November 6th, 2005

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I just put a bunch of Sorcerer Hunters manga and videos on eBay! If you buy the whole lot with BUY IT NOW then you get a free Japanese Bakuretsu Hunters manga! (click on picture to get to the auction)

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PS2 Video Games and Such

Today I have 3 items up for sale. Pictures upon request only if you're interested (my batteries ar halfway dead). The video games were bought at retail for $39-49 and are very well taken care of.

- Final Fantasy X-2 video game (PS2)
Description: The game is in great condition. Has a few scratches but plays just like new. Comes with instruction booklet which is also in great condition.

Price: $20 (including shipping)

- Star Ocean Till the end of Time: Director's Cut (PS2)
Description: This is a special Director's Cut edition which includes a 2 disc set with features like: additional playable characters, new enemies, arenas, CG sequences, new VS fighting mode. Comes with special holographic box (has wearing on it but isn't torn), game case, instruction booklet, and 2 game discs.

Price: $30 (including shipping)

- Final Fantasy VIII Official Strategy Guide
Description: Since I no longer have this game I really don't have a use for this. It's worn out from over the years but all the pages are intact. Perfect for the FFVIII hardcore fan who wants to learn all the game secrets, locations, cards, etc.

Price: $8 (including shipping)

I'm also selling the PlayStation 2 Network Adaptor in this post for anyone who's interested.

If more than one person wants an item it will go to the highest bidder.

I highly perfer PayPal but if you absolutely can't use it, I will accept MO and checks in US currency. Both my PayPal and e-mail address is:
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Is anyone interested in some Sailor Moon Posable Adventure Dolls? There approximatly 6" tall (15.2cm) and come with there box intact + items inside. I have opened them but they are in excellent condition. I have Sailor Moon and Mercury in one style (come with revolving stand), and Sailor Mars, Jupitor and Venus in another (normal plastic stands). Picutes available if you want them ^__^ just ask me! I'm open to offers if you want more than one.

Asking around £10 shipped for Mars, Jupitor and Venus and £12 for Moon and Mercury as there a little heavier. As i said, if you want more than one i'm open to offers :3.

Also, i have 300+ Sailor Moon Trading Cards im looking to get rid off. All mint condition and i have a wide range. Quite a few doubles as well as quite a few shinys. If you're looking for one impurticular i can always look for you ^^ but i'm looking to sell them all as i dont really want to throw them away :( spent a lot of money building up that collection.

Asking around £8 shipped or a decent offer around that.

Paypal only. All prices are in English pounds, ask for shipping price to anywhere else.
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Anyone got any gundam seed stuff they wanna sell :D

Im looking for artbooks, promo items, posters ( not bootleg), CDs(not bootleg), Magazine inserts, cellphone straps, fastners, pins and more.

I'm not looking for the English manga or DVDs

please comment or email me at if you do. thanks for your time ^_^

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Abenobashi DVD vol. 1 with box $15

Naruto Character Official Data Book $5

Hot Gimmick Vol. 8 (english) $5

Radio Shack Splash Resistant Mini Portable speakers $5

Prices do not include shipping, all types of payment acceptable
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OK, I need holiday cash, and to do that I'm going to have to sell some of my Pokémon cards. But because I have so many, you'll need to tell me what you're looking for and I'll see if I have it. Otherwise I'd be here for days typing up all that I've got.

I have all sets in English up to Delta Species (which was only released a few days ago), and most sets in Japanese. I also have promos, and cards in French, Spanish, German, and Portugese.