returning it to the store and bitching at them for selling me bootlegs and passing it off as authentic. >.<

Leave a comment here if you're interested.

I accept payment via Paypal only. No credit card payments!
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WANTED: YOSHIKI POSTERS +selling fruits clothes, cds

I'm seeking Yoshiki posters...but have very little money *cry* so if you have any for $15 incl shipping to CO or less I'll love you! I have only 2 hide and 1 X japan poster so there won't be anything I already have TT
I can also trade or partial trade with DIY fruits clothing and accessories, Inuyasha DVDs, manga, The Gospellers CD (good jpop!), Ranma 1/2 Song Calendar CD, Vietnamese pop CD, see everything here:
these are also for sale, please make an offer if you like something! note: the outfit for sale includes skirt, kimono jacket, thigh-high legwarmers, not belt. Can be sold separately.
(((also selling manga: Alice 19th vol. 1 decent condition and HunterXHunter vol. 15 JAPANESE good condtion))
art/clothing/cosplay commissions ((for commissioning please see my works at
Please and thank you!

...If you're worried about validity or anything, I'm the daughter of the seller "mypacrat" on ebay, so you can check his feedback
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wanted and selling...

English manga only!
Gravitation vol. 10 & 11
Fruits Basket vol. 4+
Full Moon wo Sagashite/full moon Vols. 3+
Naruto Vols. 2+
Bleach vols. 1+
Peacemaker Kurogane vols. 2+

$5 shipped for each? I might make exceptions, but I really, really hope for $5 shipped. Thanks! I also have the following mangas up for able trade AND SALE for $5 shipped each volume.:


Aria Vol. 1 ON HOLD
Kare Kano Vol. 1
Alice 19th vol. 1
Alice 19th Vol. 2
Confedential Confessions Vol. 1
Confedential Confessions Vol. 2
Confedential Confessions Vol. 3
Chobits Vol. 8
Chobits Vol. 7
Chobits Vol. 1
(There's a small bend in the corner from pressure on bookshelf, but that can be flattned out by a heavy textbook) ON HOLD
Model Vol. 1
Demon Diary Vol. 1
Demon Diary Vol. 2
Demon Diary Vol. 3
Demon Diary Vol. 4
Demon Diary Vol. 5
Demon Diary Vol. 6
Demon Diary Vol. 7
(I'll see what happens with Demon Diary, since it is a set. And I would be much more happier if you would buy this as a set rather than seperate like my Chobits. ^^;)

BTW..I accept cash, check, or money orders. Sorry no paypal. And ALL MANGAS ARE EXCELLENT, LIKE-NEW CONDITION. :) I PREFER concealed CASH..

Trading manga for manga

Hi everyone! I'm newb to this! Yoroshiku onegaishimasu~ *bows*
I'd like to trade manga--not sell! 'Cause well selling is just too much trouble for the little money they can gather!
More stuff to come, gotta clean up my stuff and figure what I don't need anymore.

I own and am willing to trade: (Picture)
- Slayers: "City of Lost Souls" and "Slayers Premium" (both purchased this summer, totally brand new) and "Super-Explosive Demon Story: Legend of Darkness" (great condition)
- Ranma 1/2 (first edition): vol. 1, 16, 17, 18 and 20 (very good condition, only read twice at most and purchased brand new back in the day)
- Ayashi no Ceres (first edition): vol. 1 (some noticable shelfwear)
- Fushigi Yuugi (first edition): vol. 2, 4, 5 and 6 (they look brand new!! Read only once and stored in a box--never even put on a shelf, they don't even have a speck of dust! It's a shame I never finished collecting them but I have new interests now.)
- Gravitation! (Picture) vol. 1, 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7 and 8 (yeah don't ask why I got so many doubles... Let's say I found a great deal for all 12 manga on Ebay, haha)

Looking for:
- Fruits Basket (any volume) (I would love you forever!)
- GTO vol. 2 and higher
- Kare Kano vol. 13 and higher
- Saikano vol. 3 and higher
- DN Angel (any volume)
- Gravitation Remix doujinshi vol. 6 and higher
- Gravitation artbooks (any)
- Sailor Moon artbooks (any but the green one)
- L'Arc~en~Ciel CD (except for Clicked Singles Best and Smile)

Please e-mail me at usagis (under) for info! Thank you! <3
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NEWTYPE DVDs Giveaway!

I've been subscribing to the magazine for quite a while now and have quite a collection of their little preview dvds that I really have no need (or space!) for.

I just want to get rid of these because I either have the entire series already or it doesn't quite fit my picky interests with anime. So I'm quite happy to share. My only request is that if getting the dvd to you involves shipping of any sort that you reemburse me for the shipping costs. (Which is $1.50 for a single cd here in the US.). Each one will come with it's own thin pack cd case for easy storage.

These dvds are great for testing out a series and a great way to get a taste without worrying about spending all your money on the first dvd. Below the cut I'll include as much info about each dvd as I can.

If you're interested just comment here or send me an email at Feel free to ask any questions.

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Manga For Sale

Manga for sale:

Mars 1-15 (Full set)

Gravitation 1-9

Snow Drop 1, 4, 5

KareKano- 1-12 (two copies of #11)

Hot Gimmick 1-4, 6, 7

Fake, 1, 2

Model 1-4

6 dollars shipped for one. If you buy more then one, we'll do something cheaper for ya ect.