November 12th, 2005

  • lotusx

WEEKEND SPECIALS!!! FREE SHIPPING ::waves hands wildly::

Hello again folks! This time I come bearing some Amazingly Awesome Weekend Auctions to you all ^_^ The auctions will run until Monday 12:00a.m. eastern. I will email the person who has the highest bid on Monday letting them know they've won. FREE SHIPPING WITHIN THE US ONLY. I will also keep this post updated with what the highest bid is in case you'd like to outbid them ^_~
*Note- all sizes are approximate, comes from smoke free home, I do have cats so clothes can be washed at the request of the winner before shipment. Any questions, comments, etc... lotus.tsukino[at]gmail[dot]com or just comment ^_^

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JRM, Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Status of orders

Everyone that I wrote to this past week to say that I would send orders out sometime have officially been placed in the mail and are ready to go. It would seem that a lot of my emails have not been getting to people, so I wanted to announce it where I knew you could see it.

Also, telomerase, no, I did not get your email, but I still have those manga and comics for you if you want them. I'll be deleting the original post in a day or so, if you still want them, comment here. If not, please let me know. $20 is just fine.

buzzkill_sales, if you still want that Milk-Chan poster, the shipping 1.25, the total coming to $4.25 I will also be deleting that original post as well so I can just watch out for my selling journal and not all my scattered community posts.

I think that's all the open inquiries, if anyone is interested in my items, please visit my new selling journal!
  • hieru

[YAOI] Minami Ozaki Doujinshi Sale

I'm going to try to systematically selling my LARGE collection of doujinshi...

x  Prices or negotiable, but please make a reasonable offer.
x  I use USPS Priority Flat-Rate Envelope with Delivery Confirmation, and it usually can stack up to 3 doujinshi, so combine purchases = combine shipping = cheap~! ^^
x  Internation Shipping can either be Global Priority or air mail.  Please email me for shipping quote.
x  Please direct any additional questions and/or purchase to hieru.pikachuATgmailDOTcom
x  I accept trades, but they are very limited.  Please email me with what you wish to trade with.  No manga trade please.
x All of the doujinshi are in AS NEW, MINT condition. Never been opened. Only scanned pictures are provided, photos available upon request. ^_^

!! Yaoi = Explicit, recommending 18+ for purchase
!! Shounen-ai = Non-explicit. 

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Thank you~! ^_^

(Cross-post: garagesalejapan, anime4sale, yaoi_swapmeet)
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  • umino

DVDs for sale~!


Here are some dvds that I am selling. They are all Region 1 with original inserts and in great condition. Please make an offer. Payment accepted: PayPal (preferred), Money Order, or Cash (at your own risk!). If you have any questions please e-mail me at: Thanks~!

- Slayers PREMIUM
- Tokyo Underground Vol.3 (Still in wrapper)
- E's Otherwise Vol.1
- Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi (Thinpack - 3 dvds)

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(no subject)

Everything is make an offer

I will trade for xxholic 2 and fushigi yugi 7 or 10

I'm selling
Saint Tail 1
Sailor Moon 1
Kare Kano 5 and 6

Other stuff
FF X-2 Rikku action figure
InuYasha limted edition DVD set

I accept concealed cash and paypal. You can contact me by commenting here or emailing me at

  • fylover

Sesshoumaru plushie

Hi, I was wondering if anyone had a Sesshoumaru plushie for a good price. Also can I see the picture as well. At this time, I can either pay by money order or cash.
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Jrock/Anime/Other Sale

☆☆Reposting for 7+ NEW ITEMS ☆☆ :D

I'm selling Jrock magazines, posters, fliers, and CDs. Anime posters and manga. Some random DVDs, clothes, accessories, purses, and other junk. Please take a look!

Prices given are base prices that do NOT include shipping. Please comment with your zip code to calculate shipping. I accept well-concealed US cash, money orders, and nothing else. I'll negotiate or trade. Contact me at: (AIM) Reset Panda/(Email) reset_panda @

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I'm looking for ANY Plastic Tree anything!! Katamari Damacy too (not the games themselves). I'll happily trade for Plastic Tree. Tare panda also. And other things, just let me see your trade list. Thanks for stopping by. =^^=
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  • fumie

(no subject)

Hi there! I have lots of anime and manga items for sale if anyone is interested. I sell on ebay here (some magazines up currently) and I also have some items for direct sale. You can check out my feedback here. I am frighteningly broke at the moment, so I need to sell as much as possible - I am willing to negotiate on prices, especially if you want to buy more than one item. (But let's not be ridiculous and waste both of our time with "I'll give you $1 for everything" ok? ^^)

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Please comment here or email me at uminobara(at) if you are interested in anything. Shipping is $3 for most items - the shirts and backpack are $5 shipping. Additional items are $1 more for shipping. I prefer to accept Paypal (at the above mentioned email address - credit cards are OK) and I will also take cash and money orders. Mail payment at your own risk! No trades, please. Also, please let me know if you need more information about any items. Thank you so much!
[g00] according to plan

(no subject)


I'm selling alot of jrock stuff, like magazines, CDs and posters. They include Miyavi, Dir en grey, Pierrot and more. I'm also selling anime-related items like Trigun, Inuyasha and & stuff. Oh! And also some Japanese dictionaries. Check them out, yes?! :D;


More Items



1. I'm only going to be selling to
people in the US (Sorry-! I dont have enough money to send
items to other countries and I dont know how to write
foreign addresses yet)

2.Paypal is: Please notify me when you have payed.

I'll also be willing to lower the price on anything if you ask ^_^. Thank you-!

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If you're interested in anything
please comment here and then
email me your info (address
and stuff) to
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(no subject)

Some of these were orignally pending sales and multiple people were interested in them. Yet, I lost contact with a lot of people--- I waited a week and you stopped replying to me- so i'm offering them back up on sale. (if your one of the people taht stopped contact i'll still sell them to you just LET ME KNOW)

I will ship out of the US, but payment must be in the USD and shipping will be more expensive.

Mags are 14 dollars shipped in the USA for one-- Make me an offer for more then one.

GLB's are 16 shipped for one. -- Offer for more then one.

I take, Check, Concealed Cash, and Postal Money Orders.

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