November 10th, 2005

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Selling things...Please look!

Hey there. ^__^ I'm selling these things to save up money for a ticket to the musical Wicked. <3 Please help me!

I have 100% positive eBay feedback under the name l_design. I accept PayPal (preferred) and Money Order only. I ship worldwide, I am in the USA. Shipping varies by product and country, the prices listed will be for US shipping. If you would like pictures of items (some have them, some don't), just ask. ^__^ Prices that don't have shipping next to them do not include shipping. ^.^; I do not trade.

DNAngel DVD #1, region 1, WITH BOX - Viewed only twice, in excellent condition. I am asking $30.00 for this, shipping will be $4.00 to the USA. Chococat, mint condition checkbook holder-sleeve-thing. $3.00 plus $1.00 shipping. - Generation 2 My Little Ponies. Their conditions vary, each will have a bath before being shipped. Individual ponies are $4.00 each, Queen Sunsparkle is $17.00 with accessories (not all are included, but most), Dainty Dove with wedding chapel and most accessories is $8.00. Or, you can buy the whole lot for $35.00. - Generation 1 My Little Ponies. Their conditions vary, each will have a bath before being shipped. Individual ponies are $4.00 each, excepting Skydancer (yellow pegasus), who is $1.50. You can buy the whole lot for $20.00. - Generation 3 My Little Ponies. Their conditions cary, each will have a bath before being shipped. Individual ponies are $5.00 each. The set would be $10.00. - Lot of Star Wars merchendise, vintage and otherwise. This includes two video disks (A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back) and mostly hard-to-find books. This is $25.00. (Another picture, same stuff.)

His and Her Circumstances DVD #1, Region 1, only viewed twice. Great condition! - $10.00.

Card Captor Sakura DVDs #1-3, region 1, subtitled and unedited, great condition! Current offer at $30.00. Can you top this? ^^

Chobits Pin Set - Chii, Freya and Sumomo - VERY hard to find. I've never seen these for sale other than House of Anime, which is now closed down. $6.00 per pin or $12.00 for all three.

If any of these items interest you, please drop me a line at:

Or comment here. ^-^

Thanks so much! <3


Inuyasha and Naruto items for sale-!

If you have any comments or questions PLEASE send an email to

Also a few side notes:

1. I'm only going to be selling to
people in the US (Sorry-! I dont have enough money to send
items to other countries and I dont know how to write
foreign addresses yet)

2.I can only take money orders and concealed cash right now. Item will NOT be sent out
until payment is fully receieved from buyer.

I'll also be willing to lower the price on anything if you ask ^_^. Thank you-!


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If you're intrested in anything
please comment here and then
email me your info (address
and stuff) to
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Special delivery!

CCS & MKR artbooks, Hikaru glove set, more on eBay


New auctions on eBay under seller felicity-chan or in my store: The New Oasis.

Almost everything has a Buy it Now price on it.

Cardcaptor Sakura - Japanese Manga-style Artbook #1

Magic Knight Rayearth - Tokyopop artbooks 1 & 2, Hikaru glove set, Hikaru sword, two different 300 piece puzzles

Cross-posted in various forms to: My LJ (complete list of items), 80s_for_sale, 80sdolls, 80stoybox, anime4sale, garagesalejapan, _garagesale,

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